Icelandic volcano eruption intensifies. Many European airports to remain closed on weekend.

List of Airport Closures as of Friday, April 16, 2010 4:12pm EDT

BRITAIN – English airspace is closed until 0000 GMT Saturday. Limited flights from Scotland and Northern Ireland operating until 1800 GMT Friday. British Airways said on Friday all flights into and out of London would be canceled on Saturday. No further details of flight plans were available on BA’s website.

… from the Globe and Mail article List of airports shut down by ash cloud

Impact upon Tourism

“Tourism crises have a knack of occurring from the most unlikely causes in the most unlikely places. Many tourism professionals could be forgiven for finding it difficult to imagine that the eruption of a volcano in the relatively isolated island nation of Iceland could wreak the immense havoc on global tourism which has been experienced over the past few days.

Not since 9/11 (2001) have so many aircraft been grounded in as many countries as we are experiencing in mid April 2010…”

… from an excellent ETN article by David Beirman, Senior lecturer in Tourism at the University of Technology-Sydney The Tourism Industry Implications of the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Eruption


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2 responses to “Icelandic volcano eruption intensifies. Many European airports to remain closed on weekend.

  1. yatinkiteasy

    It is interesting to observe that Mankind, with all the powerful Science and Technology at hand, is humbled by the forces of Nature. Not a flight in or out of any European City for days!
    But, they have the balls to gather a bunch of “Experts” together, at a cost of several million dollars, to come to an agreement on how to stop Global Warming.(No agreement was reached.)
    I am truly happy this has happened, as it sends a clear message to these foolish World Leaders….
    Nature is Bigger than You!

  2. Plan A, B and C

    This event has had a HUGE effect on transportation and peoples lives all over the world.

    Where was Plan A and backup Plans B and C?

    Surely there was need for immediate action which should have been ready to go, starting with ash assessments and alternative airports?