Once again Barbados police use race and/or class-based decision making and allow an upper-class elite to escape justice

UPDATED: July 7, 2011

It has been well over a year since Johan Bjerkhamn accidentally shot his 11 year old son to death. That the shooting was accidental is an assumption on our part based on some newspaper accounts at the time and the fact that the fatal bullet passed through the father’s hand before killing Luke Bjerkhamn. I don’t think anyone on the island really believes that this was anything but another gun cleaning accident.

But what everyone believes on the basis of newspaper stories counts for nothing without a proper public process – conducted within a reasonable time.

We all feel terrible for Mr. Bjerkhamn – but that has nothing to do with things either.

Folks said this would be allowed to fade into oblivion and that is exactly what is happening. Mr. Bjerkhamn should probably be banned for life from owning weapons, but other than that we can’t see anything to be done. No penalty can be worse than the burden he already carries.

It was a tragedy, but the second tragedy is that by refusing to handle the matter in a proper and efficient manner, our so-called leaders have once again proven that there is one law for the rich, and one law for the rest of us.

Original Story first published April 20, 2010…

Johan Bjerkhamn shoots his son dead, refuses to talk with police and then escapes in a private jet!

Photo credit: Nation News – Johan Bjerkhamn (hand bandaged) at son’s funeral.

Throughout our history the Royal Barbados Police Force has shown again and again that the organization enforces the laws differently according to a person’s race, class, wealth, or political affiliations.

There have been many high-profile situations that have come to public attention, and any Bajan past the age of ten years old can recount tales of privileges or concessions granted to the elites or perceived elites on this island by our police. This behaviour pre-dates our independence and thrives on the reality that the “rule of law” in Barbados is pretty much what those in power determine it is at the time.

Consequently, even if our police officers can get their own heads around the concept of “one law for all, enforced without favour or malice”, they are never sure if the police bosses and their political masters (yes, I said “political masters”) will back them if they arrest one of the elites. So the police officers tread ever so gently and scrape and bow around the important people even when they are suspects in serious crimes.

This results in absurdities like a woman calling the police saying that she is being beaten in a domestic violence situation – and our police did not answer the call for FOUR DAYS because the victim was calling from a gated community and the security guard wouldn’t let the police enter!

Think about the reasons why our police are afraid to assist a victim of domestic violence in a gated community.

A victim of domestic abuse called screaming for help and the police would not enter “private property” because the victim lived in a rich gated community where the law doesn’t apply. Even after the senior officers arrived, the police still didn’t enter the gated community and she kept calling for help for four days! It took four days for somebody on the police force to come to the realisation that perhaps, this one time only, the police might want to enforce the law before somebody got murdered.

See BFP’s article: Beat Your Wife In Barbados? You Are Protected From The Police If You Live In A Gated Community!

“Upper Crust” isn’t all white anymore

Years ago the Royal Barbados Police Force allowed a serial murderer to get away – and many believe it was because he was “upper crust”. (See BFP’s Barbados Police Did Not Arrest Canefield Serial Killer “Because He Had A Child With Him” … Or Was It Something Else?)

In case you are unaware, “upper crust” in Barbados is a euphemism for “white with lots of money and connections” – although the usage is changing as time rolls on. In the last 40 years (and especially in the 14 years of BLP government!) many Barbados blacks have achieved wealth, power, international status and “upper crust” titles. Indeed, it can fairly be said that races other than blacks are mostly excluded from public politics in modern Barbados.

But old societal attitudes and standards die hard and even if the new “upper crust” used to be ordinary people like us until they got elected or otherwise became one of the elites – they are still treated very gently by the police. Of course, when they can get away with it the police look after their own too! (See BFP’s Secret Withdrawal Of Bribery Charges Against Barbados Cop Stinks Of Corruption At The Highest Levels)

Payoffs let rich and/or connected criminals walk free when you or I would go to jail

Money paid, rape charge dropped.

And then we have the other reality on this rock: the elites are allowed to buy their way out of criminal convictions with money or in a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deal. Consider journalist Roy Morris of The Nation who was arrested by a very reluctant police force for the rape of a junior employee. Sure enough, (and just as we predicted at the time) he was allowed to pay off the victim with money. Coincidentally after that all the fuss about the police illegally arresting and assaulting Barbados journalists at the QEH went by the wayside never to be heard of again. (See BFP’s Barbados Government In Damage Control Mode Over Police Roughing Up Journalists At Hospital and Barbados Journalists Were Roughed Up OUTSIDE The Hospital!)

There were two victims in the Roy Morris rape case: the first was the rape victim pressured to take money. The second victim was the public’s respect for the entire justice system and the law. (See BFP’s Source: Rape-Accused Roy Morris Bought Off Girl’s Family)

Was the Bjerkhamn decision to post no guard based upon race, class, connections?

Now we come to the current situation where a rich white elite shot his 11 year old son to death, by the look of everything almost certainly in a tragic accident. We are sorry for the family, and sorry for young Luke who by all accounts was of good character, full of potential and well liked by all.

Most of all, we feel sorry for the father, Johan Bjerkhamn, who’s heart must be broken. He will carry a terrible burden for the rest of his life.


… when Johan Bjerkhamn refused to talk to the police about what happened, even though he was well enough to attend his son’s funeral, that was a warning flag that should have been seen. And indeed it was seen by the police because there was a heavy police presence at the funeral and the police escorted Johan Bjerkhamn from the hospital and back again. (Bjerkhamn apparently shot his hand and the bullet continued on to hit his son in the chest.)

Although the police made a show of “escorting” Bjerkhamn to his son’s funeral – they apparently did not post a guard at the hospital, or charge him with some preliminary offense and have him released on bail after surrendering his passports. They could have done that at his hospital bedside and retained some kind of hold and control on the man.

Nope, instead the police granted Mr. Bjerkhamn the kind of consideration that is reserved for the elites and he has now fled the country. His family says he is going abroad for surgery to his hand and that might be true – but it doesn’t change a thing. He might return at his convenience, or he might not.

Firearms Dealer Licenses: A perk for the elites?

We also mention that there is a huge question about why the police issued a “firearms dealer” license to Bjerkhamn in the first place. There is talk that so many elites (some say “white elites”) are allowed dealer licenses when they are not really dealers, have no firearms dealer experience or formal training. They are given the dealer license by the police so they can freely possess many firearms as opposed to non-elites who are put through the hoops to be allowed to possess a single firearm.

The firearms dealer license issue aside, in failing to act properly to prevent Bjerkhamn from leaving the island once again the Royal Barbados Police Force has treated one of the elites with subservient deference and a double standard.

Until each one of us no longer tolerates this culture of subservience to the elites there will be no assurance of justice for ordinary folks, and no true rule of law in Barbados.

Further Reading

The Nation: Bjerkhamn is gone


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118 responses to “Once again Barbados police use race and/or class-based decision making and allow an upper-class elite to escape justice

  1. nevermind kurt

    Good commentary BFP. The dealer licence issue is huge.

    Here are some questions for the police:

    How many Members of Parliament are licenced to carry concealed guns?

    How many people are licenced as firearms dealers? Do they submit business taxes? If they don’t their licence is a farce and an excuse to have many guns.

    How many “licenced” dealers make no sales in a year?

  2. Duh

    I wonder what the bookie’s odds on this happening were.

  3. Boy

    Boy oh boy this really happen in Barbados despite an air polluted with transparency. The Guns have spoken.

  4. Micah

    Why did he have a police guard at his son’s funeral if he had not been charged with anything? Was it for protection? And if he had been charged with a crime regarding his son’s death, would he still have been allowed to travel to receive treatment on his injured hand as his doctor had apparently recommended? Just wondering.

  5. BFP

    A lot of questions, Micah and many more.

    The answer to many of the questions is usually something like “Because he’s rich and connected” in this type of situation.

