Barbados Underground Blog publishes call for terrorist Hamas & Hezbollah to target whites in Barbados

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“The white people in this country are more powerful than Castro is in Cuba. We have two laws in this country, the extreme one which serves the blacks and not so fortunate and the other customized “we would make up as we go along one” which serves the whites and people from higher echelons. Where are the Hamas and Hezbollah when you really need them?”

…from the Barbados Underground article One Law For The Medes And Another For The Persians; The Johan Bjerkhamn Affair

More racist calls for violence from the favourite blog of Hartley Henry – DLP strategist and confidante to Prime Minister Thompson

Sharing the concerns of some other Bajan blogs, BFP long ago dropped our sidebar link to Barbados Underground Blog – the de facto active blog of the governing Democratic Labour Party – for a number of reasons including BU’s willingness to publish articles and comments that communicate support for the most foul racist positions.  Some recent immigration discussions at Barbados Underground target West Indians of Indian heritage, whites and asians as being “unacceptable” races for immigration to Barbados. The BU blog publications even go so far as complaining about the high fertility rates of Indians and calling murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “white trash”.

The chief editor of Barbados Underground “David” has cautioned that black Barbadians should breed more as they are being left behind by Indians.

Barbados Underground published comments from readers calling for genocide. Consider these two gems…

“The elimination & extinction of sub-human, half make Europeans from this earth will undoubtedly bring about a more peaceful, stable & morally uplifting world.”


“I support the call by Sir Shridath Ramphal on ethnic cleansing. This country should control the build up of any particular ethnic group outside of the Black population of Barbados. Particular emphasis must be place on the Indo-Guyanese scums & the rat catcher/mango seller Indians & Pakistani.”

Barbados Underground Blog is the venue of choice for Hartley Henry, DLP party strategist and confidante to Prime Minister David Thompson.


Prime Minister David Thompson with advisor & Barbados Underground writer Henry Hartley


Mr. Henry has used the BU blog to publish exclusive writings not published anywhere else and Barbados Underground frequently repeats Mr. Henry’s Barbados Advocate newspaper columns in full without copyright problems from that newspaper. Mr. Henry used Barbados Underground to publish an exclusive article alleging a lesbian affair between The Nation newspaper journalists and a political leader in Barbados.

Discussing the Johan Bjerkhamn shooting

When Barbados Free Press published our article Once again Barbados police use race and/or class-based decision making and allow an upper-class elite to escape justice, among the reasoned comments we had the usual crowd of racists spewing their vitriol – but we have standards here at BFP so we canned most of those comments and sent the authors packing.

We have limits here, but that is not the case at Barbados Underground where racism and calls for genocide are “free speech” … or perhaps merely the agenda.

Race is always just below the surface in Barbados.

That’s a reality on this rock stemming from way back when the white minority owned the black majority. It is also the truth that the descendants of the plantation families on this island own a disproportionate amount of land – or did. Things are changing but not as some folks thought they would – in part because it is also the truth that many of our so-called “black leaders” have sold off our publicly-owned lands and personally profited from their elected and appointed government positions. They elevated themselves and their families by stealing from the rest of us. (As an aside, have a look at the new Dodds prison. Does that look like three-quarters of a billion dollars to you? Me neither. So where did the money go?)

Even Environment Minister Elizabeth Thompson had no problem disenfranchising a Bajan citizen because he had a different skin colour than the Bajan majority. (Article & video here)

My woman and I have very different skin colours. Our children are different from both of us. My sister-in-law looks nothing like the rest of her family but that is common on this rock where the different races have been bedding each other for centuries whether they care to admit it or not.

I don’t know what the answers are for Barbados, but I suspect things will work themselves out in a few more generations with a little more cross-race bedding.

“It’s difficult to not like that white, chinese, indian or black neighbour if they married your cousin last week.”

Yup, more inter-racial love might be the answer…

…but fuh shur I know that Barbados Underground’s call for Hamas and Hezbollah to target the whites and indians is not the answer for Barbados.

Words matter. The people at Barbados Underground should be ashamed of themselves.


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  1. passin thru

    Barbados Underground has their own following and these comments are not out of line with the general mood over there. Barbados Underground does a great disservice to Barbados but I gave up asking them to change. They should be ashamed but they dont’ know enough to be ashamed.

  2. reality check

    Barbados Underground lost me when they called an innocent murdered traveler from Canada “White Trash” and then refused to remove the comment.

    This isn’t free speech, this is intolerance and hatred at its highest and most destructive form.

    If BU is truly hijacked by a number of DLP representatives with an agenda of rascism then those citizens who love and respect their country, of all color and ethnicity, must band together in solidarity and form a new party without haste.

  3. RLL

    BFP is right about words do matter. Bajans haven’t signed on to the idea that some words are “bad” and they perpetuate prejudice, stereotypes and hatred. Some words or phrases are bad for everyone.

    When I grew up if a car or business burned under mysterious circumstances we called it “jewish lightning”. As children we didn’t know any better but that perpetuated the idea that jews were thieves and different from everyone else. It was as bad as a common children’s phrase in the 1960’s “eenee, meanee, minee, moe, catch a N—– by the toe”

    Barbados Underground needs to move into the 1980’s because that is the last time I heard some of their racist words.

  4. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    I tried to do my bit. I lodged a complaint with WordPress and had e-mail dialogue with them citing, and copying and pasting, many of the most offensive posts from BU. They expressed concern and stated for the record that their organization does not support this type of racism and hate-mongering. They said they were constrained by the current freedom of information and expression laws that currently exist. They stated that they could and would “detag” BU, whatever that means. I would urge others to contact WordPress and express their concerns. Strength in numbers.

  5. Saddened

    BFP and commenters, don’t you think it is about time to stop slamming BU. When will it end? Haven’t you noticed that no matter how you try to tarnish that Blog you are not succeeding in your long determining quest to shut it down and out?

    Enuff is enuff, it’s time to give up and focus on your own blog to attract viewers and increase numbers. Give it a rest. It’s not working people. I say no more.

  6. kiki

    Archive for ‘Arabian’ *
    *=(Arab Money, Grand Theft Oil, Respect My Conglomerate)

  7. BFP

    Hi Saddened,

    Talk to us when Barbados Underground stops publishing calls for the genocide of other races. Talk to us when they remove all references to a murdered tourist being “white trash”. When the blog Administrator “David” apologises for saying that Bajans of Indian background breed too much.

    And for good measure when Barbados Underground thinks enough of Barbados and our tourism industry to take down the horrible writings of Roosevelt O. King – the director of BANGO – the Barbados Association of Non Governmental Organisations – who publishes things about tourists like this little sample…

    “I put it to you that 90% of the white (women) tourists that come to Barbados enjoy being sex slaves to black men and the talk don’t deter them.”

    “White women are so fascinated by black men. They love to do the oral to black men because they think that when they drink our sperm, they getting nourishment, like how you drink milk from the cow.”

    … BANGO (Barbados Association of Non-Governmental Organisations) Secretary General Roosevelt O. King published at Barbados Underground.

    Saddened… give us a shout out when that’s all fixed, ok?

  8. 21

    BFP has loss most of the persons who started out using their blog to BU. Now they are on a campaign to get BU shut down for what they call racist comments in this article.
    BFP for years have demonised most public officials by putting their pictures up on the web in some very embarrassing positions.
    Take for instance Dr.Estwick is at the top of their blog with a big gun is his hands; at one time they had Owen Arthur as Prime Minister with a big bottle of rum to his head and David Thompson and Mia Mottley in bed under sheets
    Now take the Johan Bjerkhamn case where they wrote ‘Johan Bjerkhamn shoots his son dead, refuses to talk with police and then escapes in a private jet! But they put a picture of him walking with the coffin to the grave site. How about putting him with a Big gun too?
    I think BFP slip is showing when it comes to racial issues

  9. ac

    Freedom of speech cannot be limited as to whether a person agrees or disagree with what’s said.
    In BFP attempt to discredit Barbados Underground
    BfP have given them publicity.

  10. BFP

    Hi Ac

    Barbados Underground is free to publish what they want to say. If they are ashamed of their words or upset that we are repeating them, perhaps they should reconsider their words.

    But Barbados Underground should be happy to have the publicity of our 2 million readers a year or so knowing some of the excellent articles they publish at Barbados Underground. Perhaps the white women tourists from Britain, the USA and Canada should stop over and read some of Roosevelt O. King’s writings. Or maybe the Chinese tourists so eagerly sought by the BTA should read what Barbados Underground says about Asians and Indians.

    Yes, BU is free to write what they want.

    And we’re free to say what we want too.

