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Bajan Reporter: Credible sources say MS13 “World’s most dangerous gang”, Crips, Bloods & others are here in Barbados

Murders, drug smuggling, shootings – while gang leaders purchase clothes, food and school supplies to gain community favour and protection!

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

One day after our Coast Guard had a shoot-out with violent drug smugglers off Six Men’s, St. Peter, and two days after Prime Minister David Thompson told US Defense Secretary Robert Gates that the US-Mexican crackdown on drug trafficking had pushed the drugs and the violence into the rest of the Caribbean, Bajan Reporter confirms what most of us have already heard and fear…

The big-name violent gangs are here in Barbados, and for many families they need look no further than their own kitchen table for the horrifying truth.

Ian Bourne has done an excellent job researching his latest article. (As he points out, there is no doubt that the oldstream news media will steal his work without attribution.)

You owe it to yourself and your family to head over to Bajan Reporter and learn the truth about the gangs in Barbados.

WARNING: Adult content, NSFW – Barbados crime scene photos etc…

Bajan Reporter: “Gangs Of Barbados” By Minister Roger Husbands & Police Constable Allan Goodridge


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What did Barbados Government Minister David Estwick say to former Attorney General Dale Marshall?

"It's business, not personal..."

Former AG accuses Government Minister of “brandishing gun”

As we said last month in our article Did Barbados Government Minister David Estwick threaten Opposition member with a gun in Parliament? something happened between David Estwick and Dale Marshall and the public deserves to know the truth.

Marshall made a statement to the police on Saturday and told the Nation that Estwick was “brandishing a gun at me.”

Estwick says he’ll give his side of the story in Parliament on Tuesday. We presume that Estwick took the coward’s way out “in Parliament” so his words cannot be used against him in court later if it comes to that.

Interim Opposition Leader Mia Mottley is demanding that Parliament adopt a guns policy – which seems to indicate that David Estwick isn’t the only person packing pistols in Parliament. (That writing style is called “alliteration“. See Miss J…. I was awake in class for at least one day! Cliverton)

Our Predictions (totally without any insider knowledge)…

Estwick will either claim that 1/ Marshall threatened him physically and he pulled his gun in self-defense, or 2/ that he was merely re-adjusting his belt, pistol and holster when Marshall saw an opportunity and tried to create an incident when nothing really happened.

We can also predict the results of the police investigation…

The police will say “Can’t tell wat happen” because the one thing that is NOT going to happen is for a current Minister of Government to be arrested or criminally charged over a pistol-pulling incident in the Barbados Parliament.

Nope – that much is certain: the police will not lay any charges and we’d bet our houses on that one!

Caption this Cartoon!

Okay folks, let’s have a little fun. Caption our cartoon and let everyone know what you think Dr. Estwick said to Dale Marshall. Enjoy!


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