    You and me? We’d be behind bars so quick ya wouldn’t know what happen.


    What charge(s) should be brought against Bjerkhamn?

  7. BFP

    To Cup Cake

    I don’t know. Some sort of negligence, perhaps manslaughter? The police have an arrest warrant out for him now so obviously that is for a charge. Too bad they didn’t do it days ago and take his passports.

  8. Glad to see BFP finally coming around to covering this important issue after nearly a week and a half. For a while there I was beginning to think The Advocate’s or CBC’s editorial staffs had taken over or something. This turn of events is no big surprise to us who have opposed the groynes at St. Peter’s Bay (developed by this family), and it illustrates why we cannot get those damnable rocks moved. These people are a law unto themselves. They do whatever pleases them. We could not get a single minister of government to come and take a look at the environmental disaster in our area, yet if this tragedy had not occurred, the Prime Minister would have be done here at St. Peter’s Bay last Friday giving a big opening speech about what a great job these people were doing for Barbados.

  9. Arrogance

    I am a white Bajan and I resent the implication that he got off easy because of his race – I don’t think I would have received the same delicate treatment. In fact this is due to the stature of the family in Barbados.

    This latest damnable move is due to the arrogance that stems from that stature. They know full well that he had an obligation to make a statement to the police and he had nothing to fear given the obvious accidental nature of the incident. Everyone’s heart has been breaking for this man and his family but this ridiculous move will have cost him much of that goodwill.

    My empathy has waned. While it was an accident, perhaps now many, like me, will begin to believe that negligence played a larger role. Who would clean a loaded weapon in the same room as such a young child? Who would have the need for 40 weapons in the same house as their child?

    The answer to that is a gun nut, red neck. Search Facebook for Johan Bjerkhamn and check out the photos that are posted. One big set of carnage took place in Texas and there he is with a stack of animal carcasses, smiling at the destruction he has wrought.

    I hope they through the book at him for this. Such arrogance and entitlement is what is wrong with modern day Barbados. BFP, I am happy that you tempered your story with the “and/or class-based” statement.

    I am a white Bajan and am as outraged as anyone.

  10. BFP

    Hello Mullins Bay,

    You’ll find that in highly charged issues BFP often sits back for a few days to think and watch.That’s why we don’t always come out right away. Consider our article on the failure of the police to attend at the complaint of domestic violence for four days that is linked to in this piece. Read the article and you’ll see we did the same.

    Of course, sometimes Cliverton shoots from the lip right away! 😉

    (but not so much lately because he’s getting older!)

    (but he means well)


  11. Rumboy.

    Arrogance – you have hit the proverbial nail on de head, sir.

  12. Marsha Hinds-Layne

    Whiteness did have a part to play. I dare say there are negro Barbadians who come close to the money and connections in this case but even all that would have been naught in a situation such as this.

    BFP, why are you now covering the story using RBPF as your scapegoat? I came here every day after this incident waiting to see what your coverage would be…every day I left disappointed not a word from you: even the day you covered what you deem as a story…Guns in Parliament…and I was wondering how you could do that bit of journalism and not link it to 40 guns being stored at one private residence(if we dare quote the local media) and the wider comprehensive gun policy of this country…which I may add is quite strict for us who are not rich or Caucasian enough to escape the burden of adhering to the law.

    You never out rightly condemned a father for not having the good sense to protect and secure the life of his child while he cleaned a gun… (according to the media). You never drew it to the public’s attention how hard it is to miscount what is removed from a loaded gun before it is cleaned…nothing.

    The Child Care Board in this country went silent, the Church…although they would be quick to tell me that since I am rastafari I need to take my child to church to teach values….even our blog that keeps its radar on all things hidden in this country was silent.

    The sequence of events in this case is deplorable. There is no way I would have shot my child and nursed such a minor injury…yes minor…if one walks and talks…unaccompanied by oxygen or life support the injuries are minor (at least in my lay person view) in a private institution no less…I surely would be doing my recovery after a statement and possibly at her majesty’s pleasure.

    We spend warranted time watching the political scene in this country but I think we also need to focus on other areas of this society…and in this case it makes no sense blaming the police. Had they tried to do more their efforts would probably only have been frustrated by telephone calls from on high….let us examine the inherent corruption in our system…the old school tie, lodge connections and the entire overlay which has been placed on justice and service in this country…..and BFP…I hope a call for an investigation into this tragedy goes right next to the one of the Codrington Family at your mast…or as it is now that another famous gun handler be added….

  13. dismanhey

    so let me ask this question now : after the headlines in the Sunday Nation .. “of a father’s pain”, is it possible to have an impartial verdict for whatever he may be charged for. probably not

  14. BFP

    Hi Marsha,

    I would respectfully direct your attention to my comment to Mullins Bay.

    You know, you could have come and posted a comment or written an article here if you wanted to. This is your blog as much as it is ours. Write what you want and we will publish it. That goes for now and ever.

    Late or not in your opinion, I hope that our article causes people to consider the underlying cancer that eats at the soul of this nation.


  15. BFP


    Have more faith in the wisdom of the average Bajan my friend. Pick any few ordinary people on the streets of B’town and you’d have a capable jury.

    We feel for the father, but he must be held accountable – and so must the system and the people that gave him a “dealers” license on the basis of his family’s status and wealth.

    On another level: OKAY I’m out of here.

    Marcus, you up yet? Somebody wake up the man. You’re late! 🙂

  16. Again and again I see the ugly race issue clouding what should be a clear case of somebody discharged a gun, accidentilly or otherwise, and killed another person.
    If this person is under investigation, his passport should have been ceased.
    A proper investigation into this incident should be carried out, then dealt with by the courts.
    At least, that’s how it should be handled by a civil society.

  17. normal procedure

    Good work BFP!

    Of course the family is grieving but in North America the father would have been taken into custody and grilled immediately as well as all members of the family and all neighbours.

    accident, negligence, alcohol or whatever information emanated from the interviews, some sort of charges should have been forthcoming. At a minmum, a very high bond should have been posted to leave the country.

    Don’t worry folks, nothing will happen in Barbados because back scratching and favouritism trumps the Rule of Law every time, if you are part of the chosen few.

  18. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    The real problem is that we are so ingrained with this system that we find it difficult to do what is right. The policeman tasked with investigating that case should have charged Mr. Bjerkham and sent the charge sheet to his senior for approval. if a politician or the commissioner wants to say don’t charge him then let them overturn the charge in writing.

    The immigration officer at the airport assuming he cleared immigration (not doing so would be another crime) should have called the police before processing him.

    What use is having free education if we can’t exercise basic initiative, think logically and make sensible just decisions?

  19. RLL

    Let me add my “good work BFP!”
    You still go where others won’t dare.

  20. black gold

    JEWS can do whatever they want in Barbados. they own it, and we bajans have no clue of really what is going on on our soil, we are always ready to persecute our white Bajans people , but as long as we live we only have two kind of people that are truly bajan, bajan white and black bajans, we need to have more faith in our white bajans as we know them and they know we….these foreigners must leave and go back to israel where they come from. we love we white bajans and they love we. we right now we tired of these oppressors on our soil. to make Barbados a good country again we need to get rid of BLP-DLP this is the real problem in Bim …..I started a new party Green links….as i want BIZZY WILLIAMS to be the next prime minister.

  21. paul sealy

    Uhh ..black gold,whether he is a jew or not once you are white in Barbados with nuff money you well get special treatment..ask Bizzy…anyway we all know they are two Barbados’..one for the Elite with connections and the next for the average know nothing have nothing sheep bajans…you think a black boy like me could shoot my son dead and up to now i ain’t give a statement and ain’t in Dodds relaxing waiting for my court date????

  22. paul sealy

    I read on another blog someone quoted as saying that they wouldn’t be surprised if the Police escorted him to the airport,watched him board the jet and waved goodbye…i had to chuckle when i read that knowing the history of this place it just might be true!!!

