Turks & Caicos citizens question appointment of Barbados Chief Justice Simmons to head Integrity Commission

Prime Minister Thompson fires Chief Justice SIR David Simmons... and restores the independence of our courts.

“The current  Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson a lawyer himself said that it was unethical for David Simmons to have accepted the appointment of Chief Justice. In fact it was reported that the former Chief Justice wanted an extension of up to six years which was roundly rejected by the Prime Minister.

This is the man that the Governor of the Turks and Caicos tapped to be the chairman of a sensitive body as the Integrity Commission. People’s lives could be destroyed and certainly their reputations by rulings of this body…

No person with such a controversial past, Chief Justice or not, should sit in judgment of the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands. I call on the Governor to reconsider this appointment.”

… from the TCIpost.com article The Governor appoints integrity commission

Barbados Prime Minister says Attorney General David Simmons should NOT have accepted Chief Justice position. What now for Turks & Caicos?

When former Barbados Attorney General and acting Prime Minister David Simmons accepted the position of Chief Justice it immediately dissolved the separation between the government and the courts.

Nevermind that bullshit about perceived judicial independence.” said Simmons… “I want the honour and the power.”

And so SIR David Simmons went from being acting Prime Minister to the person in charge of the Barbados judicial system. Anyone who can’t see a conflict or ethical problem with that is brain-dead or willfully blind.

Now the Governor of Turks & Caicos has named SIR David Simmons to head the newly-formed Integrity Commission – and T&C citizens are questioning the wisdom of Simmons’ appointment.

The internet is a marvelous tool – as David Simmons is about to discover!


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5 responses to “Turks & Caicos citizens question appointment of Barbados Chief Justice Simmons to head Integrity Commission

  1. Brutus

    For those who are interested:

    The tcipost.com article referenced above names two sources for its comments – http://keltruthblog.com (referencing for example Sir David’s involvement in “a fraudulent land deal, while he was Chief Justice”) and https://barbadosfreepress.wordpress.com/12/02/10 (“Barbados labour party finally loses control of the supreme court, Chief Justice Simmons term not extended”).

    tcipost.com also carries a video titled “Barbados Free Press Radio May 20, 2008” which slams David Simmons.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm.

  2. Judgement

    Wunna want de man to be de chairman of CLICO, instead?

  3. caribbean incest

    This is not a very deep or quality gene pool.

    What happened to retirement or is this a political handshake to get out of town?

    The deal has probably already been done and the pregnancy and birthing will be financed by International monies.

    God bless Turks and Caicos!

  4. Who Me

    Importing corruption.What the ramsgates dem people thinking

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