Driver in Barbados mass casualty bus accident “hung over and smelled of drink” ?

35 bus passengers injured but police did not test drivers for drinking or drugs

In the last week Barbados Free Press received several emails and comments from different (anonymous or unconfirmed) readers claiming that one of the bus drivers of the April 6, 2010 Market Hill bus vs bus accident had been out drinking the night before and may have still been hung over at the time of the accident.

Two of the readers provided the same name of this “hung over” driver. One reader stated that they were sure that the police investigating the accident knew the driver still smelled of drink from the night before but it was decided that the driver wasn’t drunk enough to charge under the current law. That reader also provided the name of one of the police officers who is involved in the accident investigation and said that the police desperately wish they had breathalyzer equipment and appropriate laws for situations just like this.

Standpipe rumour or fact?

Barbados Free Press often receives “rumours” from anonymous readers, most of whom are just trying to relate what they have heard or seen. Sometimes, however, folks send us information where they might have a political or other agenda, or perhaps they are just trying to create mischief. It is often difficult for us or anyone to tell the difference especially if the mis-information is mixed in with a good dose of proven facts.

But unknown agendas by anonymous or known sources have always been part of the challenge of publishing news. (Just ask Reuters, the LA Times or the New York Times!) The good thing about the blogs is that once something is published the entire community becomes a resource and knowledge base.

So what’s the story folks? Can anyone confirm or deny these rumours?

And PLEASE – do NOT identify which driver you’ve heard was drinking because we shall remove all such comments.



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6 responses to “Driver in Barbados mass casualty bus accident “hung over and smelled of drink” ?

  1. nixy

    I heard the same as BFP. Not much more to add except the name and I won’t don’t worry. 🙂

  2. w.t.rh

    how long must we wait before the proper legislation is passed that will allow breathalyser testing? Could it be, that persons who operate the liquor industry in Barbados are scared that people will cut down on their alcohol consumption? Thereby reducing profits from this lucrative market?

  3. The Watcher

    Caution here.

    I am NOT in agreement with people drinking and driving or operating any sort of dangerous vehicle while mentally impaired, but I will STRONGLY caution not to turn Barbados into a “US” type mentality with this breath analysis business. People need to be responsible, and when they fail to be, they need to be made to do so.
    The reason that I am not in full agreement with the breathalyzer implementation is based on those pushing it for their own agendas. Those who FAILED miserably in their first callings and now want to have monuments built to themselves in the way of legislation and the introduction of these instruments.
    There are far more social ills plaguing us to be focused this heavily on this one. Implement the top-down approach designed to solve more serious and critical problems before pouring all these resources into this one.
    The net result of this US styled action we are heading towards is just what they’ve experienced.
    Don’t believe me, then do your research and see for yourselves.

  4. Avatar Gurl

    And WHY wouldn’t the name be published?

    Look, protect the public, do! If the person did it, the person did it! Don’t lie & hide!

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