  23. X

    Anyone know whose plane it was?

  24. Crossroads

    Good piece.

  25. BFP

    Hello Black Gold,

    Don’t you think you’d be happier at another blog, say BU?

    I do.

    You’ve crossed the threshold that divides discussing racial issues and promoting your own little brand of racism… so you’re outta here. Banned.

    Don’t like it? Go to WordPress.com and start your own blog. 10 minutes and you’ll be up and running an free to spout off your hatred.



  26. Nonsense

    Wunna hear who was wid he? And who does aid and abet crime and violence bout hay? Hay de law is only for de poor. Wunna see how much time a license holder just got for illegal ammo?

  27. Baje009

    in my experience bajans are the most self loathing people on the face of the earth. we are quick to persecute people who look and talk like us while elevating and ascribing privilege to those who dont. anyone willing to do a little research would be shocked to see how closely this beavior parallels that of slaves. Massa can spit on me and beat me down but if my brother look at me crossway i will lick out he eye.

    as Bob said bajans need to “emancipate themselves from mental slavery” cause “none but ourselves can free our minds”

  28. Clairely Bajan

    I’m so hurt by what this represents to the casual observer. It seems as though white and wealthy can get away with anything.

    This is a case of money speaking volumes. And him being white and having an ‘odd’ last name didn’t hurt him either.

    I’ve seen people struggle to stand in court to be charged for less serious infractions than murder, but he was allowed to nurse his hand in a private hospital not handcuffed – not booked nothing!

    It upset my entire day to see now that he has left the island for good after paying off the doctors, the lawyers, the police, the aiport staff and whoever else needed a piece so as to keep quiet.

    Happened already too many times to rememeber: Hilary Beckles had a son kill a man, nothing, remember those thugs that beat up that boy in Highgate Gardens, money passed it was hushed up and what about that white man last year with the over 200 guns in his possession and 2,000 rounds of ammo? ever heard about him after?

    Sad, sad, sad.

  29. Clairely Bajan

    A Minister of Parliament once asked me if I thought it was just coincedence that there are never white faces in the court pages.

    I was young, I said maybe they don’t get caught smoking weed and the such.

    She laughed in my face.

  30. shani

    Arrogance i see u made this same post in the nation news blog site i hope this is the same person i agree with you 100 percent. it doesnt have anything to do with race really more about class. Does anyone else remember when a very influential principal of one of the cave hill campusses son literally murdered a boy and got off scot free and he was black.

  31. Really embarbassed

    Dear Clairly Bajan ,

    It is really ignorant the things that are being published linking all of these white people into a context .
    In case you forgot to check the information following the highgate garden incident the boy had trespassed onto the property in order to steal some of the mans puppies and was also carrying a weapon of a pair of scissors but I guess because the guy was white and defended what was his he is supposed to be charged. Not sure where the guy turned into a thug but more fabrication on your behalf .
    What would you have done if you were in his shoe?

  32. Clairely Bajan

    @ Really Embarbassed

    I would have apprehended the trespasser and called the police. Not use a gun butt to beat him about the head, cause him to lose vision in one eye for the rest of his life and the useful functioning of his right arm as he was attempting to defend himself. Then I would have had no reason to pay out his mother when the issue of excessive force came to the court’s attention.

  33. Really embarbassed

    to clairly bajan,

    Please produce the information of where those facts can be sought as they were never published ?

  34. Clairely Bajan

    @ RE
    Its alot that happens in Bim thats not published dahling.

  35. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    The picture of the bloody and bruised boy with his eye swollen shut was in the paper for all to see.

  36. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Bjerkham’s doctors should be charged. They knew that the police wanted to speak to him yet they discharged him without informing the police. I am sure there is a statute under hindering police investigations. Even if they don’t get convicted a night or two in the cells waiting to see the magistrate would be appropriate and shameful enough. Let them be smiling at us from the papers in handcuffs.

    The officer in charge of the investigation who called off the police presence at the QEH should be disciplined by the force.

    The 2 lawyers who took him to the airport should also be charged. They knew he was at least a material witness yet they escorted him and abetted his fleeing of lawful jurisdiction when wanted for questioning. This goes contrary to their sworn duty as officers of the court.

    The immigration officer who processed his passport should also be disciplined.

    Checks should also be made to see whether any large unusual deposits were made to their accounts recently.

  37. Duppy Lizard

    Although blogs can serve a useful purpose they can also be misused. A lot of what is being posted is heresay and before you know it it’s fact.

    Some time ago a friend of mine was doing an inspection at the female section of Glendairy. He was shocked at how many white women were incarcerated – they outnumbered the black ones.

    It’s astonishing how easily a tragic incident becomes a black and white issue.

  38. Touchstone

    How many of these white prisoners are Barbadian nationals? Or arent the majority foreign nationals caught as drug mules…I dont see the point you are trying to make.

    POINT BLANK: If the gentleman was a black, ordinary Bajan he would not have been handled with such tender loving deferential incompetence by the authorities. Where were the RBPF, Customs and other parties when this person, who should be “asssisting the police in their investigations” decided to leave the jurisdiction?

    Imagine if that was John Doe from the Pine that accidentally (we can only speculate since no official statement has been given to the police) shot his child. Wunnuh really think the story would have ended with John on a flight to the US of A?

    *Schupse* All animals are equal but some are more equal than others. This is the law of the jungle in our wonderful island home…

    And whether we care to admit it or not EVERYTHING IN BARBADOS IS A BLACK AND WHITE ISSUE.

  39. Observer

    May Luke RIP. May justice be served. I may be poor in monetary wealth, however, I feel so blessed (and rich) that my mind is not tormented and sad incidences such as this (the death of Luke) just reminds me that money is not everything. While money can be used to bribe, suppress and delay justice it cannot be used to erase the truth. And the truth will live on forever in the minds of those who now think that they are large and in charge.

  40. He was arrested in Miami

  41. Timoty

    yea he just got arrested.

  42. TheWhiteVillageAss

    First of all, @ “Black Gold”, Bjerkhamn is not Jewish so I’m not the only jackass around here.

    @ Clairely Bajan, is Hilary Beckles or his son white? Because you contradict yourself otherwise.

    What about the Hon. David Estwick, MP and Minister of Government and what happened within the precincts of parliment?

    Of course, there are white people in the court pages but statistically speaking it would have to be in the minority – i.e. less than 5% – according to the population stats. Unless you want to say that all of us are crooks.

    Can’t understand you people that just make these comments without thinking.

    It is my understanding that he had the AG’s consent to leave the island under the circumstances.

    I do not know the whole story but if I use my brain, as the good Lord gave me, I have to consider the following:

    The man accidentally shot his only son, I have no doubt about that – error in judgment, negligence or whatever the case – he injured himself in the process too, while not seriously it involves a hand which is very important to us human beings which we take for granted.

    Unless there is anyone here that is totally lacking in empathy and compassion it would be obvious that something like this could easily send someone mad, as we would say here, meaning mentally unstable or breakdown.

    It is also well known that he has also been on ‘suicide watch’ all this time.

    If the police were to get a statement from him during this time it may well be null and void if his mental state is in question and therefore if he were charged on that basis it could be questioned in court or at the least a coronary inquest.

    I understand this can be vexing to some but it is not without precedent from past situations which are few and probably unknown to many.

    Just think if some of the sentiments made here could be turned into action and we were a 100 or so years back then he might well have been hanged by now – be he white, black or otherwise – and I’m not just thinking about here but other parts of the world.

    Anyway, we will see.

  43. TheWhiteVillageAss

    Stupid spell check … “coronary inquest” please read “coroner’s inquest”.

  44. paul sealy


  45. Poor Wipe


    Yes we do have empathy and compassion
    for the father and family. However there is a right way to do things.

