Dozens of contractors hired in Barbados Flood Prevention & Drainage plan – but the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate is still broken!

Sluice gate has been broken for years at Graeme Hall wetlands Barbados

Has a political decision been made to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

A reader sends us this quote from a government press conference carried by The Barbados Advocate and some commentary and a question: Has a political decision been made to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

“Thirty-six contractors will be awarded contracts before the end of this month for well digging and cleaning throughout the island in an effort to minimise the incidence of flooding.

Speaking to the media yesterday at a review of the wells in the St. Michael West Central area at Belfield, Black Rock, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage, Lionel Weekes, said that the island-wide review, which takes place during the dry season, is done at this time to also ensure that drainage systems are working…”

… from the Barbados Advocate article Flood Prevention Plan

The recently announced government programme to hire contractors to clean grates, wells and generally maintain the drainage systems is admirable and long overdue. The Thompson government should be congratulated for “pre-emptive” action rather than waiting for the crisis as was the effective policy under the Owen Arthur government.

Sometime ago the Thompson government changed the name of the Ministry to “Ministry of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage” and this indicates the DLP government recognizes how critical the drainage systems are to the overall health and economy of Barbados.

Nonetheless, one vital repair to the drainage infrastructure is missing: the government sluice gate controlling waterflow in and out of the Graeme Hall wetlands has been broken, rusted and blocked by silt for many years. This integral and important part of drainage management on the South Coast has been inoperative for years, apparently because the government is seeking revenge against the owner of a facility within the Graeme Hall watershed. Thus the environmental health of a large area of the South Coast has been put at risk against the public interest.

Will the sluice gate be repaired under the current operation as seems advisable… or, has a political decision been made to continue to not repair the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate?

Over to you Denis Lowe, Minster of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage…

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7 responses to “Dozens of contractors hired in Barbados Flood Prevention & Drainage plan – but the Graeme Hall wetlands sluice gate is still broken!

  1. Strangely enough, I just asked someone in that area about the sluice gate, was it ever fixed, open again.
    The answer was NO, sick and tired of nothing being done.
    Just having travelled from the south coast up to Speightstown, Amazing how clean the roads are coming up to and past Sandy Lane, Sunset Crest and Holetown. Enough construction going on everywhere with no sight of the sea. It is sickening that the government does not care one iota for sustainability, the environment or anything else concerning the future of Barbados unless there is a project that will put some money into their own pockets.

  2. Racine

    The roads are clean around Sandy Lane because the trucks are up there every day keeping the place so fine for the rich peoples. Garbage and shit* (*real shit) on B’town back streets sits until it rots. Double standard but has always been that way no matter B or D in powa.

  3. “Crab Poachers Cause Deaths of Rare Birds in Barbados – Intruders Caught On Video at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary”

  4. How to ruin the ecosystem, Barbados is striving to be number one.

  5. @ Racine, true enough, but isn’t it Bajans who throw garbage around? Aren’t those the same people who throw their garbage into gullies or next to someone elses overflowing garbage can.
    Teach the children and maybe they can educate their parents.

  6. Wondering

    Barbados is fast becoming a very dirty place, garbage all along the streets, Bridgetown is filthy, communal garbage dumps are still prevalent – check the one at Rock Hall St. Philip just east of the airport- my wish is that the government declares a national clean up day, instead of a fete for every occasion. Get the assistance of the private sector to cart the collected garbage away. Can someone please tell me why are the “powers that be” can’t encouraging recycling on a national scale. This country is falling apart slowly but surely!!! Too much talk and little action and to think we have a Minister of Environment.

  7. Bridgetown was once a quintessential caribean town, when I first visite in the early 90’s the atmosphere and feel of the place was remarkable. The locals with ‘Bob Marley’ and other legends of reggae playing from every bar, gave it a warm and rythmic vibe. The responsibility lies with the government then with people to get Bridgetown and Barbados clean, not for rich tourists but for the people who live there everyday!!