  11. David Spieler

    Allow me to introduce myself. I am a real Bajan person.

    I have not affiliation to any blog in Barbados.

    I have watched media anti-Semitism in Barbados for 10 years, taking it upon myself, my cross to bear for the minority I was born into. Through no fault of my own.

    I have seen unjust treatment of minorites, including my group but not solely, in Barbados posted and promoted by both blogs- both BFP and BU. I watch them both, and I am concerned about their effects.

    I am concerned that this is going to create social problems.

    It is my determoined opinion that politics is driving a certain type of propaganda on the blogs. It is very scary to understand that a political party would promote racism and xenophobia for the sake of political popularity. If a ruling party in any country did so would they not be described as similar to the German phenomena of Nazism in the 1930s?

    It concerns me greatly. All minoroties in Barbados, Muslims, Hindus, Gays, Guyanese, Jews, whites, and concerned majorities- blacks- concerned majorites like Christians (!) I urge you to react against racism and fascism.

    Please call your MP, your PM and tell them to put a stop to it. Fir sure they know who these persons are.

    I do not wish to be victimised any more, and I can indict, having watched these blogs. I too have compained to WordPress to no visible effect, but to the person who said so above, I’m heartened to at least hear about ‘de-tagging’.

    My victory was to cause the BANGO logo to be removed from a certain person’s blog posts due to its racism.

    Does a thinking, caring, feeling person need to be reviled when stand up against racism and xenophobia, bullying by fascist propagandists?

    How do you think Ms Schwarzfeld’s family feels, the entire Ottawa Jewish community? They want to divest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where are we going? Are these the people we want to rule- to feed us with this type of political Nazism? My G_d, what have we done Barbados?

    In trying to stop corruption we have brought what kind of monsters to feed us this sort of new??????????????

    Prime Minister Thompson, I see that BU is going to react to the above story in comments I just read, and I want you, after you get out of church to ACT, please.

    This is a pivotal time for you in my opinion.

    It is within your power to stop BU from doing what it does, before I (and others) have to undergo further victimisation. Befoe Barbados impressionable public is further blinded by propaganda of hatred. PLease do not hesitate- act now.

    I have experienced it before at BU, can enumerate, and I do not want it if I am to continue to feel safe in this land- it is neither nice nor correct. I cannot continue to feel patriotic if this is what your party is going to do. I cannot build a proper future without feeling secure in this country.

    And I must add that neither can many others.

    Surley the powers in power can rule justly without the lies and victimisation that these people are promoting?

    (DLP) BU propagandists are reading this and are doing DLP work.

    I only call upon the Christians, please stand up and say “no”

    I call upon the majorities, pleae stand up and say “no”

    call upon the minorities, please stand up and say “no”

    Judge me

    and then after they see what BU and propaganda are doing- – later – –

    to judge DEM too-

    fairly- at the polls.

    If I am an unjust perosn, wicked and dishonest, then let BU continue. But if they oppress us unjustly then you must stand up for our collective victimised minorities minorities’, rights as per our constitution.

    What have I done to you/them/Barbados? Am I really a wicked person?

    Have I not promoted Barbados for all my working life, teaching children at Alexandra, Harrison College, running two tourism businesses always saying, ” if you like our local product please come back next year and get some more?

    Why does the BU do this to people? I say it is to get support for DLP. It is WRONG!

    Look at the Hindu articles, do not even focus on my group!

    Yours in respect and hard work towards a unified Barbados. And in complete horror to watch what is happening to your/our Barbados, and what is being UNJUSTLY promoted AGAINST minorities in the name of your ruling DLP.

    Please, this is not right. We have no recourse, we cannot go further until we understand why you are letting them do this.

    David Spieler

  12. BFP

    Well said, Mr. Spieler

    But to clarify a point. Your comment seems to suggest that BFP article writers (not public commentators) are guilty of racism with Barbados Underground.

    Barbados Free Press writers have never posted an article against Jewish people or any other race. Quite the opposite. BFP has been fighting and exposing racism and fascism since our first week on the net back in January 2006.

    Over the years some readers have posted racist comments and when they do we at BFP take action of some kind, whether to warn, delete or ban the writers. At one time BFP was the subject of an organised campaign to fill our comments with racist and violent threats by supporters of the then-governing BLP.

    Now that the DLP is in power, the threats and racist comments come from their side because the DLP discovered much to their horror that BFP is independent. The DLP were for us until they won the election – now it’s a different story.

    Sometimes we will repeat racist writings as we have today to highlight and show our disgust – and so impact the venues, readers, writers and publishers of racist articles and comments. We believe that by directing public condemnation to such writings at Barbados Underground, we are doing our part to fight racism. That kind of stuff can’t thrive when the light of public scrutiny shines upon it.

    Now, if you have found any articles written by Barbados Free Press writers that you are uncomfortable with, please let us know and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you. You can email us at barbadosfreepress (at) or you can discuss it openly here.



  13. David Spieler

    Dear Cliverton

    Yes, please to clarify, I have written this type of letter at BU previously and have laughed at and told, ‘when I finish with you, no one will want to see a Jew in Barbados again’.

    This is a letter about BU, not BFP, and it is aimed at the DLP and the Right Honourable Prime Minister, who is in control of this country, and who can do something about it, and who knows the identities of BFP and BU, 2 separate blogs.

    I am not afraid of adverse personal comments about me or Jewish minorities. I would ask that you expose all comments that may come to this thread for the public’s scrutiny so that we may air this issue fully. Thanks!

    I shall be at Flower Forest, working and relaxing in the garden for much of the day, but hope to write again later. Not able to watch it every minute of today, but praying for this horrible charade (that is racism on the blogs) to end.

    Peace and tranquility to one and all.

  14. BFP

    Dear Mr. Speiler,

    Would you kindly reword that section that blames us with BU then?

    Right now it says…

    “I have seen unjust treatment of minorites, including my group but not solely, in Barbados posted and promoted by both blogs- both BFP and BU. I watch them both, and I am concerned about their effects.”

    That’s putting us right in with BU and that is not the case. Certainly some public commenters have made racist comments but we always move against them. It’s a real fight and I feel that you have unfairly characterized BFP as being the same as BU.

    I believe your fight is with BU and that BFP has consistently been anti-racist.

    To say that BFP “promoted” racism is not true and most unfair. To have us listed with BU is terribly unfair.

    As an example of our writing about the Jewish community in Barbados and the comments and attitudes of our readers I direct your attention to our article: Fabulous new blog preserves Jewish history in Barbados

  15. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Re: Your post Saddened: “BFP and commenters, don’t you think it is about time to stop slamming BU. When will it end? Haven’t you noticed that no matter how you try to tarnish that Blog you are not succeeding in your long determining quest to shut it down and out?”

    It will end when the blog-master of BU finally realizes that there is a responsibility that comes along with freedom of speech and expression. For far too long, David of BU, has hidden behind and avoided his responsibility by constantly crying “freedom of speech and expression”. It should be clear to anyone, by now, that this is just smoke and mirrors on his part and what the real truth is that David has an agenda of his own and fully supports the racist, hate-mongering position of his blog.

    No one needs to attempt to tarnish the image of BU. They have done that all on their own.

  16. ac



  17. Demosthenes

    Isn’t BU run by Anthony Bryan’s son? The one with the Barbados Film Festival? Bryan kick out his own son from his place in Astoria, so I understand.


    Racism in endemic here in Barbados and there is a lot of blame to go around. No one side can be exclusively blamed. I have caught Whites, Blacks, Jews, Arabs, Indians and all ethnicities in racist acts (or making racist comments) right here in Barbados. Now the question that often comes to mind, is this primary racism (i.e. I was born a racist and will remain a racist) or is this secondary racism (i.e. I have been racially discriminated against in the past so it is pay back time now).

    As far as I am concerned racism represents one of the deepest forms of human ignorance flavoured with a significant portion of insecurity. Unfortunately Barbados’ cup runneth over with racist of all shades, shapes, strata and sizes (how is that for alliteration?)

    Personally I HATE ALL RACIST of any stripe, however, I have come to realise that to do business here in Barbados I have to deal with them every day. I am convinced that it is difficult to convert a racist into a non-racist although I have tried on a number of occasions. I try by example, by doing good deeds, by reaching out and holing a conversation with such individuals and many other acts that often surprise others.

    I would like to appeal to ALL persons who are genuinely non-racist to try reaching out to a racist today and hopefully we all can make a positive impact on this endemic call racism that threatens to overrun our dear little rock Barbados.

  19. reality check

    Through much hard work, creativity and tenacity,
    the Spielers over many years have developed a unique world wide brand of pottery that is instantly recognized as Barbadian, of quality and of value.