    “It is my understanding that he had the AG’s consent to leave the island under the circumstances.” Really? I thought that would be up to the DPP/Judge/Courts/Legal Process. Since when would the AG get involved in a matter like this or even have the legal standing to do so.

    The fact that the police have now issued an arrest warrant shows that your understanding is pure BS.

  46. Rumboy.

    Well I guess that most of what has been written above will prove to be rubbish after reading what the true circumstances were as was revealed by Bjerkhamn’s legal team. Just goes to show what rubbish the Nation writes.

  47. civilsociety

    This is not a race issue, so get over that please! You insight race hatred when you make these silly statements. Ask the lawyers why he didn’t give a statement, or why he left the country. That’s who you need to be speaking to..oh and by the way, both of the lawyers are black, and would also be considered part of the ‘privelaged class”

  48. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Its not a race issue. It never was. Its a money/class/connections issue as most things are in Barbados. If you have money and know the right people you can do almost anything in Barbados.

  49. yatinkiteasy

    barbadostoday.bb has more information on this case than the Nation News. See what Andrew Pilgrim has to say about the departure of Mr Bjerkhamn, and that the Police Commissioner was fully informed .

  50. paul sealy

    So Miami police acted too hastily….oh well just come back to Bim give a statement and walk away scott free..because an accident it was so accept a misdemeanor and go back to normalcy.

  51. Such A Rush To Judgment

    when so few individuals have so few facts. I see nothing but speculation in most of these posts. Bjerkhamn had to go to Miami to have microsurgery on his hand to preserve the function of his hand, something that neither the QEH or Bayview private hospital is capable of doing. Time was of the essence. The longer his hand was left untreated, the greater the chance he would be left with a non-functioning hand.
    As to the circumstances surrounding the shooting itself and the tragic death of his son, stop rushing to judgment and assuming that it is was anything more than an accident. Nobody, at this point, knows exactly what happened.

  52. john thomas

    Clairely Bajan
    April 20, 2010 at 6:14 pm
    A Minister of Parliament once asked me if I thought it was just coincedence that there are never white faces in the court pages.

    I was young, I said maybe they don’t get caught smoking weed and the such.

    She laughed in my face.


    less than 5% of bajans are white, obviously you would rarely see them in the court pages. idiot

  53. John

    “They (authorities) were treated to the courtesy of all reports including the psychiatrist report which clearly said he (Bjerkhamn) was not fit to undergo forensic examination.”

    “Everything was open and up front,” Sir Richard told the DAILY NATION.

    “The report which is here attached expresses the clear view that if Mr Bjerkhamn does not receive specialist hand treatment soon, he is in danger of losing the functionality of his left hand.”

    … Daily Nation quoting Sir Richard Cheltenham.

    Ominous words!!!!!

    Having access to the financial resources to seek medical assistance not available in Barbados may, or may not save the use of a hand ….. I sincerely hope it does.

    One can be sure that access to those financial resources also indicates the ability to seek legal redress if access to that overseas medical attention was unreasonably denied.

    Are we witnessing a catch 22 situation where the Police in the literal execution of their duty might incur a significant cost to the State later on?

    What would the results of an immediate questioning show?

    Would they be any different from a delayed questioning?

    Would the results of the immediate questioning outweigh the potential legal costs it could engender?

    For a citizen lacking similar access to financial resources these questions would never arise. No one would think twice.

    Could such a citizen expect the State to incur the expenses of foreign medical attention?

    Probably not.

    For one thing the State would not fear that such a citizen could cause a legal situation to occur.

    … and perhaps, therein lies the difference between the two citizens.

    One can more easily make the State think twice while the other can’t …. and therein lies the lesson … which is ….

    A citizen can make the State think twice …. and/or the State will.

  54. John


    It just seems that an arrest warrant in Barbados could be construed later as an attempt to prevent Mr. Bjerkhamn from leaving the island, particularly if his release on bail required the surrender his passport.

    This is one of those situations that need to play out before any accusations of incompetence can be laid against the RBPF.

    If more information was available perhaps the need to act might be plain, but it isn’t and the circumstances seem to indicate caution is required.

    Please note that the legal resource has been applied from the beginning … and at least one of the lawyers has, in very recent memory, made the State pay …… big time …. so much so that the PM has had to admit the GOB can’t pay the cost award!!

  55. Without laying blame on anyone, proper information through the media could have prevented a lot of guessing.

  56. huh?

    notbajan says “Without laying blame on anyone, proper information through the media could have prevented a lot of guessing.”

    The police say that it was a surprise to them when Johan Bjerkhamn left the hospital and the island.

    Johan Bjerkhamn’s lawyer says he personally gave the details in writing to Commissioner Dottin on Saturday (I think Saturday) and they were waiting for permission to leave but then left an hour earlier than they said because the plane was there.

    It sounds like Commissioner Dottin couldn’t make a decision if his life depended on it! He had days to make a decision but did nothing (or so it looks like) until Johan Bjerkhamn left for Miami.

    Something strange goes on around here.

  57. Crossroads

    @notbajan, the newspapers have their own agenda.

  58. If I Could Say A Few Words

    It was dark and I never knew
    Force like that and so terrifying too

    I was kept under lock and key

    Couldn’t go anywhere except Johan took me
    Once I thought it was my turn
    Unfortunately I came to learn
    Lots of others who had waited there in line
    Deserved their place before me so I was left behind

    Some how the noise was so much, I just wanted out
    And then it came when I least expected it, and there was doubt
    Yesterday my friends tore paper and landed in sand

    And today I tore the flesh of a man’s hand

    Forcefully I left and uncontrollably
    Escaped beyond to Luke’s fragile body
    We had all expected one day to rest

    With sand around us but not in a boy’s chest
    Only 11 years old and I ended it all
    Return if I could but I watched him fall
    Didn’t have a choice once I was left behind
    Sure accidents happen but this one, if I could speak my mind…

  59. something fishy

    I think that the main media in Barbados haven’t tackled the issue of what role Bjorn Bjerkhamn played in the whole affair (like arranging/paying for the flight to Miami) because he’s beyond one of the largest employers in Barbados and probably pulls strings very high up. Likely it’s the power and money he wields more than the colour of his skin that has allowed him to hardly be mentioned in any coverage I’ve read. Where I’m from, if he was involved in any way, he would be charged with obstruction of justice or possibly as an accessory to a crime.

  60. Observer

    Do you realise that Johan’s father Bjorn Bjerkhamn (CEO of JADA) and his brother Ryan Haloute (CEO of CHEFETTE) employ about 2,000 Bajans? These are not small connections by any means and when these guys speak the “powers that be” listen.

  61. Lady Luv Le

    This story has so many damn holes. Yes I believe that he should have been charged the same evening because similar situations have occurred only in the black race of course and before the medication could set into the accused body, a statement is recorded. Anyhow, I know people who had some life threatening injuries and the were never given so much as a drop of medication to cause hallucinations. Why was he given that medication for such an injury, and if it causes hallucinations how come he was capable of attending the funeral and also have grief counselling. Are we suppose to swollow this bulls—t because of his skin colour. If he was black he would have spent the night in a cell not in the hospital.

  62. something fishy

    There you are. No wonder no media has raised these connections: too many jobs are at stake. Even the spouses, siblings, cousins of journalists and advertisers. But if they were in a larger country, say Canada or the U.S., this might not be the case that the money behind Johan’s flight gets pushed to one side…

  63. Police are expecting Johan Bjerkhamn back in the island on Friday.

    It is expected that he will be arrested at that time and charged with manslaughter. This was disclosed by Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin following the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions Charles Leacock.

    Bjerkham has been identified as a person of interest by police since his son Luke was fatally shot two Sundays ago.

    Bjerkhamn left the island on Monday on private jet bound for Miami.

  64. Analyzer

    To: X

    Apparently it was a charter plane, private company planes cannot charter.

