Concerned Barbados citizens oppose Liz Thompson’s nomination to United Nations UNFCCC position

UPDATED: December 5, 2010

Score: Liz Thompson 14, Barbados Environment 0

We see that Liz Thompson got her little job at the United Nations complete with champagne and pate. She’s now an executive coordinator for the UN Sustainable Development conference to be held in Brazil in 2012. And, get this: she has a level of an “Assistant Secretary General”.

Liz Thompson says it’s good for Barbados. We say it might be good for the elites to grab some additional Climate Change money. How that helps Barbados we have no idea because none of the money seems to reach the trash on the beach or helps to stop the ever-growing wall of concrete. It doesn’t get us back our two promised but never arrived National Parks at Scotland and Graeme Hall.

Nope, Liz Thompson’s record is of all talk and no action. In fourteen years she and her BLP government never passed Environmental Protection Legislation. She couldn’t be bothered to make pipeline and oil tank operators check for leakage every day and as a result wells on the South Coast are still full of jet fuel from the Shell pipeline leak.

We opposed Thompson when she previously applied for a UN Environmental job and we oppose her new appointment. You will hear no congratulations or celebration from us and thousands of other environmentally-conscious citizens, because the words of one of our readers still ring true…

“Let the UN Selection Committee come to Barbados and see for themselves the results of Liz Thompson’s betrayal of our environment.”

… comment by BFP reader “nevermind kurt”

Here is our original article first published April 8, 2010…

Shock as Prime Minister David Thompson nominates failed Barbados Environment Minister for UN job

Shock, laughter and outright disbelief is the almost universal response by environmentally conscious Bajans to the announcement that former Energy & Environment Minister Liz Thompson has been nominated to replace outgoing UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer.

The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) is an international treaty designed to address “what can be done to reduce global warming and to cope with whatever temperature increases are inevitable.” (UNFCCC website link)

“What can be done…” As in Doing. Action. Actual results.

Let’s consider the reality of Liz Thompson’s tenure as Environment Minister of Barbados…

Liz Thompson’s pathetic record for “Sustainable Development, Clean Environment, Environmental Agreements & Laws”

As Environment Minister, Liz Thompson loved talking the environmental buzz words of the day and jetting around the world to talk some more. Liz and her Arthur/Mottley BLP government became pretty good at talk because the talk brought in money from the international community in the form of grants, loans and development funds. Say the right words: get the money. Global warming was and continues to be a “hot topic” (sorry, couldn’t help it!) but for Liz and the Barbados Government it was only about the money.

How do we know that money was the motivator for “environmentalist” Liz Thompson & her government?

Easy. Look at the disconnect between Liz Thompson’s international talk and the reality of how little she and her government cared about the environment back home.

While Liz Thompson and her fellow elites were sipping champagne in Zurich, back in Barbados we citizens had to live with the reality of ongoing, unchecked environmental damage on numerous fronts, government-empowerment of polluters, and a policy of wholesale development at any environmental cost in the name of profit.

Sustainable?  Take a look at the results of the BLP policy of walling off the west coast with condos, dumping raw sewage into the RAMSAR wetlands on the south coast and selling off public green space to developer friends.

Not to forget a hugely important piece of the picture: Barbados has no environmental legislation because it wasn’t important to Liz Thompson and the BLP for the 14 years they were in power.

That’s right – folks at the United Nations should know that Barbados has no environmental legislation thanks to the failure of Liz Thompson and her government to make the environment a priority. The environment wasn’t even on the radar for the Liz Thompson BLP Government as they ignored water and sewer infrastructure and embraced failed mega-projects that created more pollution. We blew $300 million on a cricket palace while sewage seeps into our water system and half of the clean water we do produce leaks out of hundred-year-old mains.

We have jet fuel in wells on the south coast because Liz Thompson and her government never cared enough about the environment to pass a law requiring pipeline and holding tank operators to take daily measurements and immediately report leakage. The direct result of Liz Thompson’s neglect: Shell Oil put half a million gallons of poison into the water table before anyone knew what was happening.

Under Liz Thompson’s watch, her government fought against the recommendations of environmental experts, engineers and citizens and blew 100 million dollars or thereabouts in a failed project to turn the unstable Greenland watershed into a garbage dump. No engineer or contractor will take responsibility of a leachate treatment plant, liners & foundations built on unstable soil – but Liz Thompson pressed ahead.

Noted environmental expert and professor Hans G. Machel wrote of Liz Thompson “Notorious Liar”, “Misleading the Public”, “No Integrity”, “Should have Resigned”,”Immoral”, “Unethical”, “Coward”, “Totally Untrustworthy”.

Under Liz Thompson’s watch, Barbados became a trash dump with no laws against chemical dumping or disposal of hazardous materials. Barbados politicians don’t like to pass laws that inconvenience companies that provide campaign donations.

Under Liz Thompson’s watch, Barbados developed a public transportation policy of more cars on more roads for longer times – as if more autos were the answer to the problem of too many autos.