    You David, and your family have patiently and with kindness been a great service to all of Barbados.

    On behalf of all Barbadians I am deeply offended by these unbridled rascist attacks and apologize that you and many others have had to endure by these political parties and individuals that use hate and political manipulation to retain their power base.

    Barbados desperately needs more entrepreneurial caring people like yourselves.

  20. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    BFP: You have prematurely buried this very important item underneath 4-5 new items. Please bring it back up to the top?


    BFP says OK. We’ll keep it there for a few days.

  21. Chicago

    I see that Barbados Underground published a response to this bfp story. Their story justifies calling Mrs. Schwarzfeld “white trash” as free speech.

    Everything you said here is true BFP. What a racist blog that Barbados Underground is.

  22. Non-elite whitey

    Whoever wrote that abuse on BU needs to be traced and sued! And I won’t even bother to post a comment on their sickening web-site.

  23. Non-elite whitey

    I now consider them a ‘hate web-site’.

  24. David Spieler

    Thanks for the very nice comment Reality, about me and my family.

    For possible reading and interest to people who may visit, and I’m presumptuous here, but for the record at least, here are some facts about me:

    I came to Barbados in 1966 with my mother after my father died. Went to Mrs Carrington’s Merivale School on Pine Road. What a fantastic hero and role modelin Mrs. Carrington, spending her life educating children. She got me into Harrison College, a school which I attended for the same price as the locals.

    Another role model in my life was the late Lionel Hutchinson, who taught me a lot about Barbados and being a mature adult. He reminded me that I was bonded to Barbados after receiving my education here for free. I honoured that bond and continue to do so by making contribution to Barbados. Lionel was the former parliamentary librarian, and he wrote 2 books. His history of Barbados was not published, though he tried several times to re-write it.

    Lionel taught me my cricket inside the Challenor Stand at Kensington for many years. My job was to watch the ball from dead behind the wicket while Linel and friends used to argue politics and generally made a lot of sport, most of it not cricket. If there was an LBW I would have to adjudge whether the umpire was correct, or of a run out/other decision I would have to give the true and exact action replay, especially on afternoons when the drinks were sharing.

    At Harrison College I spent a lot of time pitching marbles. I played football and rugby, was a reasonable medium pace bowler but could not bat. We played football every day on the big Weymouth field, and raced mahogany ‘cocks’ in the drain.

    Barbados is a fantastic place to grow up. When I was 10 my Mother moved us up to Shop Hill, way out in the country. My village nickname was/is “Honky”. When I asked my Mom why everyone called me that she said she didn’t know! I had a dog called ‘Snoopy’, and later my nickname became ‘Snoopy’ instead of ‘Honky’. I pitched a lot in Shop Hill too on evenings and weekends.

    I became a citizen of Barbados in the mid 1980s by naturalisation after asking Tom Adams, the St Thomas MP at the time. I told him that people said I ‘could not talk about politics because I was not from here’, and it was he who suggested it.

    I hate all racists too, do not much care about being painted as looking white, but suffer from post traumatic stress due to the Holocaust. I think that many persons do, like the Rwandans, Bosnians, and others. It drives me to speak out when I see racism and anti-Semitism, bigotry. I have spoken out since 2000 when anti-Semitism became a larger wave.

    In fact I discovered the Barbados Free press in am internet search when I was doing research about the anti-Semitism that I was investigating at the time.

    I saw the scandals of the highway unfold and I blogged about it. I was of the impression that something was wrong prior to the last elections. I think that the change of government was absolutey necessary, but I am not sure that the change of givernment has resulted in a new government that is going to change corruption in Barbados. Neither am I sure that the Prime Minister is running the country in every sphere.

    Surely a just and powerful Prime MInister would have the power to do justice to the racism and oppression such as enumerated and shown? If not, then either
    1) He supports it, or
    2) He can’t change it.

    I do not know which it is, but I hope that it is 2). However, if it is 2) we have a bnch of men running the country that can’t, , and won’t, , pass any laws to end the corruption. This is unsettling.

    I have not only written on the BFP, but a letter that I wrote weas also published on the Nation blog as an addition to a letter by Sabir Nakhuda a cople of days ago.

    From my perspective, I have no reason to try to stop someone from blogging their blog, BU or BFP, but what I am trying to make people in Barbados understand is how damaging it is:

    a)that it is an anonymous publication claiming to be local, and
    b) It carries anonymous Bajan comments that are false, mischievious, and defamatory, threatening, and damaging to Barbados.
    c) It is damaging to the people that it anonymously defames and abuses.

    It is unconstiututional. In actuality it does not protect free speech, it ABUSES and makes mockery of the rights of free speech. This is a very important point.

    More later.

  25. David Spieler

    I’m in moderation.

    We the abused wish that many of the comments at BU also were moderated,which is also an important point, one to touch on later.

  26. kiki

    @ BFP2
    Narrow-mindedness. Maliciousness. Bigotry. Deceitfulness. Vengefulness. Prudishness. A treacherous enemy. An ill-tempered person.

  27. David Spieler

    Single-mindedness, to control a population
    While making it think that it is free.
    To fool the population that what it does is true, and for its own benefit,
    while truly done is for the benefit of the few.

    WIV and Co. = M.I.A.

    How yuh like muh Kiki? That is a copyright original.

  28. David Spieler

    Articles written by G-d knows who
    Writings posted by an anonymous BU
    Hatred sanctioned by an anonymous few
    (and you and you and you)
    That is Free Speech in Barbados, true?

  29. elgranto

    Perhaps if we took a good look at ourselves and recognised that others form opinions of our values and attitudes not only by what we say/write but also by what we dont say and the issues we highlight whilst ignoring others. We might not view ourselves as racist but others will. It still bothers me that a blog which ignored the widespread practice of reducing murder cases to manslaughter and the relatively short sentences imposed either at the supreme court or on appeal could have reacted in the eay it did to the sentence imposed on the killer of the Canadian tourist. Are some lives more valuable than others or do we only become concerned when red flags such as ethnicity are raised. Do we only follow certain events. Lets look deep within ourselves before we start throwing stones. People in glass houses ———


    Interestingly I attended HC and ALL of my children have. I know David Spieler but he may not know me.

    I believe that David Thompson is trying to prove every day that he is NOT WHITE and he has my sympathy for being caught in this quandary. He reminds me of Michael Manley – PM of Jamaica in the 70s/ 80s who was faced with the same challenge. These guys being politicians blatantly refused to embrace the white side of their family because it was not politically prudent to do so. For even in case of fairness they were concerned that individuals/ competition within their own party may use this against them. Therefore they turned a blind eye to racism and even in some cases promoted this vile form of discrimination just for the sake of political expediency. So do not expect PM Thompson to become a champion of the anti-racist, for he fears that adopting such a position can possibly cost him politically both within and without his party. Sad but true.

    I must commend Mr. Spieler for coming out of the closet and sharing his experiences with the world. Many of us would like to step into his shoes, however, we hesitate to do such because of the possible recriminations associated with sharing the truth.

    We in Barbados need to accept the fact that racism is “alive and thriving” within our borders. In the past my job required me to travel to many of our Caribbean neighbours and as a Bajan I must admit that Barbados is way ahead of our neighbours as far as racism and xenophobia goes. For example in St. Lucia/ Grenada/ St. Vincent/ Dominica/ Antigua/ St. Kitts I NEVER got the impression that RACE was ever an issue. If it was they did a good job of concealing it.

    The only way we are going to address racism in Barbados is first and foremost acknowledging that is exist. We cannot continue to be the proverbial ostrich and bury our heads in the sands. Thereafter we can look into ways to structurally address this pernicious subject in a way so that we can diffuse the undercurrent tension that exist within our shores.

    Our failure to address this subject will ultimately lead to significant social unrest and all of us are likely to suffer – socially, emotionally, physically, financially and otherwise.

    Most of us who are “white looking” (if we chose to) can identify some black blood running through our veins and the opposite is true for those of us who are “black looking”.

    If any of us here in Barbados were to trace our family tree you would not only find out that we are related to our self but even more important we will find out thyat we have relatives who are from another race. Wake up Barbados there is no room for racism within our 166 square miles.


  31. BU is like Rap Music
    BU is the Black CNN
    Tricky – Puppy Toy
    BFP is like Rock Music
    It needs Hardcore Rappers
    To resurrect BFP again

  32. 555dubstreet

    Remix – Baby
    Totally – Dude
    Party Like A Rockstar

  33. David Spieler

    It’s a beautiful morning, time to go to work and to (hopefully) meet nice people from all walks of life, fantastic visitors who care enough to fly thousands of miles to see, who have chosen this place before others, to explore, because it is good. And some locals who love the thngs we love too.

