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Baltimore Ravens’ Ramon Harewood: CNN interview, great video

Bajan NFL player swats opposition like mosquitoes

You simply must watch the CNN video of Ramon Harewood playing American football at Moorehouse College. It’s like he’s a moving mountain of solid rock. When the charging opposition hits him at full tilt they bounce off with no visible effect upon Harewood. It’s almost hilarious.

Here is the link to the CNN video and another to a story on the Ravens’ website…

CNN Video: Ramon Harewood interview

Ravens Insider: Harewood’s unique story


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BBC’s Adam Mountford says “Barbados is Bringing It!” to cricket in 2010 – Much much better than disastrous Cricket World Cup 2007

Barbados and Bajans impress BBC Radio’s cricket producer

“So the big question is have the ICC and the local organisers learnt from the mistakes of three years ago? Well the first impressions are certainly good…”

… from Adam Mountford’s BBC blog article The importance of first impressions

That’s how Adam Mountford’s blog article starts talking about Twenty20 and it gets nicer and more enthusiastic as it goes along. Certainly the organisers are doing things differently, but the mood of ordinary folks is vastly different from Cricket World Cup because in 2007 we knew we were getting the royal shaft.

At Cricket World Cup 2007 we saw the empty hotels and empty harbour when Noel Lynch and Owen Arthur were announcing that every yacht in the Caribbean was heading for Bridgetown. We saw outrageous ticket prices and “no instruments” rules that were guaranteed to keep the locals away – and when they stayed away as predicted the Arthur/Mottley government tried to fill the empty stands with school children. And then there was Mia Mottley in charge of the worldwide visa disaster that saw (for instance) Australians being told at the last moment that they would need visas to attend CWC – when they didn’t need them before and many cricket fans were already on their way to Barbados! (BFP article: Cricket Visa Chaos: Mottley Worried About Legal Liability For Wrong Information and Visa Failures)

Did we all learn from Cricket World Cup? We surely did – but I have to wonder if the lesson would have been as well learned if the BLP was still in power.


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Rewarding the failures of former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch – Net visitors gain for Cricket World Cup: 44 long stay visitors over normal !!!

Cricket World Cup and the Carnival Destiny debacle

Commentary by Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

‘That $14 million was supposed to have been self-liquidated, where we would have sold packages that would have more than covered that cost’!

This is the economic justification put forward by a former Minister of Tourism.

Now let’s do the maths!

The loan was actually US$14,772,000. Presumably before any interest payments and we have to assume that figure included any ‘arrangement fees’.

Carnival Destiny has a stated passenger capacity of 2,642 persons.

So! On a simple cost per person that meant that each passenger would have had to pay US$5,591.

Arguments could be made that additional revenue could reduce that figure if the ship was redeployed for the CWC 2007 semi-final in St. Lucia, but why would the Barbadian taxpayer be expected to subsidise the tourism industry in that island?

So could someone please explain to me how this amount could be ‘self-liquidated’?

We can all recall the ludicrous figures been thrown into the public and media domain right up until the now infamous ‘Down to Brass Tacks’ programme of the 25th March of that year.

“’25 cruises ships’, ‘90,000 long stay visitors in the week of the final’.”

But in reality, all that CWC did for our tourism industry was produce a net gain of just 44 long stay visitors for the first four months of 2007.

Of course, some of us spoke out about this lunacy at the time, including tour operators who knew the actual facts, but the deafening noise of the so-called ‘experts’ was overwhelming.

When it became apparent to even those that have a limited understanding of tourism, just how many hotel rooms remained empty in peak months like February and March and during the hosting of the final, it became even more difficult to justify the chartering of Carnival Destiny.

The so called ‘experts’ then went into the now customary damage limitation mode by attempting to justify the fiasco by heralding the promised contribution that would be made by the ‘legacy’ benefits.

Perhaps three years on, someone could put a Dollar figure on those legacy benefits when compared against the costs already spent on, or committed to hosting the event?

Tourism is far too important to the survival of this country to allow it to be led by poorly researched and speculative policies which cannot provide cost-effective justification.

We have to stop rewarding failure!

Adrian Loveridge
29th April 2010

BFP Editor’s note: This article is published as received from Adrian Loveridge with the exception of the main title “Rewarding the failures of former Minister of Tourism Noel Lynch – Net visitors gain for Cricket World Cup: 44 long stay visitors over normal !!!” and the sub-title “Cricket World Cup and the Carnival Destiny debacle” which were created by Barbados Free Press. The photo was also inserted by Barbados Free Press.


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