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Kammie Holder predicts a Barbados you don’t recognise – but the signs are already here

THE DAY is All Fools’ Day in the year 2035.

I am returning to my tropical home Barbados after a 30-year absence. This is a country with a history of sugar cane production and tourism. Sugar is cultivated due to its ability to stabilise the land and earn foreign currency.

As the aircraft descends towards the airport, I see a coastal perimeter of buildings encircling my tropical island paradise. From an aerial view, it appears sugar cane fields have been replaced by quarries and clusters of housing areas\townships.

We have landed at the airport and I am greeted by a pleasant Asian-looking immigration officer with a strong Bajan accent. As a tourist destination I am further impressed with the polite custom officer who tells me his parents were from India.

Barbados has truly become a tropical cosmopolitan island, thus why it’s called Little England. Even the indigenous native negro redcap is helpful in taking my bags to the taxi. Driving along the highway, I cannot help but notice the many billboards. The absence of trees is noticeable, as well as the many graffiti covered walls.

Unemployment is either high or many young persons are voluntary unemployed, as seen by the many liming on each street corner. Few playing fields and recreational areas can be seen; the cab driver tells me this small island has three prisons.

Safely at the hotel, and offered a complimentary beverage called rum punch, one sip of the tropical alcoholic beverage spins my head. No more for me!

Decided on a stroll along the beach, only to be cautioned by a security guard. Beaches are now private and I may be charged with trespassing. Seabathing and strolling along the beach is confined to the hotel in which you stay. I wonder where the locals bathe?

Yes, in tropical Barbados, windows to the sea have all been replaced by private properties owned by expats. Retiring to my room, I decide to read the local newspaper called the DAILY NATION. I am shocked by two headlines Local Politician Sentenced To 15 Years Hard Labour and Barbados Has Run Out Of Land Space. I am in tears to think that all the politicians and decision-makers did not exercise wisdom and common sense. They are all dead and cannot be tried in the Court of Ignorance for the destruction of my beloved country.

People, it’s just a vision from a dream brought on by niggeritis after a bowl of cou cou and steamed fish.

* Kammie Holder, the boy from the village advising you to pick sense from nonsense. Send comments to: macholder67@gmail.com

This article was also published at The Nation as Swimming Upstream: Vision of a painful future


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