    Front and central in Barbdos tourism industry, working haaaard at it

    I’ll be singing for you today Barbados.
    Not about incited racism and xenophobia on blogs,
    But of love, and a caring, decent people, those Bajans whom I know are the majority.
    Not about power-mad imaginary political propagandists who stop at nothing to dominate this land and who tell lies,
    Painting lying, horrid pictures.
    But of a generous, thoughtful, welcoming, sharing, caring island.

    I love you Barbados,
    I’m going out to do your work today,

    I promise you I’ll be true.
    After all it’s not about me, it is about you.

  34. David Spieler

    IHAR (i hate all racists too)
    Interesting post. It would be great to know that we both had similar education and have come to similar conclusions.

    Before discussing the Right Honourable Prime Minister it is necessary to discuss first:
    that a poster may be playing a role. In other words a person who says they know me and went to school with me, may not in fact actually know or have gone to that school. On the blogs everyting false until it is proven to be true, because the posts are not attributable to any credible source.

    I come to this blog as myself because I want to ensure that people in Barbados understand that the ability to create lies and propaganda has become increasingly widespread.

    Again, this is ABUSE of freedom of speech and it is easy to understand why cooked upmlies by anonymous posters is an abuse of freedom of speech.

    I listen sometimes to the call-in shows when driving. Sometimes I hear the moderators asking peole where they got certain “facts”.

    Sometimes I remember that these “false facts” (= lies) originate on the blogs.

    So it is highly important that all Bajans think about this carefully. Blogs are full of lies and painted, embellished illusions.

    IHAR could indeed turn out to be a completely different person, who went to Lodge, and who has no children in disguise.

    IHAR could be the abusive ‘Wishing in Vain’ or even the Honourable Prime Minister, or the devil himself! We just do not know.

    Now IHAR, please, as an old Kolij boy I know you will forgive me for using this as an example.

    Lesson 1) Blogs = lies, especially when unmoderated, like the BU.

  35. David Spieler

    In moderation BFP,
    thanks for reading and releasing,


    BFP george say “DONE!” 🙂

  36. A nonemus


    You say you attended HC yet do not know that all, whwn referring to persons, should be followed by a plural noun. Let’s hope your children do better. And BFP…37 submissions? You must be doing something right!

  37. Anonymous


  38. I don't believe you people!

    You all have done and said some nasty things. But this is the lowest!

    At BU everyone is ALLOWED to say what is on thier mind! And if we don’t agree we say so! That is the meaning of FREE SPEECH!


    Why are you all only dealing with specific stories!!!

    There is always a robust discussion going on relating to toher matters!!!!!! Stupse!


    AN: Can’t keep a good family down. There is more than one BIS/ BE to show for it. Thanks for the tip however.

  40. Austin

    I started to draft a detailed submission for BFP on the BU matter, but then decided not to “waste my time”, as the leadership of this blog is clearly missing key fundamentals on the internet, blogging, free speech, and the struggles of thousands of bajan you pass everyday.

    I will however say the following:

    1. You are wrong
    2. You are wrong
    3. You are wrong

    and 4. Free speech is exactly that “Free Speech” they should have covered this at HC.

  41. more education please


    that was a really cool skillful defense of “Hate” in free speech. I don’t think you wnet to HC.

    I can think of several reasons why not in a nanosecond

    1) Its illegal in most progressive countries
    2) It prevents people dealing with issues rather than personalities and race
    3) it keeps people and the country from moving forward and entrenches sterotypes and
    4) it keeps the deadbeat political class in power without having to do a blessed thing but play the race card because its too difficult to roll up their sleeves and work through problems.

  42. David Spieler

    Incitement of racism to influence the masses is not free speech- it is ABUSE of free speech.

    That is why I speak out. Moderate the lies and racism.

    “A lie told often enough becomes truth” Vladimir Lenin.
    Adolf Hitler , Mein Kampf,
    “the principle–which is quite true within itself–that in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”
    Speech by Joseph Goebbels on 9 January 1928 :
    “Success is the important thing. Propaganda is not a matter for average minds, but rather a matter for practitioners. It is not supposed to be lovely or theoretically correct. I do not care if I give wonderful, aesthetically elegant speeches, or speak so that women cry. The point of a political speech is to persuade people of what we think right. I speak differently in the provinces than I do in Berlin, and when I speak in Bayreuth, I say different things than I say in the Pharus Hall. That is a matter of practice, not of theory. We do not want to be a movement of a few straw brains, but rather a movement that can conquer the broad masses. Propaganda should be popular, not intellectually pleasing. It is not the task of propaganda to discover intellectual truths.”

  43. David Spieler

    BIG LIE?
    Wild Coot – The $749m hype

    Published on: 4/26/2010.

    by Harry Russell

    Nothing to do with the point (nihil ad rem).

    Pure hogwash! Charles Dickens tells us in his novel Hard Times: “In this life, we want nothing but facts, sir; nothing but facts!”

    IT IS A FACT that by the year 2032 we would have paid $749 million for HMP Dodds. Most of the people calling in complaining will not even be alive in 2032, or it would not even be their business.

    What will $749 million buy in 2032 – 22 years from now? Land was selling in 1988 for $5 per square foot. That same land is now being sold at $25 per square foot. Five times as much! We may even look back in 2032 and say we got a bargain. It has nothing to do with the present hard times.

    Let us look at the deal, although I believe that looking at it is not worth what Paddy shot at. Under trying circumstances we had to get an alternative to Harrison Point, which was virtually inhumane.

    We are a high-price tourist destination not famous for loose prisoners, except Winston Hall.

    The prison did not cost us any upfront financing, except for incidental arrangements. We may argue that the tendering process was hasty, but there was an urgency about the decision.

    Again we may argue that over ten per cent was a high charge. In fact, a better rate might have been negotiated although this was before the world meltdown when rates dropped.

    Repayment of the loan or lease seems to be on an annual basis. This is far better than a monthly, since compound interest per month is more expensive than that per year.

    But are not most loans structured this way, and usually compounding of interest monthly? When we buy a house, and agree to repay over 30 years on a monthly compound interest basis, we are agreeing to horrors. Since we may be 25 or 35 years of age at the time, and in a good job, the repayment is manageable.

    In the long run, if we borrow $200 000 and repay $400 000, we may very well end up with a property worth $600 000 in 30 years.

    How much will the prison be worth in 2032? Suppose we get an offer in 2015 by the United States or anybody else, to buy or lease the prison for $2 billion.

    They may want to house their surplus white collar criminals in sunny Barbados. Would it not suit us to build another prison and sell HMP Dodds to them?

    The highlighting of the $749 million as the eventual cost of the prison should not have been done in the quarterly report. It is a normal way of doing business and is the method of transaction by thousands of Barbadians. Was there a sinister reason?

    Just to say that it will cost us BDS$30 million a year would have been enough. In any case, is not the prison a comfortable place to go? Are we not seeing an increase in white collar and blue collar crimes?

    Times are changing (even sexual habits), and as the cost of the way of life gets harder certain people will see HMP Dodds as a haven in a harsh struggle – an oasis in the desert. Three meals daily in the most salubrious parish of the island!

    As it turned out, the highlighting of the eventual cost of HMP Dodds is playing on the lack of knowledge of people. We may say in 2032, that “history is a confused heap of facts”. Perhaps the mention of $719 million by the Governor was obiter dictum – said by the way.

    Suppose we strike oil in a few years’ time. Is there a clause in the agreement that will allow us to repay the lease earlier and avoid the interest? Just asking!

    Should we not be more concerned that Mr Barack has not been paid up to now? He is right in demanding all of his money now. Is he not a voice crying in the wilderness? Are only the rich and famous entitled to justice?

    Isn’t justice delayed justice denied?

  44. BFP

    Hello Anonemus

    As we have recounted many times, just because ten or fifteen people make a hundred comments on a story does not mean it is either the most popular story or valid. Many of our most read articles inspire few comments.

    If ten or twenty racists get together at Barbados Underground every day to discuss how everyone else is responsible for their own personal failures, or how all the white women tourists come to Barbados only for sex with blacks – they can make hundreds of comments but they are only 20 people who visited the blog.

    BFP had significantly more comments prior to and immediately after the election of the DLP Thompson government because we used to be the place for DLP supporters to discuss politics. When the DLP yardfowl discovered that we meant what we said about ITAL and started holding the DLP to account for lying about Integrity Legislation, the DLP yardfowl went to Barbados Underground.

    Here at BFP our numbers have increased in general readership and the loss of comments from 20 DLP supporters is not a bad thing – given the quality of the discussion at BU.