  65. Gascoigne LaRue

    Ryan Haloute and Johan Bjerkhamn are half-brothers, Anna Adameira is their common parent

  66. Rumboy.

    Sitting here and reading some of the above comments on a very sad situation where the perpetrator has given no statement and being prejudged because of his color / class I think that we have little future for our children to inherit. It depresses me.

  67. CUP CAKE

    Thursday, April 22 / from the Nation ~

    “I have to balance the right of the public of Barbados to be informed and the requirements of the judicial process that will untimately take place.

    “This is necessary in my view for the maintenance of public trust in the Police Force and the criminal justice system on the one hand and fairness to the accused person on the other hand,” Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin said.

    I wonder – is this ‘standard procedure’ for the Royal Barbados Police Force?

  68. CUP CAKE

    Hello Lady Luv Le … could you give us some factual examples / evidence – to support your opinions?

  69. Beefcake

    To Lady Luv Le,

    You are wrong about injured persons (black) going spending the night in jail with their injuries.

    I have seen patients at the QEH handcuffed to their bed with a police officer present at the foot or side of the bed, including in the post-surgery recovery room.

  70. bajanwatch

    What a sad commentary on Barbadian society after so many years of education, free at that.
    Everything is still reduced to Black and White.

    Remember the lady and the land deal when someone died from a gunshot on the South Coast? A material witness was spirited away from the island despite the Police interest in her. I believe she was Black. Another family (white) left the island shortly after that tragic incident, for which no one was ever charged, because they may have seen something that was better ‘forgotten’.
    I also remember a Black “gentleman” who “slipped away” to the USA some years ago leaving the pockets of several people quite empty…. but some of you still think it is only white people that can get away with crimes!

    BFP has given as fair a commentary on what has happened as one could hope for. The Police cannot say everything despite the public’s belief that “we have a RIGHT to know”. The Police know that to do this could prejudice their case.

    Money and power do bring privileges but not only in Barbados, in the UK, the USA (the Kennedys are a prime example) and anywhere you can name it is the same and always will be so.
    If an ‘ordinary’ citizen displayed a licensed gun in the precincts of Parliament or anywhere in public, particularly if it was done in a manner that could be interpreted as intended to intimidate someone else, do you not think he or she would not have been charged? Probably have the license revoked. Race is the convenient excuse that many people resort to when they have no other argument to use.
    It is time to grow up.

    I agree that there is no evident reason for Mr Johann Bjerkhamn to have a gun “dealership”. It is just a convenient excuse to indulge in guns and this privilege should be revoked without further delay. He has demonstrated at great personal cost that he cannot be relied on to exercise good judgment. By the way for the benefit of readers, I do not believe Mr Bjerkhamn is a Jew. His father’s family is Norwegian, at least they were when his father and his uncle were at school here in the 1950s.

    Let justice take its course, all will be revealed in the fullness of time.

  71. Avatar Gurl

    In Barbados, it’s more class than race…just happens to be most of the high-class are white!

    But there are a few black high-class folks that do this kind of thing too.

    Straight up.

  72. Newshound

    Anyone notice that The Barbados Advocate has not made one mention of this story. That is until today and sort of obliquely with a headline “Top Cop Defends Force’s Ethics”.

    Here is the biggest story in Barbados over the last week and not a word form The Advocate until today. Anyone know why?

  73. Hants

    @ Newshound

    The Advocate is being careful to avoid getting sued.

    duy friten.

  74. X

    With the extensive family business interests perhaps the Advocate likes the idea of their competition pissing off JADA and its related companies, Chefette, and any others I may be missing.

    I don’t know if Haloute (his brother) would be annoyed enough to shift advertising dollars on this basis, but I suppose its a possibility. Not that I think the Nation’s reporting has been scandalous. It was a tragedy that tore at the heartstrings of many Bajans, black and white. And then it just decended into a mess largely due to the Bjerkhamn’s incredibly poor handling of the investigation which was clearly necessary.

    I am convinced that nothing would have occured regarding charges if he just spoke to the cops, explained the tragedy of his. And went along to nurse a lifetime of remorse and guilt without the additional crazyness that continues to build.

    As a father, my heart aches for what this guy will have to live with for the rest of his life. But he really screwed himself with the way he handled the aftermath.

  75. Jack Bowman

    BFP says to “Black Gold”: “You’ve crossed the threshold that divides discussing racial issues and promoting your own little brand of racism… so you’re outta here. Banned.”

    Now that’s why BFP is worth reading. That’s a statement with thought and balls.

    I’m not Jewish, myself, and I’m not white or yellow or purple or green. But THAT’s the spirit, BFP, precisely that. Thought and balls: the irrepressible combination.

    Friend of mine, Bo Jackman, was thinking of starting a Barbados-related blog in the coming months. He was thinking of focusing it on Barbados blogs. He was thinking of a very, very close focus.

    I got the impression he planned to highlight, emphasise, underline and, indeed, showcase Bajan Blog comments like this one:

    “I support Idi Amin 100 % another African hero of mine.I am hoping for Idi Amin type politics to be played out in Barbados.I fully supported Idi Amin and hope his actions could be replicated in the Caribbean & Barbados in particular.”


    I said to Bo: “Bo, man, don’t you have any patriotism, man? Publicity like that will kill us.”

    And Bo said, “Man, this kind of stuff has to be brought into the light. The “People” have got to see this”.

    I aid: “Bo, take it easy, man.”

    Bo quoted:
    “We are morally superior to all other races. The western press harp on with good reason that Amin was responsible for mass genocide. However, they never mention his kindness that he showed to the Asians by sparing them their lives.”

    I think Bo might actually go for it.

  76. MANJAK

    Ciao BFP.
    Posted a response two days ago on the Bjerkham saga and the recent Harold Hoyte missive defending Liz Thompson. Have not seen it published.
    Is is that it is being being moderated still or have you decided not to run it…………….merely interested.

  77. CUP CAKE

    I gather all of you writing here with your various ‘opinions’ are close to the case – – you are either close family or you are attorneys-at-law associated with the case and have all the factual data.

    It’s either that – or you are biased, empty-headed nerds.

    I asked Lady Luv Le for credible examples to support his/her contentions and I’m still waiting. But I have stoppped holding my breath.

  78. BFP

    Hi Manjak

    Way too racist for us here when you talk about “fawning black quislings” and being a “traitor” to your race. Not to mention your Mugabee-like desire to confiscate assets or deny jobs to born in Barbados citizens depending upon their skin colour and racial heritage.

    Way too 1960-ish or 1860-ish for us.

    Hey, are you Senator Elizabeth Thompson? Yes, that could explain it all.

    Take it back to Barbados Underground where murdered tourists are called “white trash” and there are calls for terrorism against whites, indians and chinese.

    Ciao yourself, (Hey… why you speaking Italian? What a traitor to your skin colour!)

  79. country gurl

    Apparently Banana Republic is not only a clothing line but a place we fantasize about as being our very own.

  80. Bad man saying nuttin

    Cup Cake , You are an ass.

    Do you think that a defense lawyer always has all the facts. Or the investigators? or the jury? or the media? Even the judge doesn’t get all the facts sometimes. you listen to what there is and you form a rationale or logical position based on what facts you have received (and your mindset/outlook). If you had to get all the facts to make a decision or Lord forbid have an opinion nothing would get done. Doctors wouldn’t treat you, banks wouldn’t give loans, companies wouldn’t sell shares or products. You probably have an opinion on politics; Obama; global warming; china; the middle east ; cancer; diabetes; Do you have all the facts about those things. cheez what an idiot.

