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Barbados Underground Blog publishes call for terrorist Hamas & Hezbollah to target whites in Barbados

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“The white people in this country are more powerful than Castro is in Cuba. We have two laws in this country, the extreme one which serves the blacks and not so fortunate and the other customized “we would make up as we go along one” which serves the whites and people from higher echelons. Where are the Hamas and Hezbollah when you really need them?”

…from the Barbados Underground article One Law For The Medes And Another For The Persians; The Johan Bjerkhamn Affair

More racist calls for violence from the favourite blog of Hartley Henry – DLP strategist and confidante to Prime Minister Thompson

Sharing the concerns of some other Bajan blogs, BFP long ago dropped our sidebar link to Barbados Underground Blog – the de facto active blog of the governing Democratic Labour Party – for a number of reasons including BU’s willingness to publish articles and comments that communicate support for the most foul racist positions.  Some recent immigration discussions at Barbados Underground target West Indians of Indian heritage, whites and asians as being “unacceptable” races for immigration to Barbados. The BU blog publications even go so far as complaining about the high fertility rates of Indians and calling murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld “white trash”.

The chief editor of Barbados Underground “David” has cautioned that black Barbadians should breed more as they are being left behind by Indians.

Barbados Underground published comments from readers calling for genocide. Consider these two gems…

“The elimination & extinction of sub-human, half make Europeans from this earth will undoubtedly bring about a more peaceful, stable & morally uplifting world.”


“I support the call by Sir Shridath Ramphal on ethnic cleansing. This country should control the build up of any particular ethnic group outside of the Black population of Barbados. Particular emphasis must be place on the Indo-Guyanese scums & the rat catcher/mango seller Indians & Pakistani.”

Barbados Underground Blog is the venue of choice for Hartley Henry, DLP party strategist and confidante to Prime Minister David Thompson.


Prime Minister David Thompson with advisor & Barbados Underground writer Henry Hartley


Mr. Henry has used the BU blog to publish exclusive writings not published anywhere else and Barbados Underground frequently repeats Mr. Henry’s Barbados Advocate newspaper columns in full without copyright problems from that newspaper. Mr. Henry used Barbados Underground to publish an exclusive article alleging a lesbian affair between The Nation newspaper journalists and a political leader in Barbados.

Discussing the Johan Bjerkhamn shooting

When Barbados Free Press published our article Once again Barbados police use race and/or class-based decision making and allow an upper-class elite to escape justice, among the reasoned comments we had the usual crowd of racists spewing their vitriol – but we have standards here at BFP so we canned most of those comments and sent the authors packing.

We have limits here, but that is not the case at Barbados Underground where racism and calls for genocide are “free speech” … or perhaps merely the agenda. Continue reading


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President Obama and the Goldman Sachs campaign funds: An impossible discussion in Barbados.

President Obama is being called upon to return the almost one million dollars that his campaign received from Goldman Sachs employees – in light of securities fraud civil charges now faced by that company. The calls to return the campaign funds also concern the fact that Goldman Sachs received big money from the Federal Government bailout program and that thought riles many Republican and Democratic voters.

In light of everything, I can see folks demanding that this money should be returned, but I can also see the point that this money was donated to the Obama campaign by individual employees – not by Goldman Sachs the company – and therefore should not be returned. The entire issue is receiving extensive news coverage as the Americans debate and discuss.

An impossible debate in Barbados

The interesting thing about this issue though is that the American voters are able to have the debate because under their election laws the parties and politicians have to keep financial records and those records are open to public scrutiny.

It helps to keep everything honest – which is why our Barbados politicians won’t stand for such a requirement.

We know from the past that Bajan politicians receive “campaign donations” and “accidentally” put them into their personal bank accounts and “forget” to inform anyone about these donations. Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur was caught red-handed corruptly putting a cheque for $75,000 into his personal bank account. If it weren’t for then Opposition Leader David Thompson waving a copy of that cheque around at an election rally, that $75,000 would never have seen the light of day from Owen Arthur’s personal expenses.

And that’s only one cheque to one politician on one day.

Barbados needs to have proper election financing laws if we are ever to break free from the current system of government that is best described as a kleptocracy, but the current Thompson DLP government isn’t about to implement an elections financing law and neither are the BLP if that party ever waddles back into power under Mia Mottley’s ah, er, “leadership”.

How much in election funding did CLICO & CL Financial group of companies give to the DLP and BLP?

How much in election funding did VECO give to the Arthur/Mottley BLP government?

Well, Prime Minister Thompson? Well… Opposition Leader Thompson?

Why can’t the Barbados public know the answers to those questions?


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