  45. Austin

    Incitement with false allegations of racism is exactly what you are doing.

    “We the Bajan People” have a long history of LOVING all races, religions and creeds that grace our shores on a daily basis, demonstrated by tourism satisfaction ratings, and the success of businesses like yours.

    You are doing Barbados a great disservice with this campaign of your, and going too far. It is my observation you are publicity seeking for BFP off the back of BU.

    Where is your sense of “content moderation” in the photo of one of our key minister’s holding a gun, many where quite offended by that …. looks like a double standard to me.

    If you say you love “Barbados” end this as you are not only defaming BU, but Barbados as a whole.

    This is my last comment on BFP.

  46. BFP

    Hey Austin

    “WE” are doing a dis-service to Bim? Because we mention that Barbados Underground calls murdered tourists white trash?

    Hey, I bet you say rape victims should keep their mouths shut because it embarrasses the rapists!

    Have a nice day!

  47. David Spieler

    Austin, you’re confused. I am not BFP, I am David Spieler, a man who seeks to stop injustice against minorities by Bajans including you, because you support it. I CANNOT stop.

    Austin, you talk about one of ‘our key ministers’- I hope that you are not a member of the DLP party.

    You say
    shut up
    and then you speak


    DS: One of these days I will reintroduce myself. However, that is besides the point, the issue at this moment is the FACT that both of us hate racist(s), however, I note that you have never acknowledged that racist and racism exist within ALL cliques here in Barbados. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and accept this as an oversight. However, others may assume that your rush to post on this blog was only because a nerve was irritated by the BFP headline. I hate all racists.

  49. David Spieler

    I hate all racists
    Yes, I freely acknowledge that there are white racists in Barbados. It is a no brainer.

    >>>just 1 hour without work:

    The gist of what I am saying in my posts is not a call for shutting down the BU blog, but to moderate xenophobic trends.

    Wind in the trees tells me that BU is advised it MUST NOT MODERATE anything because if it does so it could become responsible for postings.


    I write directed at people way above such base things, people like Darnley Boyce, David Thompson, Maxine McClean; and Hartley Henry; telling them that yes, free speech, but hatered and incitement of racism in Barbados towards minorities, no.

    Above I copied and pasted some quotes from Hitler’s book about the “big lie”. BU is driving an agenda of using the ‘big lie’ to draw in and fool the innocent masses into thinking everything it does is good. Is it good?

    I ask the 4 named persons whether Hitler’s “big lie” is a necessary policy (by its PR team) for the DLP to govern us? Is it necessary for an enfranchised Barbados Government to use a medium that condones the burning of churches, for example?

    As a person who abhors injustice in Barbados; especially against blacks or even against whites; and others among the good sector who strive continually to do good; I only humbly ask whether (just 3 for example):
    1) I am indeed an ashkenazi, fake Jew, pale-face pig?

    2) Are Guyanese rat-caching, stinking invaders?

    3) Are Hindus racists with a superior birth rate designed to take over Barbados? (BU endorsed and wrote that).

    Governance by the true states-men and -women, are these things the policies of the DLP? Or does the true statesman take the higher road?

    Now; very, very quietly I want to ask the Honourable Prime Minister a very serious question.

    Before I do so I ask the 4 persons above, who may read this, whether (if they brought someone like myself towards the DLP) rather than destroying us, whether we could help and do good for Barbados?

    Now my serious question:

    During the election campaign there were some serious allegations of corruption made. to date, pushing 3 years after elections, not a single person has been made accoutable.

    Dear Prime Minister and top brass, was the whole election campaign based on the premise of the “big lie”, or will you really clean up Barbados before you spend 1 billion to build the hospital?

    Did you fool us or are you going to come through with the laws to clean this place up?

    I want to help you Prime Minister, that’s why I have to ask you. Please forgive me, I really, really want you to bring me/us closer. I am not a foolish personi, I have a lot of principle and stand by my principles.

    I’m not a ‘B’, not a ‘D’;

    but the “big lie”, Honourable Prime Minister, the “big lie” on the blogs: they’re looking kill us.

    Is this the DLP way, or will your team come through in the way of true statesmanship?

    The gamblers were in the temple, Mr Minister, and what happened next?

    May the Lord guide you and preserve your integrity, and may the Lord have mercy on me if I lie. That is all that matters.

  50. David Spieler

    I hate all racists
    Yes, I freely acknowledge that there are white racists;

    Jewish ones too.

  51. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    It’s very disheartening to see the usual suspects always falling back on their tired, worn out cliches and excuses in an attempt to justify what can not be seen as anything but hard core, blatant racism. There is no real individual thought going into examining, dissecting and then responding in an honest way to the many examples of truly disgusting racist comments made on BU.
    Instead, they fall back on the simplest and least intellectually challenging position in an attempt to excuse and deflect away from the truth.
    This is not about a “war” between BU or BFP (how childish and absurd), this is not about what is perceived to be a majority or supportive white blog against a majority of supportive black blog. It is about a blog and it’s blog-master not setting standards or taking responsibility for it’s editorial content. Those at BU, including David, who think they can absolve themselves by perpetrating the lie that there is no moderation and therefore David is not responsible for content, are very much mistaken. David does moderate and attempts to block those who bring into question his morals and ethics on a regular basis. This is David’s idea of freedom of speech and expression.

  52. @Anonymouse Not By Choice: “There is no real individual thought going into examining, dissecting and then responding in an honest way to the many examples of truly disgusting racist comments made on BU.

    I, personally, disagree.

    I believe BU is truly about dynamic free speech (even if it’s uncomfortable truths). BFP seems to be about controlling the message.

    I, personally, as a white agnostic male, feel more comfortable with the honesty being discussed over on BU than what I see is trying to be done here on BFP.

    I, personally, as a white agnostic male, feel more physically safe here in Barbados that I do in Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Miami, LA or London; despite the scaremongering regularly attempted by BFP.

    (As an aside, BFP, you must be aware based on your claimed international readership that your writings are probably scaring tourists away?)

    And while I have never been there, I feel a *hell* of a lot safer here in Barbados than what I suspect I’d feel if I was living in or visiting Israel…


  53. BFP

    Hi Christopher,

    BU’s “uncomfortable truths” as you say include calls for violence and public sanctions against people because of their race, skin colour or cultural origins.

    We will never support “free speech” that calls for such things.

    As to the tourists being scared off because we have directed their attention to BU’s comments and articles, well why doesn’t BU take down the offensive or threatening articles?

    Don’t blame us for being disgusted with Barbados Underground calling a murdered tourist “white trash” – blame the racists who published the comments in the first place and those who provide them with a forum.

    We just can’t agree with you Chris.

  54. @BFP… Ahhh… Finally you’re back at your console, and have released my post…

    Can you tell us all when you released my post from moderation?

    Since, as we all know, the date-stamp of the comment is *not* when it was available to the reader (at least a two hour delta, as far as I can tell)….


    BFP says,

    Chris, this blog operates on UTC – or GMT whatever you choose to call it. Thus the next day begins at 8pm Bridgetown time if you follow. As soon as comments are approved they appear instantly, but with the time of the comment being when it was originally written. It’s not something under our control, it is a WordPress function.

    As to when we approve comments that depends upon who is scheduled to do comments on any day and when the wake, work or sober up! 🙂

  55. @BFP: “Don’t blame us for being disgusted with Barbados Underground calling a murdered tourist “white trash” – blame the racists who published the comments in the first place and those who provide them with a forum.

    Barbados Underground ( didn’t call a murdered tourist “white trash” — a commenter did.

    There is a *very* important (legal) difference (from what I understand).

    Is it important this particular tourist had a particular colour and a particular religion in BFP’s mind?

    Considering all the other humans who die every day in our shared world?

  56. BFP

    Hi Chris

    BU published the comment and allows it to remain along with supporting comments and much, much worse. We make no distinction about who writes and who publishes the comments: both are doing evil.

    As to Mrs. Schwarzfeld’s colour or religion, had she been an Indian and Barbados Underground published comments calling her “Indian trash” or “coolie trash” we’d be up in arms that same.

    Frankly I’m very surprised that you continue to justify the BU’s continued facilitation of calls for violence against people based upon race, skin colour and ethnicity.


  57. @BFP: “BU published the comment…

    Technically, you’re wrong…

    @BFP: “Frankly I’m very surprised…

    There we have it folks!!!

    BFP just spoke in the singular….

  58. David Spieler

    An elderly gentleman was found on a beach with his throat cut a couple of months ago, on the south east coast, but it was not publicised. He went for a walk early one morning. He just went missing and was found quite a while later.