  81. my2cents

    Well what about the race reversal a Candian woman was beaten severly to death robbed and the man in this case was 25 years old priors , HE GOT ONLY TEN YEARS a mere slap on the wrist where Barbados.
    The Young Black woman that didn’t discard her child she put the poor thing in a plastic bag the baby was nearly suffocated what happened in that case what did the child care board do there were charges pressed a Big A NO she was given the baby back when she very well near killed it only in BIM
    So you want to scream racism do ya really want to go der I git mer fa ye if ye mussin ge der wit me k!

  82. Bad man saying nuttin

    Both of those persons were determined to be mentally challenged.

  83. cheeseonbread

    Mentally challenged guess what baby is back with mom so this is now the cop out when it is race reversal so sad indeed ,,,

  84. CSI BIM

    Why was the VOB/Starcom reporter so quick to presume that Johan Bjerkhamn would be granted bail? Miss Reporter, you report the news as it happens, without any presumption or speculation.

    In addition, it is not Bjorn’s (his dad’s) call to decide that once Johan is charged and if granted bail to fly back to Miami IMMEDIATELY for further medical attention. Mr. Bjerkhamn, you will wait and let justice take its natural course!

    The magistrate has the right to remand your son to Dodds Prison until Tuesday and hold a hearing to determine if bail will be granted. He can also have your son surrender his passport and report to District E police station twice a week – every week until trial – like the fellas from Bush Hall and Gall Hill do. All this can be done because it is known that Johan can be a flight risk as shown earlier this week. If we ever had a flight risk, Johan is the most fleet-footed. He has access to a private jet and can flee Barbados under the cover of darkness (or sunlight). There is no telling, now that the volcanic ash is cleared, if he will head to your native Norway where extradition could be more difficult.

    We will continue to wait and see if justice in Barbados is really just.

  85. TheWhiteVillageAss

    @ CSI BIM
    When ignorance is bliss and folly is wise – Johan is not native to Norway, he was born here and is a Bajan like any other – navel string and all. Yes, he may have access to his father native country, but his father came out here to Barbados when he was quite young so even he has strong ties here.

    And how could you be deemed a flight risk when you, with legal advice, did everything that could have been done before leaving for treatment overseas, COMES BACK here to be charged, etc.

    Yes, the magistrate can do what he/she wants and I consider magistrates a power until themselves in court and do what they please, where a High Court Judge/Justice will consider the law, what precedent exist (and what his/her judgement will set) and weigh all the facts.

    If Johan is forced to stay at Dodd’s on the whim of a magistrate, then a high court appeal can be made and the matter ‘may’ and quite likely be overturned because if under all the circumstances but focusing on the plain facts of the doctors’ reports then it WOULD set a dangerous precedent here in Barbados if judgement is not coupled with compassion.

    We are not talking about a murder, grand theft or some other serious intentional crime. In fact, I would have thought that the charge should have been ‘involuntary’ manslaughter. Would that not be the case if they had been driving a car and through a moment of distraction there was an accident and Luke was killed.

    Do you honestly think he wanted to kill is only son – do you know that his punishment has already been handed down, long before any court.

    Look at the facts, man. The issue that this all about a gun, a white man (with money, as not all we so) so it becomes rich fodder for people with grudges, chips and big rocks pun their shoulders to feed on. And that is another fact.

    Stop and think, what if this happened to me!

  86. Pingback: Barbados Underground Blog publishes call for terrorist Hamas & Hezbollah to target whites in Barbados « Barbados Free Press

  87. CSI BIM


    Again, you friend Bjerkhamn, is dictating the law and judicial procedure in Barbados. He is telling police that HE is not ready to return to the scene of the incident where his son was killed, and once again the police back off. Tell me how many ordinary, black Bajans would be able to tell the police that!

    We have about three or four young men who are being treated right here for serious gunshot wounds, and were discharged within THREE days. Johan was in hospital for a week, pretending that he couldn’t even talk.

    The fact is that Bjerkhamn is getting “special” treatment not usually give to poor, black fellas from Bush Hall or Gall Hill, whether you accept it or not!

  88. Greenmar

    I am happy to join other BFP family in sharing a valuable comment regarding the Bjerkhamn saga. Did Luke Bjerkhamn die at his father’s hands/gun? Who was at home with them at the time of the incident? How soon after were the police notified? Where did Johan go and what did he do upon discovering the injury caused? Is it true that a neighbour took them to a private clinic? Is it true that they sought police assitance via escort to clinic? Are there any family squabbles? Why were the lawyers named chosen over others? Were they all paid before their job was complete? What about the doctor in question? Since Johan could not speak to the police becuase of the mind altering drug given to him, why did he speak at length (minutes – hours) with his attorneys? Would what he have to tell the police be inconsistent? If so, has what he told his lawyers during long conversations been consistent and credible? Did the police get the chance to carry out their initial forensic tests? There are other questions but if these can be answered and checked out then this saga would leave you with minds boggling ….

  89. CSI BIM

    How come Kiko Chatrani’s bail was set at $150,000 for fraud and nobody died while Bjerkhamn’s bail was only $100,000 and a life was lost?

  90. TheWhiteVillageAss

    @CSI BIM – I saw and wondered the same thing myself, or should I say wondered what others will think about that.

    Involuntary Manslaughter and Fraud are viewed quite differently … maybe a little information might be instructive (taken from Wikipedia but sounds quite reasonable to me a non-lawyer but maybe some legal mind out there could comments) …


    Involuntary manslaughter is the unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought. It is distinguished from voluntary manslaughter by the absence of intention. It is normally divided into two categories; constructive manslaughter and criminally negligent manslaughter.

    English Law (which our laws are based upon)

    In English law gross negligence is the test for manslaughter. The crime was defined in R v Bateman as ‘to show such disregard for life and the safety of others as to amount to a crime against the state and conduct deserving of punishment. In R v Adomako the House of Lords affirmed R v Bateman, and set out the five elements required for negligence:

    * A duty of care owed by the defendant to the victim.
    * A breach of that duty.
    * A risk that the defendant’s conduct could cause death.
    * Evidence that the breach of duty caused the victim’s death.
    * The defendant fell so far below the standards of the reasonable man in that situation that he should be labelled grossly negligent and deserving of criminal punishment.

    It is for the jury to decide what constitutes ‘grossly negligent behaviour’.

    You will note that it is for a jury to decide – Not YOU! Or any of us here either.

    ***** Fraud *************************************

    In the broadest sense, a Fraud is an ‘intentional’ deception made for personal gain or to damage another individual; the related adjective is fraudulent. The specific legal definition varies by legal jurisdiction. Fraud is a crime, and also a civil law violation. Defrauding people or entities of money or valuables is a common purpose of fraud, but there have also been fraudulent “discoveries”, e.g. in science, to gain prestige rather than immediate monetary gain.

    A hoax also involves deception, but without the intention of gain, or of damaging or depriving the victim; the intention is often humorous.

    You will note I added the inverted commas around the word – intentional – and therein lies the difference.

    I also note that Kiko Chatrani is a J.P. so as you say he should have known better, but honestly I do not much about the case.

    Facts are Johan Bjerkhamn showed ‘good faith’ in returning to Barbados after ‘near’ emergency surgery to ‘try’ and save his hand – he could have gone sooner but wanted to stay for his son’s funeral and that resolve may well cost him his hand now, to add to the lost of his son, but I guess you just want more blood. Right?

    If you honestly believe that he dictating the law and judicial procedure in Barbados, then you obviously have other issues that is skewing your judgement, but sincerely hope that you have not and never will sit on a jury for ANY case, not just this one or any like it..

    This case is in fact ‘special’ from the instant in time when tragedy struck, so I don’t know where you think you are going with that argument.

    As to Greenmar comments, you obviously have not been reading the papers and only listening to gossip, so I will leave you with that, it seems that what you like doing.

    The fact is a child is dead, his father accidentally caused it – the empirical evidence along with everything else (even the gossip) points to this – the father was also hurt in the incident, could loss his hand and probably will never retain the full use of it – which among other things will be a constant reminder of what happened.

