Oldstream Barbados news media steals Bajan Reporter gangs story without attribution

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

True to Ian Bourne’s prediction, The Nation newspaper has grabbed his story about the Gangs of Barbados and cashed in big time without crediting Bourne’s Bajan Reporter.

Nevermind they didn’t use a direct quote and you can’t copyright ideas – Ian did the creating and research and the old stream media of The Nation stole his work and didn’t even give his blog a nod.

The Nation = Scum of the earth, fuh sure!

Ian: you’re twice the journalist of those who stole your ideas.

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10 responses to “Oldstream Barbados news media steals Bajan Reporter gangs story without attribution

  1. RRRicky

    not the first time not the last time that the news media steals blog stories without giving credit. i haven’t purchased a paper newspaper in two years. online if fine!

  2. Politically Tired

    Are we really surprised? at least its getting ‘out there’ which is good.

  3. They not only stole my tale, but also t’ief yours on the Bajan with NFL

  4. My comment isn’t about the lack of credit given to BR’s story (sorry, IB). Instead, I’d like to ask three questions:

    1. Is what we are seeing a revival of gang culture?

    In days of yore, we had (still have?) gangs from the the Pine, Silver Hill, Gall Hill and New Orleans (to name a few). Those were the ones that I used to hear/read about it. Then, there was a long silence.

    Now, it appears that Gangs are back and are, SURPRISE, in “fashion” with the young (potentially misguided, lost, impressionable, hard to understand, hard to connect with, confused, alienated, disllusioned, disenfranchised, angry, etcetera), people.

    2. Which political party will be the first to make the gang issue a political issue and try to capitalize on it (read: sway the electorate in their favour)?

    I predict (and I hope to be proven wrong) that sooner or later, either the current Opposition will blame the current Administration for the revival of and/or increase in gang activity and their lack of action, OR, the current Administration will accuse the previous Admnistration for inaction during their tenure thus resulting in the apparent revival of gangs (as we’ve seen via Ian’s blog, see Ian, you got some credit just now!). Further to this, said current Administration will now grab the ball and run with it (i.e., do something about the gang activity and use it to score political points come election time).

    3. What should we do about this?

    We can all sit here and bicker and blame, like a farmer throwing a handful of seeds hither and yonder. Or we can do something about it. We as parents, friends, family, peers, even strangers, can reach out to those most vulnerable, no matter what colour or creed they may be and teach them the value of human life and teach them how to respect it. Not for the sake of tourism, not for the sake of protecting our own personal property and well-being, but because it is the right thing to do and if people do not not know the meaning of the “right thing” then revert back to that old fail-safe: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” (this is catchy and transcends all religions/faiths/etc).


  5. me

    the script was distrubuted to several parent teachers groups so i am not sure that it can be labelled as” a bajan reporter story”

  6. Yes, it was on e-mail but I was first Media source to acknowledge story and BEFORE I published the info, I sought the original authors’ permission – the Nation did not even say, “First seen at…” If BFP or myself use a Nation pic or Advocate we mention ‘Courtesy, etc.’ and that’s just it – no darn courtesy! Nation has an OFFICIAL policy not to OPENLY acknowledge blogs, I was TOLD this by a reporter 3 years ago! Utter nonsense, NBC in USA does similar junk, yet look at Huff-Po?

  7. Who cares

    Who cares? Anyone who is more concerned with who carried the story first as poor as the Nation for not asking any critical questions re the content. My man Jada just complete a wugguhla building in Road View, if we accept that 1000 gang members may visit Road View, responsible journalism would require a visit to Road View to talk with workers at the site, residents of the community and surrounding areas, prinicipals of schools, the clergy and the RBPF to see if these allegations are experienced by the community. No we would rather get into a brouhaha over data that is at best anecdotal. If this is the best we can expect from the fourth estate we have failed people.

  8. good start but need more in depth

    Who Cares

    The Fourth Estate has failed miserably for some time now because they are all paid out of the same pocket and that pocket only wants to hear good things, especially about those who hold the purse strings.

    Nevertheless, it always starts with breaking the story and talking with a couple of people to verify it. This has been done by The Bajan Reporter.

    That should only be the beginning. Maybe Ian could have a couple of young future journalists from UWI go and interview some more people and get a fuller perspective of what exactly is going on.

  9. Johnny Postle

    Is not this what Barbados is all about – STEALING? We harped about principles and morals like if those in big business gives a rat azz or two.