    I believe he was some division of Christian, but not sure, I do not know what colour he was, but what I do know is that his wife has divested from Barbados and left on the plane today.

  59. @David Spieler: “An elderly gentleman was found on a beach with his throat cut a couple of months ago, on the south east coast, but it was not publicised.

    Can you give any specific details to your claims Mr. Spieler?

    Or are you just whining from a vacuum as usual?

  60. David Spieler

    The wife is a good friend of ours- she came to the pottery- her name is Bernice Rambert. Do your own work Chris.

  61. BFP

    Hi Dave,

    I didn’t see that one in the papers. Didn’t hear about it on the radio or tv. Do you have a name of the victim?


  62. David Spieler

    Dear Marcus
    No, I don’t. Bernice was interested in pottery and we made pieces for her many years ago, when we were starting. I didn’t kow her husband, but I do know that she goes by her forst married name, Rambert, but her husband was another surname.

    They wer living somewhere out by East Point. She called me frantically one morning a few months ago asking whether I might have seen him. He just went out for a walk.

    That’s all I think I know and can tell readers. It would be wrong of me to forget to offer our sincere condolences to Bernice, if she ever reads this. We are so sorry for your loss, Bernice.


  63. @BFP: “Hi Dave, I didn’t see that one in the papers. Didn’t hear about it on the radio or tv. Do you have a name of the victim?

    @David Spieler: “No, I don’t.

    And yet, Mr. Spieler, with no actual knowledge, is more than happy to talk about the man he claims was killed (by a slit throat) on the south-east coast…

    Mr. Spieler — directed your boat into any landmasses lately?

  64. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    What’s the matter Chris? Are you tired of fighting with unarmed combatants over at BU? I find it hilarious that you so fervently support BU and it’s racist agenda when it has been made clear to you on a number of occasions by various members of “The BU Family” that you have few friends or fans over there.
    I have come to the conclusion that you just like to argue for the sake of arguing either that or you simply have no moral compass.

  65. @Anonymouse Not By Choice: “Are you tired of fighting with unarmed combatants over at BU?

    You know, that’s interesting…

    That’s exactly what “art” said to me a little while ago over on BU….

  66. Moderation, moderation, moderation…

    You *cannot* have a conversation with moderation….

    For the record, I have a post currently in moderation…

    When will it be released?

    God knows….

  67. reality check

    Hi BFP

    Maybe someone can give you more information to track down this murdered person for clarification. Surely the morgue has a reference or a friend knows something?

    If it is proved to be true and I don’t doubt David Spieler for a second, no doubt Christopher Halsall
    and pals will take the position that he deserved it.

  68. BFP

    Hi Chris

    You’re right. One cannot have a normal real time conversation posting comments on this blog when automatic moderation is in place that filters comments based upon a variety of factors. We used to have no filters and most comments were posted immediately but then (as you will recall) we were attacked by the BLP operatives who left thousands of filthy and violent comments in a matter of days to try to shut us down.

    But that is just reality on this rock: failing to tow the party line has consequences.

    Now that the DLP is in power and we have never wavered in our call for ITAL, the DLP operatives target us.

    So I guess we’re doing something right.

    Anyway, if you desire real time conversations rather than considered comments back and forth we probably are not the correct forum. At Barbados Underground folks can say what they want without any standards or moderation. We’ve seen the result and no thanks!

  69. tellItLikeItIs

    What are the results BFP?

    That to date you have have been censored by WordPress, and BU have not?

    That BU continues to enjoy a larger comments contribution than BFP?

    That your efforts to date have failed to realize any measure of success?

  70. 119

    I have had many interactions with CH on BU, as he is not afraid to engage in open and honest dialogue on a wide range of issues. We do not always agreed but I respect the honest interactions, as that is how we can build a better Barbados.

    To an earlier point from CH … He is exactly right there is a difference between comments made from bloggers and the controlling of content from bloggmasters. Controlling content goes completely against the concept of blog.

    Question: exactly what does the word free mean in your blog name.. Or is it free as defined by DS.

  71. Austin

    @BFP … I had to come back as I could not resist a comment on the continued folly.

    I have had many interactions with CH on BU, as he is not afraid to engage in open and honest dialogue on a wide range of issues. We do not always agreed but I respect the honest interactions, as that is how we can build a better Barbados.

    To an earlier point from CH … He is exactly right there is a difference between comments made from bloggers and the controlling of content by bloggmasters.  Controlling content goes completely against the concept of blogging.

    Question: exactly what does the word “free” mean in your  blog name.. Or is it “free” as defined by DS. 

    Again, DS Barbados has been good to you and does not deserve to be painted in such a negative light.

    I too hate racism of any sort and so does my family, however there is a hint of reverse racism in your misguided campaign. For example, the story you shared was quite sad on the lady who’s husband was killed, however what is the connection between his unfortunate murder (which we all detest) and the so called BU comments, are you speculating the murderer was black, if so what is your evidence…. You may be more of a racist then you think, which is a common problem with racist.   

    Sent from my iPhone


    DS: I always knew you were a decent human being, thanks for proving it to the public.

    The PM (Prime Ministership) and the DLP (and BLP) have been hijacked by the consumate politicians. I am not hopeful that the moral fortitude can be found in any of our two majour political parties. David Thompson/ Mia Mottley/ Owen Arthur have many bones in their political closets that will never see the light of day. As someone else has stated these conspiritors are all card carrying members of the political ruling class.

    We here in Barbados have been hijacked by a group of political thugs who could not care a damn about us the people. At the end of the day their primary motive is to get enough of the voting public to believe that they are doing a great job and in the process gaurnatee their reelelection.

    We are F@#$%.

  73. Analyzer

    Okay BFP, you can take this off the top of your web-site now. I think some of us are exhausted and had enough. It is good to discuss these things but it seems some people have axes to grind.

  74. passin thru

    The racist writings at Barbados Underground are not confined to commenting and many of the posted articles have racist content or content designed to draw racist comments.

    The BU blog is a sad example of the kind of rumshop talk that we don’t want the foreign tourists, investors and government people to know about. I can’t imagine why David thinks it’s a good thing to have those comments circulating on the net where people in Manchester, Montreal or Chicago can find them as they research where to vacation.

    Can you imagine what would happen if some newspaper picked up on the talk about that murdered tourist or the racial hate against whites that permeates BU?

  75. BFP

    Hey 119…

    Barbados Underground is free to say what they want. The problem seems to be when we report what they are saying to our much larger and international readership!

    Barbados Underground should be proud of what they publish. So say it LOUD AND PROUD all over the internet: a murdered tourist was trash because she was white.

    Hey… if that’s the free speech you’re proud of, no problem.

    But once in a while we at BFP will drop in and tell the world what you’re doing and saying.

  76. Brutus

    @ passin thru//April 28, 2010 at 4:39 am

    “The BU blog is a sad example of the kind of rumshop talk that we don’t want the foreign tourists, investors and government people to know about. I can’t imagine why David thinks it’s a good thing to have those comments circulating on the net where people in Manchester, Montreal or Chicago can find them as they research where to vacation.”


    Passin thru – with reference to your concerns about comments circulating on the net where those outside can access them, have you actually read many of the posts on this blog? (ie. BFP)


  78. Omar

    I think this bashing needs to stop. BFP is trying to paint BU as a villian but the bottom line is, BFP authors must hide under anonymity because they could be arrested for the content of this very blog. All I’m saying is, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. You know that Mia Mottley can sue you AND WIN over that cartoon of her and David Thompson in bed.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  79. David Spieler

    There is no point in back-tracking and casting aspersions as to the politics of racism at the Barbados Underground. Ts can be only viewed as cicumstantial. It is an anonymously controlled site, and the persons who write the racist, violent posts are also anonymous. The only way for these to be regulated is:
    a) the blog master moderates or removes inappropriate posts, or
    b) the blogmaster gives up the IP addresses to the service providers or the police
    c) the blogmaster ensures to not write racist articles, eg Hindus are fast-breeding, racists who should not be allowed into Barbados (that’s a big generalisation about a group, and to write this is absolutely and wickedly wrong).

    Today there were many favourable comments expressed about what I have stood up for and placed my name beside – namely defending innocent minorities oppressed in Barbados by a group of Bajans who want to blame them for their own problems.

    But the problem is not within these minorities- it is a ‘big lie’, like Hitler wrote in ‘Mein Kampf’.

    For years in many countries the cry has been that all the societal ailments are due to their minorities, and politicians continually have used this so as not to have to be resnsible for what they preside over.

    I would be a fool to think that this is the last time, in Barbados, or in other places. We have now been shown the concept of Hitler’s ‘Big Lie’, and I have quietly above, using a logical fact, asked whether the ‘big lie’ was used in last elections, and therefore am now a target, which is why so many comments are now there concerning me at BU. That’s really quite an interesting thing.