    As I understand it, he is (naturally) on suicide watch and in my view that will always be a potential for the rest of his life – but miracles do happen and some people find a way to turn around something like this, learn from it and make a better contribution to the world around them than would have occurred otherwise. Time will tell.

    But the main thing that I think should be considered here – notwithstanding that due process (judicial and otherwise) must indeed take its course, I am in no way saying otherwise – but in the end, he has been punished and will continue to be punished for the rest of his life in ways that no court on earth could hand down, and if would like to say otherwise, well then I will pray for you.

  91. TheWhiteVillageAss

    P.S. I will be the first one however to say that the whole saga – for want of a more appropriate word – was handled badly from a PR standpoint, but then one would have to consider that under the circumstances it was probably the last thing on the minds of the grieving family.

    Again, try and put yourself in the other person’s shoes before making idle comments.

  92. MANJAK

    Ola BFP,
    I really was rather loath to respond to your uninformed and racist response reply to my recent post. But to leave it in abeyance I think would be remiss of me.
    I wrote to you as someone with an interest in the politics,cultural and social affairs of Barbados. I was trying inelegantly maybe to link the continuing role of white power in Barbados despite forty six years of flag independence and to show that fundamentally little change have occurred in a society that is essentially neo-colonial still in its composition.
    Leroy Harewood historian and editor of Black Star newspaper wrote a seminal essay Black Powerlessness In Barbados a little over forty years ago. It was published a few years post the jamboree at the Garrison Savannah of 1966. What has changed in the intervening years in Barbados. Quite a lot. But one aspect have remained constant and immutable.
    Economic power is overwhelming concentrated in a tiny white Bajan elite (local and increasingly expatriate).The ownership of Barbados’s financial wealth by this tiny elite over the past three hundred years have scewered and distorted social relationships between white and the black others. It also defines the power relationships between the
    institutions such as the courts, the police, and the lawyer class . Black Bajan politicians are increasingly powerless and the black educated middle class emigrate or stay put and become armchairs in the civil service as Italians term petty bureaucrats or (they act for and back office) these white owned businesses.

    In my post I identified the Johan Bjerkman saga as a critical and salutary example of something rotton in Bajan society, and what seems like the subservient role that the Bajan police force played buttressed by Richard Cheltenham and Andrew Pilgrim in this tragic death of a young man.
    The criticisms in my piece were not that extensive but I identified as examples two Bajans, black Harold Hoyte and his supine and shameless support for Liz Thompson’s nomination to the UN, and white Cow Williams and the racial composition of the mangement of his companies
    This somtimes (unintentional) collaboration of differing forces and institutions such as the Bajan media, law and order, big business and their fawning and brown nosing lickspittles helps to explain why white power is still king in Barbados.
    You of course I am sure would wish to deny such and Bajans are experts in what the psychoanalytical industry terms denial. A failure to recognise a reality that pummels them in the face on a daily basis
    It may well be a slave thing something ugly buried deep in the subconscious. It is very much also to do with self hatred, but coincidentally a self regard and a mistaken belief that Bajans are smarter, brighter, better educated and that their little land mass of 166 sq.miles is nirvana.
    Objective people of course guffaw at this self delusion of self and place. Sadly many Bajans perceive their homeland through the brief and jaundiced lens of the tourist. They too often carry an uncritcal view of the information they comsume and of their history that has mis-educated them to their detriment.

    So what was your response Free Press? You accuse me of racism, ‘of behaving with a Mugabe-like desire to confiscate assets and to deny jobs to born in Barbados citizens depending on their skin colour and racial heritage’
    Could you point out where in my post did I state this. Are you prepared to swear in front of m’lud in Bridgetown or on a stack of bibles, the Talmud or the Koran, that is of course if you are of the of the God believing persuation. Where in my writings do I express such crass sentiments. You are quite prepared it appears to make an unfounded assertion and smear of calling me a racist with no evidence whatsoever.You further alleges that I am a traitor to my skin colour.

    And what pray caused such an outpouring of bile . Oh dear, I had the termerity to use a non English word. If that be a hanging offence well thousands of Bajans could be categorised as such and would of been broken on the gallows would they not. What of words such as warri/oware, wunnuh, unnuh, coucou/foufou all good old West African words used daily in Barbados for hundreds of years. Are all these Bajans to be accused of treachery and betrayal too. With hindsight I am sure that you recognise how juvenile you retort to my post was.
    So, not only am I a racist but a traitor to boot. It couldn’t get any worse could it? Should I be hung from the gibbet, drawn and quartered at the old penal institution at Station Hill or maybe at the spanking new hyper expensive zillion dollar Dodds.
    You really should not create falsehoods to support your opposition to my arguments. Your reponse did scrape the rum barrel of ignorance. Do you know what colour skin I am clothed in ? Or for that matter what gender or sexual orientation I am? This is racial smearing of the base kind, a position that you often accuse Barbados Underground of cleaveing to. This is not to be uncritical of the knuckle dragging neanderthals that sometimes can populate and disfigure discourse on said site.
    Of course rather than engaging in I say, You say banter you could publish my original post and allow the readership to make their judgement rather than you acting as censor for your defense.
    Failing to do so would of course render you unable to substantiate the statements that you attribute to me or it may suggest snivelling cowardice on your part.

    Of all the Bajan blogs that clutter ip the blogosphere one thought that yours were one of the more intelligent and informative sites whose raison d’ete was to provide Bajans at home and abroad with a forum where information not carried by the traditional media sources was to be had. Where robust and critical discourse could occur and vested interests given forensic examination and if need be given the necessary kicking in the nether regions.
    Dammit you were suppose to question power, the politicians and their hangers on, their fawning quislings who attach themselves limpet like to anything that they perceive to be advantageous to them socially or monetary.
    A significant section of the Bajan populace have little respect for the media in Barbados, CBC, The Nation, the Advocate, or the rest of the advertising oriented, noise making rackets that masquerade as radio stations. Barbados Today is too youthful yet to make a judgement.
    During the Free Press’s history it has been noticable that your criticism of the powers that be can be selective. For example Why Hartley Henry and not Harold Hoyte they are the different sides of the same coin surely. The impression given is that, and to slighty corrupt the cliche ‘you are not an equal oppertunity critic’ are you.
    So far I have seen no response from you as promised to Harold Hoyte’s intemperate rant on behalf of the possible Liz Thompson UN sinecure (jobs for the girls from David Thompson’s briefcase of patronage). Why is that, is he related to any of the team at BFP? Are you owed favours that you need to cash in sometime in the future? Is Harold in possession of compromising photos?
    You may also like to expend some effort in getting over your seemingly obsession with the race bigots and BU. They are just another site out there in the digital blue yonder that attracts the loonies, knuckleheads, semi literates and attention seekers who attaches themselves to this so called ‘democratic’ electronic new media.

    None in Barbados are beyond objective criticism, be they David Thompson, Mia Mottley, rich white expats,Cow Williams, Bizzy Williams, Owen Arthur etc etc, or the men dressed in long skirts and dog collars thundering forth from the pulpit frightening the hell out of gullible Bajans with brimstone and the fires of hell and dammnation on Sundays.

  93. Lady Luv Le

    This message is for Cup Cake.

    Years ago my father accidentally severed all the fingers on his right hand, now while some may say that this is a trivial matter, I see it as major because he lost lots of blood, had immense tissue damage (not to mention again that he lost the fingers on his hand that he used daily), should I even mention the pain. Anyhow to make a long and painful story short, he sat there for hours with his hand in the air at QEH, infections settled in of course and while he was in surgery heard every saw, conversation and possible fart in the room. No special treatment needed cause he is black as night (apparently there is reserved medication for Caucasian people). I have proof of course of special treatment given to both blacks with money and whites with money, power, class and creed.

