Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys looking at Bajan Ramone Harewood for draft pick

Last October we told you Barbados Athlete Ramone Harewood has shot at NFL – National Football League.

In a further development, the Chicago Tribune reports that Harewood is currently making “the tour” talking with various teams and that he is “gaining some momentum”. Harewood just visited the Dallas Cowboys and has been working out with former Dallas Cowboy George Hegamin in preparation for the NFL draft.

The young man from Barbados is 6-foot-6 and has slimmed down a bit to 335 pounds. Chicago Breaking Sports says the Bears are keeping their eyes on the lineman from Barbados.

Good luck Ramone! (But if you have a choice – live in Dallas any day over Chicago.)


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3 responses to “Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys looking at Bajan Ramone Harewood for draft pick

  1. The Watcher

    Young man.
    If you are successful, go represent yourself and your country of birth, but never neglect your academics. The world is a tough place and you will be the golden boy while you are up, when you are not, no one will remember you and your need for something to divert your energies to will become apparent.
    Keep your head on at all times. Just look at the others who have gone before you, local and international, and learn from their paths.

  2. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Good luck to him; he has a world of work ahead especially if he is a 5th or 6th round pick. those picks sometimes get cut without getting a contract. This is a bad year for him really. the draft is deep with Tackles and Offensive linemen. He may get drafted but the hard work comes in actually trying to make the team.


    “With their final pick in the 2010 NFL Draft The Ravens selected 6’7″ 360lb OT Ramon Harewood out of Morehouse in the 6th round with the 194th overall pick. Harewood has only played football for 4 years, but had 30 starts in college and is regarded as a project with a lot of upside.” SPORTS RADIO 105.7 BALTIMORE