    I have asked whether the ‘big lie’ is presently still being used at Barbados Underground for political mileage.

    Many times the ‘big lie’, not just towards me, but in all the political discussions. It seems a pack of ‘big’ and ‘little’ lies.

    Even the poorest, most disenfranchised internet surfer in Barbados on the blogs will have to make up their own mind because we must all realise that should BU decide that its policy of non-regulationis to continue, the lies are easy to post, and the converstaions that are multiple perons (but are actually all the same person) will be put down for impressionable persons to read and believe.

    Scared Barbados?

    I would spread the word.

    Re free speech, a friend suggested that we require more free speech in Barbados, as the newspapers and TV can easily be snuffed out. I could do naught but agree with him. I must admit that shown in this context blogs in Barbados do have some role to play in bringing news in cases of small country news blackout, should this indeed be true in some stories.

    How could it be that the murder case above is so low profile that no one seems to even have heard about it? So this is an example where something so absolutely horrible, and so damaging, has been covered up. I do not wish to bring Barbados bad publicity. We (Austin and I) should be relieved that the lady in question, so devastated by her loss, did not attack this island where she was a resident, and chose to simply sell and go quietly. Austin wants to know who is/was who, and what colour? That’s his thing, not mine. I do not care about that- I want to ask has this murder been solved and adequately investigated? There’s a killer on the loose.

    Believing in free speech, but with a measure of responsibility: Bajan blogs who support free speech (which is good), but whom do not take any action even when it is obvious that writings are racist, inciteful and/or violent only do Barbados a disservice. You cannot expect some individual who abhors racism to come and read them and to chronologise how each one is damaging.

    If the blog master does not do it, then those lies continue to be perptuated, as it was today, and will continue to be perpetuated tomorrow.

    I was recently invited by a former student from Harrison College, and Dr Robinson, to participate on a panel at Cave Hill for the SEED entrepreneur program. It was an honour to be a mentor, even though for only one hour to the fine graduates that Cave Hill is producing.

    The gist of SEED, as I understand it, is to create the new minds who will go out and make the businesses that will carry this island forward into the future. These young, impressionable adults can be expected form new, competitive businesses in every sphere- they will form the basis of the new class of owners and later be the controllers of the island. I do not care “what they are”; I am proud to work with SEED and to try to help launch them by imparting my simple “secrets” of small business, offering it to anyone who wished or wishes.

    In order to enfanchise the less endowed majority population of this island, this is a matter of time, it will happen because the probabilities say it will and it will be righteous as we come to realise its beauty. I welcome its coming, a time when all the children will play together more freely, just like MLK said during civil rights.

    But to agitate for the sake of politics, to demonise minoroities and to destroy them; this can result in every single person becoming poorer, as we develop a bad reputation.

    So I like SEED because I think it is a more peaceful, more just method of empowerment. I see no way that BU is helping a project like SEED, but with responsibility I feel that contributions that are truthful and helpful on blogs such as BFP and BU could indeed help these young people, and with that view create a better, more balanced society.

    I accept the good, but I do not accept that evil and the psychotic should be entertained for the sake freedom of speech. We must judge our works by their effects- their fruits (?). So if BU results in hatred, then that is a fruit; if it results in empowerment that too is a fruit. Mixed fruits. And sometimes one bad fruit will rot the whole basket.

    The responsibility for the future lies on the individual’s shoulders, for aiding and abetting, eg and in this case the blogmaster and friends.

    Time will tell.

  80. BFP

    Hi Omar

    You say “this bashing needs to stop.”

    We say the racism has to stop. There is no way that a person so closely associated with the government (as Hartley Henry is) should be publishing his works on a blog that calls Bajans of Indian background “coolies”.

  81. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    David, you are quite right about the work of one individual who posts under a number of different handles. This person “Amused” must believe that he/she is taking advantage of the “not so bright” at BU and that no one realizes that he/she not only posts under several handles but also has very close contact with David who dances to her/his tune.

  82. Omar


    I read both blogs and there are people who post on BU that I have issues with, but I don’t castigate the entire blog nor the owners of the blog because the whole cannot be held responsible for what an anonymous poster says. ROK is not on my favourites list but he does what the right to express his opinion, even of that opinion offends someone else. If someone were to call in to Brasstacks and confess that he believes adults should be allowed to have sex with children, Starcom cannot be held responsible for that comment, nor can the caller be arrested, because despite how utterly distasteful the comment may be, he has the right to his own view. Granted, this may seem an extreme example, but the principle is what I’m getting at.

  83. Omar

    I forgot to add this question. Should I stop listening or participating in Brass Tacks just because some of the regualar callers express view which I find distasteful?

  84. BFP

    Hi Omar,

    I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree. We believe that free speech stops when calls for racial genocide or violence begin. BU says that’s free speech and obviously the Prime Minister’s right hand man and political advisor Hartley Henry agrees or he wouldn’t continue to publish at BU.

    So we’ll just have to disagree with Barbados Underground and side with the millions of potential tourists to Barbados who find such words reprehensible.

  85. ac


    I think you are dreaming if you think that tourist would stop coming to barbados because of “racial” comments posted on BU. If that is the case nobody would be going to america. People spend there money where it is affordable for them to do so.You are full of paranoia.

  86. BFP

    Hi ac

    Then… don’t worry about it. Why even waste energy talking?

    Have a good time!

    Be happy and continue to describe the people who are the lifeblood of our economy in racially repugnant terms. I’m shur they won’t mind.

  87. The Rev

    Al Sharpton in town today. BFP will you give us your opinion?

  88. BFP

    Yes. After I get home from work this evening.


  89. Inkwell

    David Spieler: “How could it be that the murder case above is so low profile that no one seems to even have heard about it? So this is an example where something so absolutely horrible, and so damaging, has been covered up.”

    David Spieler: “I want to ask has this murder been solved and adequately investigated? There’s a killer on the loose.

    Believing in free speech, but with a measure of responsibility: Bajan blogs who support free speech (which is good), but whom do not take any action even when it is obvious that writings are racist, inciteful and/or violent only do Barbados a disservice.”

    Would Mr Spieler reveal how he knows that Bernice’s husband’s throat was cut?

    The body had been in the water off the cliffs for nine days being bashed against the rocks and physically damaged and decomposed. The official report was that the autopsy performed thereafter was unable to determine the cause of death.

    Does BFP’s concept of free speech allow Mr Spieler to use its blog to make an unsubstantiated accusation of conspiracy to conceal a murder against the Royal Barbados Police Force and the coroner?

    Will Mr Spieler please reveal how he knows that the man’s throat was cut?

  90. Rumboy

    Not to worry, one finds that people who spew out hatred are usually the first ones to run.

  91. ac


    “Iam shur they won’t mind.Why should they when most of them come from countries that practice racism against blacks.
    Truth is stranger than fiction!

  92. BFP

    Hi Inkwell

    Our concept of free speech allows issues and news to be discussed so various citizens can contribute what they know. This is especially valuable in a society like ours where there is no freedom of information and no commitment to transparency and accountability. Rumours come and go and the blogs provide a way of dealing with them – whether confirming or discrediting the rumour.

    For instance, for four weeks on the Bajan blogs the 3S highway situation was rumoured – but it was only after the blogs tracked down the rumours and substantiated them that the Barbados news media was FORCED, yes FORCED, to cover the story.

    On the other hand we continue to have stories like the deaths of the Codrington family where no amount of facts and revelations by the blogs will result in an inquest because too many big ups are involved in the deaths.

    So let’s hear from Mr. Spieler about what he knows about this generally unreported death under mysterious circumstances and maybe other citizens will contribute.

  93. nevermind kurt

    More posted at Barbados Underground. Hartley Henry doesn’t have any problem with the following because he keeps publishing at BU. This was written by ‘negroman’:

    “It is truly amazing the thinking of the human scums, the European white including the half caste Russians who are calling themselves Jews… (snip)

    The operatives of Barbados Free Press,the Barbados Free Press pimp David Spieler & the rest cannot scare this Negroman. As long as David & BU allow me to post my comments, I will continue expose the the evil doings of the menace race, the stinking, killing, disease carrying human white trash Europeans.

    Barbados does not only want groups like Hezbollah, or Hamas,we also need Al Queda, Robert Mugabe & Idi Amin style politics along with leaders of the calibre of Pol Pot of Khmer Rhouge fame and Saddam Hussien.

    Black Barbadians will not allow white people to dictate to us anymore. Barbados Free Press could investigate and seek to find out who Negroman is. I have challenged many a white stinking person in Barbados.”