    I was in A & E at QEH sometime back after receiving minor injuries in a car accident and was unfortunate to see a mother and son wheeled in the hospital after being involved in an accident, they were both cared to quite quickly, but unfortunately the boy died 5 minutes after his arrival. The mother was further attended to since she was now unconscious, the car that hit them was driven by a white man and as soon as the jackass walked into the hospital, he got attended to almost immediately (even though he minor lacerations to his face and hands). I stood aside as the father and husband came into the A & E and broke down, overcome with grief and total dismay about the fact that his wife was left unattended so that the MIGHTY WHITE MAN would not bleed to death from 16 small lacerations. A formal complaint was logged but nothing came from it.

    If you want proof, I can give it to you.

  94. Lady Luv Le


    A local white man who believes that his race is better got into a fight with a black man as they were both intoxicated. The police were called of course and just before the police arrived the white man hit the black man with a chair, upon the arrival of the police, the black man got up and hit whitey with a half empty bottle of brandy in the head. Both were taken to QEH, the black man was handcuffed to the bed while he was being treated for 2 broken ribs and various bruises. Of course the white man was treated sent to a private room and late discharged. No one questioned the white man, but the black man was charge for disturbing the peace.

  95. sach

    but whats the latest on this case

  96. just wondering

    Has the American medical fraternity, who worked very closely withe the Bajan legal reps, ascertained whether or not this man is “well enough” to come back home, deal with the legal issues of murdering his son, and face the music just like the rest of us in this country would be expected to. I understand that his mother has seen to it that all of his belongings have been removed from his house. Can’t imagine why he would have any need to return to Barbados do you? Or is he here and just never been made to be answerable to ANYTHING…. y’all want a race war…keep this crap up!!!

  97. TheWhiteVillageAss

    just wondering:

    Obviously you are so out-of-date and/or just want to make trouble … he’s been back went to court, got bail, and got multiple permissions (from the courts) to go back overseas for treatment and come back.

    Furthermore, he has been back in BIM and even back to work, albeit not in the best of mental states (read: severe depression, etc.) and thus the reason why his belongings have been removed from the house, as he is living elsewhere (with family) where he can be under constant monitoring – i.e. if you accidentally killed one of your children (and in this case, a one and only) what do you think your frame of mind would be like? What would family and friends be worried about that you might do to yourself.

    But that’s not on your agenda, is it? Just spew some racial hatred, right? Any excuse works for you, right? You keep it up and see what happens!

  98. just wondering

    WhiteVIllageAss ….. indeed you are, perhaps with a tinge of red around the neck, a big truck and a few nice licensed guns to accessorize your personal brand of ignorant.
    Ahhhhhhh … I am always thrilled to see when that one particular nerve gets pinched. You forget that everyone has a right to an opinion, and a right to express it? You are on “Barbados Free Press”, get the semblance of those words, or you just so VillageAssy that you don’t know what that really represents?

  99. WhiteVillageAss

    There is a difference between a right to an opinion and talking a bunch of foolishness, devoid of reason, compassion and empathy – look these words up, if need to – there is no nerve pinched here at all, infact you may be projecting, but your comment about and rationale behind it shows that there is in fact more than one VillageAss around here.

    I have a reason for calling myself that, what’s yours?

  100. just wondering

    Hello WVA, methinks you doth protest too much. I am very sure there is a very good reason for giving yourself (or being given) your particularly pertinent moniker, and I am sure it suits you completely. You asked what was my reason for calling myself a VillageAss, I don’t. That title is reserved for the likes of you who hee and haw loud and hard when things unpleasant come your way. Glad you have so much insight into this case, somebody should defend it all… even the ignorant have their story right? Now, be a good donkey and accept that you are indeed being an ass.

  101. WhiteVillageAss

    You still have avoided answering my question(s), from my earlier post …

    “If you accidentally killed one of your children (and in this case, a one and only), and it doesn’t matter how it happened, what do you think your frame of mind would be like? What would family and friends be worried about that you might do to yourself?”

    This be your equivalent to the 11+ … we all await your answer(s).

  102. WhiteVillageAss

    Come on now, JW, don’t be coy now after all you have said, let’s hear your response … we want to know if you have the fortitude for this, come on.

  103. WhiteVillageAss

    Aw, please, not up to the challenge?

    Can you only say something when you are insulting someone else and/or spewing hatred?

  104. just wondering

    Hi there WVA,
    I spent a few of my precious minutes reading the blogs above, and judging from all the other responses to you from other contributors, I feel I that your question has been adequately answered, and ours have not. 1 plus 1 is still not adding up to 2 here, and until the plain and ordinary layman can see the equality of law that this country boasts and is supposed to enjoy, then there will always be this divide. It is not about colour, this is about the lack of it.

  105. WhiteVillageAss

    Oh JW, you have picked on one reply above to say that my question has been answered by my count, and by the way, there was only two or three comments directed back at me, the rest were in general.

    And even if there were hundreds more that answered the same question, you still avoid answering directly, which spells volumes as to your lack of fortitude in answering for yourself alone.

    Anyway, as the matter IS in fact before the Law Courts as a continuing case (which you seem to not realise or have conveniently decided not to consider in your ‘judgement’), I will refrain from further comment on this topic.

    Furthermore, this case was special from the instant in time it occurred, and there is no court on this Earth that could hand down a sentence that would be harsher than already felt by the father in this case.

    I for one would not be on a witch hunt in such a case regardless of what colour person(s) it happened to.

  106. just wondering


  107. WhiteVillageAss

    It is rather odd, after saying the things you said, and then using the Greek word used in the Bible attributed to what Jesus said just before he died on the cross – “It is finished” – and so …

    Voveo vos EGO ero

  108. Anonymous

    This one will never come before the courts of Justice, just like the gun fiasco in the house of parliament; So BFP just zip up.

  109. watcher

    “beyond a reasonable doubt” ..that is the test . we have seen recently in several cases in the USA that rushing to judgement is a bad thing.

  110. rasta man

    Is the truth really being told in this case. I have heard a totally different story.

  111. Colin L Beadon

    Very few people ever use their gun for the purpose they thought they needed it for. They either somehow manage to shoot themselves, or one of their family. Or one of their family shoot them and save them the trouble.
    The most common problem is that the gun gets stolen left in their car, or out of their home.
    If you own a gun, is should be forever on you, never left unattended. Locking it away defeats the whole reason you thought you might need it for in the first place.
    My father was a Colonial policeman who lived in places where you might be shot at day or night. In the five years I lived with him, I learned all that I needed to know how to handle and shoot guns, and why I was sure I never needed one.

  112. No inquest, no capital charges, no court case and yet BFP glibly states “I don’t think anyone on the island really believes that this was anything but another gun cleaning accident.”

    Would this be your attitude to every death by gunshot on the island.

    Let’s hear the full evidence, not just the story of a confessing perpetrator, before rushing to sympathetic judgement.

    Donville – guilty, no evidence tried, yet Johan innocent, no evidence tried.

    Once again BLP your slip is showing, sensational prejudicial dual morality.

  113. Norhtern Bajan

    Sorry for Him, hardly Luke lived with his Mother and very little is said of her pain. At the very least this should go to trial, and be tried for manslaughter. This is not Johans first brush with trouble but Daddy took care of that before, just like he will with this one. The courts of Barbados should be ashamed of themselves but money will let them sleep better.

  114. just need to know

    Not just the courts and police. You have to remember the majority of politicians are lawyers, and most Barbadians know about the bajan politicians, and the way money is passed.

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  116. 56

    It aint’ got nuttin to do wid me. Don’t care. Not getting in dee people business and send up my blood pressure. In other words, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT!!!!!!!! I DON’T KNOW DEM AND DUH DONT KNOW ME. LOL

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  118. Once again Barbados police use race and/or class-based decision making and allow an upper-class elite to escape justice | Barbados Free Press