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Kammie Holder as judge in the people’s court of Barbados

Good old Kammie Holder lays out an excellent bit of humour and truth in his latest at The Nation…

Swimming Upstream: The court is now in session

THE PEOPLE’S COURT is in session and the jury is made up of the electorate of Barbados. All judgments will be impartial, final, practical and so made to assist with nation building. This court is not a punitive court but so constructed to cause a change in behaviour by politicians. All defendants must accept every bit of advice as constructive in an effort to allow for greater governance.

The first minister to be called to dock today will be the Minister of Culture. Sir, how do you plead for considering using the sacred Emancipation Day as another Wuk-up day?

“Sir, I was not thinking straight.”

For not wasting the court’s time no conviction will be recorded against you. Moving on, I am very upset at the number of lost man-hours due to traffic congestion on the roads of Barbados. Will you ask the Minister of Transport to enter the dock? Sir, how do you plead for the failure to find workable solutions to ease or eliminate traffic congestion?

“Guilty with an explanation. I don’t have a clue, the BLP must take the blame.”

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