    Nice talk at Barbados Underground.

  94. earthworks

    oh my god nevermid kurt. why would you waste your time going to a website where a maniac writes that kind of drivel?

  95. David Spieler

    I would ask that our name be removed from the posts above, please. It is an attempt by someone who doesn’t like me/us to slander our business. It is not appropriate.

    But I view it as another example of the evil that can be achieved by writing lies on blogs.

    I personally met with Earthworks staff over 10 years ago, because at that time I noticed ONE sales staff member had served someone in less than what I viewed as an appropriate way.

    We have a longstanding staff that does not turn over- an Earthworks position is valued. We have health and profit share plans. As management I treat all Earthworks staff with respect, staff is given a voice to criticise me when I do the wrong thing too, and I am expected and have been told by staff to let it be known if I am dissatisfied. We care abut ourselves and each other.

    Consequently, when we have issues in the studio we have the ability to talk about them bilaterally, and to make them right. That’s another reason why our staff is the best in Barbados.

    Our staff is fully empowered about the need for treating all customers- regardless of colour- regardless of religion- correctly and fairly.

    In short, should a veiled Muslim come to our pottery to patronise us, this legitimate customer will be treated with the same respect as EVERYONE else. Should a green communist come- the same.

    All customers at our business are treated in correct order, with the utmost of respect and politeness. No one can jump the line at Earthworks, no one can expect better or worse from us- only the best that we can be.

    We have many testimonies in writing from customers who say different, that our staff is the best in Barbados, so I think that when the person above says “they heard the same from someone else”….judge for yourself

    Above kicks off a campaign to try to educate people incorrectly about a good business, just as Peach and Quiet during last elections. I would like to take the opportunity to invite anyone reading this to come and to experience Earthworks good service.

    Customers seek me out personally in my small corner and often compliment the staff, saying they are the best Barbados has to offer.

    This is just another example, as I have described above of how the anonymous create a web of lies, the masquerade that evil people put on the blogs in order to paint a lie as the truth.

    So to prove the wicked “trolls” as wrong I twice urge all Bajans to visit us and to see for themselves. I now that we will be lifted up where we belong, as our staff is a fully empowered, fantastic unit that Barbados can be proud of.

    To know us is to love us, and we will be sure to love you too when you come.

    We are proud Bajans working together in the best art studio in the Caribbean. No anonymous troll on the internet telling lies is going to change that.

  96. Brutus

    @David Spieler,

    A very spirited defence of your company, but do you only get worked up when untruths on a blog affect you directly?

    You have chosen to come on one blog, where innuendo, lies, insults and baseless statements predominate, to complain about the same on another blog.

    You should complain about this blog as bitterly as you do about the other one, unless you believe that you are alone in the right to have your good name and reputation protected.

  97. David Spieler

    Hello Brutus

    I’m not worked up at all- I’m getting ready to go out for a great bank holiday.

    Our staff meeting is already set for Monday: to discuss the above, and you can be sure that our service will continue to be the best, as it always has been, for one and for all, equal good treatment and with love.
    But the core point, the reason I am on here writing, is because I see there is a whole movement in Barbados that uses anonymity to create scandal and to create “false truth” that is warping Bajan minds. And it uses xenophobia as a tactic.

    I have questioned why, after so much political campaigning, that not a single person has been held accountable 3 years after elections?

    I have questioned why after the DLP platform, that promised us accountability and transparency, and better judicious use of public spending for our island, that today absolutely nothing has changed?

    If that promise were kept, then I would be quiet, but it has not been kept, that promise. So as I go off on Monday to ensure that the promise of best treatment to customers is kept, I wonder whether our public servants will do the same?

    I question the whole election campaign, and wonder whether it too, was a ‘Big Lie’? No proof after getting the government. Not ONE single person made accountable.

    I want to know how much of the corruption was real, is real, and what is unreal,

    and that is so political to be dangerous.

    Will corruption be tackled in such a way to make an honest goovernment? When?

    Realise that what I call for – TRUTH and HONESTY- is in the best interest of Barbados, whether one is ‘B’ or ‘D’.

  98. David Spieler

    Post in mod

    Brutus- thanks, to clarify- I am not partial towards something about which I know nothing.


  99. Anonymouse Not By Choice

    Brutus states: “You have chosen to come on one blog, where innuendo, lies, insults and baseless statements predominate, to complain about the same on another blog.”

    Brutus, could you please give some examples of the lies and baseless statements of which you speak?

    This article, by BFP, has copied and pasted the very words of the rabid racists over at BU. David Spieler comes to BFP as both a white man and a Jew, who I would dare say knows a thing or two about racism and anti-Semitism.

  100. Politically Tired

    I’ve been to Earthworks many times with friends of all shades & none of them have ever been treated badly! Think someone trying to upset Mr Speiler.

  101. BFP

    Hi Mr. Spieler

    I’ve never been to your business myself although I’ve seen your products in many places and I know that your business has an excellent reputation as an employer. I can’t say too much more about that for obvious reasons but I’ve never heard anything but good about what it’s like to work for your company.

    It is true that the anonymous nature of these blogs makes for some abuses on all sides and we do our best to be fair as we sit in the middle and decide what we’re going to allow and what we will not allow.

    Although “earthworks” story sounds a bit contrived – especially the second described incident – I guess it could be true so we would ordinarily leave it up.

    Just one problem though…

    “earthworks” lied about being a Bajan – American in the USA. He or she is not in the USA – they are in Barbados and we know that because the IP number on our records says that’s where the comment was posted from.

    SOOOOOOO….. the commenter is lying.

    SOOOOOOO…. we will kill what now obviously seen to be a lying malicious comment.

    But Mr. Spieler… don’t criticise the anonymous nature of the blogs too harshly because without the anonymity many truths and important news would not be told in Barbados. Don’t forget: the 3S story and many others would never have been told by the Bajan media who only did so because the blogs embarrassed them.

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  103. Tyrone

    I think you all should take a look at the recent points made on the BU forum about a recent accident in Barbados. It shows a lot of racism by many members. Racism needs to stop.

  104. David Spieler

    OK, We had our staff meeting as promised. Well, I didn’t promise, but when I say something, even on the internet, my word is my bond.

    We printed off the “Earthworks” quotes. Everyone was shocked to read what was written, and the consensus was that it is/was not true. Despite this consensus we discussed it, used it as an exercise, and we are once again aligned, as good companies align. We are going forward as one unit, and we are comfortable about ourselves and our drive for customer satisfaction, both pre-sales and after-sales.
    Now ask yourself, what promises have YOU made, who have you made them too, and why have you not kept them?

    Need I continue?
    No, but just once more briefly I will:

    When a company leader manages trusted, valued employees; the staff will look upon him/her as their company role model. If someone leads the company “Barbados”, the same thing applies: i.e we look upon our elected leaders to manage us.

    We can’t go on writing articles in newspapers and other places telling people to do the right things unless we ourselves follow through.

    Don’t expect our island to operate on a “you do NISE but we big-ups can do as we please” premise. That will lead to the small man starting to see the futility of his/her honesty, his/her truth and integrity. He/she will start to break all the rules, the laws, many have already done so.

    Everything rests on our ultimate Barbados leaders’ shoulders. Our future is in their hands; your hands: ministers’ hands.

    You can be sure of the best from me/us in our small company, but we ask for the best from you, specifically the fulfilment of your manifesto regarding:
    1) Integrity and transparency in awarding contracts and procurements of government supplies.
    2) Freedom of information/disclosure
    3) Whistleblowing and protection for those who do so.
    4) Accountability
    5) Other areas that I’m just too confused to remember right now, but others know.

    How can we better manage our public tax intake and expenditure efficiently unless you do this so as to be efficient and truly honest to Barbados?

    Won’t this cause the lawlessness to largely abate?

    And with thanks to those who recognise the dangers in free speech, who recognise the responsibilities they have to moderate and control the spread of hatred.


  105. @Mr. Spieler: “And with thanks to those who recognise the dangers in free speech, who recognise the responsibilities they have to moderate and control the spread of hatred.

    Who police the Police? Who guards the Guards? Exactly where is it defined, here in Barbados, where “free speech” may and should be constrained?

    Is “free speech” to be limited because a very few find it discomforting?

    Or is it better to allow “free speech” (no matter how ugly) in the hopes that we can observe what is out there, and to challenge and debate same?

    So that we can all deal with the emotions felt by a few (or, perhaps, many).

    And so pens (keyboards) are not put down and swords (weapons) picked up.

    Just asking….

  106. Macs Rule!

    Is this what barbados people think of white tourists? I am left speechless by what I read here.

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