Under Liz Thompson’s watch, Barbados continued (and continues) to have no building code in law governing structure, energy efficiency or waste disposal standards for the construction of homes and businesses.

All this after 14 years of majority government for Environment Minister Liz Thompson’s BLP.

In 14 years Liz Thompson’s BLP government didn’t propose environmental legislation because it wasn’t important to them.

There are other factors that should be considered by the United Nations selection committee as well…

When Minister Liz Thompson’s spouse was awarded a $300,000 contract for asbestos removal – work he had no experience doing – That’s Corrupt!

Click on the photo to see and hear Government Minister Liz Thompson disenfranchise a citizen because of his race.

Racism Issues

In February of 1995, then Minister of Health Elizabeth Thompson participated in a debate about the decision of the Barbados Government to place a garbage dump in the Greenland watershed. In reply to environmental activist Richard Goddard’s determination use the international media to sway the court of public opinion against the Barbados Government, Minister Thompson said…

“I take extreme offense at a Caucasian male telling me, as a Minister of Government in modern Barbados, that he is going to threaten to embarrass a national government in this way. It is completely unacceptable…”

…Government Minister Liz Thompson disenfranchises citizen Richard Goddard because of his race – during a televised debate over Minister Thompson’s decision to put a garbage dump on the Greenland watershed.

Mr. Goddard is, of course, a citizen of Barbados with lighter skin than some others. Oh yes… he’s a male, too.

Race was not a part of the discussion until Liz Thompson took exception to the colour of Mr. Goddard’s skin. Ms. Thompson never apologized for her racially charged words or admitted how offensive and inappropriate they are. You can hear Liz Thompson yourself at our article Barbados Environment Minister Uses “Caucasian” as Racial Slur.

Concerned Bajan citizens of all colours hope that the United Nations selection committee will carefully consider all of the above in deciding whether Liz Thompson is a proper choice for Secretary of The UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

Parts of this article were submitted by BFP reader “nevermindkurt”

Here is the news story promotional piece in the Nation. You should read it at the Nation’s website, but we’ll reprint the entire thing here in case the newspaper changes history at a later day as it often does…


UNITED NATIONS – Barbados has nominated a former Minister of the Environment, Senator Liz Thompson, for a top international leadership position on climate change at the United Nations.

Thompson, who received the Champion Of The Earth Award in 2008, perhaps the highest global environment accolade given by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) has been nominated for the position of executive secretary of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

If chosen for the top job by United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon, Thompson would become an assistant secretary-general of the UN responsible for the world body’s global climate change negotiations and programmes.

“The UN secretary-general has invited nominations from member states for this high-level job and it was recognised that Senator Thompson is uniquely qualified for it, given her vast experience as a Cabinet minister and her deep interest in the environment, not to mention the global recognition she has received for work in that area,” said a well-placed source familiar with the process.

“Ultimately, the UN secretary-general will select the executive secretary for climate change and Senator Thompson is competing with a handful of other candidates. But she is coming to the process with a lot going for her. She has been directly involved in the climate change debate at the international level for many years.

“She helped to craft the Bali-action on climate change which is the basis for the negotiations to arrive at an international climate change agreement,” the source said.

Barbados has decided to move forward with Thompson’s nomination, added the source, because the country believes she is well known in the international environment arena as seen in the fact that the Champion Of The Earth Award has gone to some prominent international figures ranging from former United States vice president Al Gore and the last Soviet Union leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, to former United States Senator Tim Worth, Helen Clarke, a former prime minister of New Zealand and Thabo Mbeki, who until recently was president of South Africa.

It is understood that Opposition Leader Mia Mottley was aware and supports the nomination by the David Thompson-led administration.

Senator Thompson is a University of the West Indies trained lawyer who later earned a Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Liverpool in 2008.

She was also awarded a Master’s in energy and environmental law by Robert Gordon University in Scotland. In addition, she is formally trained in international negotiations.

When contacted last night, Thompson declined to comment.


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48 responses to “Concerned Barbados citizens oppose Liz Thompson’s nomination to United Nations UNFCCC position

  1. Observer

    This is yet another example that we now have firmly established here in Barbados a new class – THE POLITICAL RULING CLASS. In public the members of this class will scream and shout at the top of their lungs to make the mASSES believe that they are enemies, however, behind closed doors it is a totally different ball game.

  2. BGR

    Well there was that photo of the Opposition leader and the PM acknowledging each other with smiles at a ground breaking ceremony in another section of the press and while some ‘acts’ may be pompasetting, the reality of the situation is that both parties will see Liz on a UN board as a major achievement for B’dos even if she has nothing to show for it. As for the author, if u think nobody in the UN ain’t know bout Liz’s legacy, u living in a world of illusion. At the end of the day, it’s all about big business, money, profits and ideas & talking like u know it all. De only body that track results are honest men. Far and few in between.

  3. Straight talk

    Perfect appointment for Liz.

    No work ….. just rubber stamping beanfests in some 5 star paradise.
    No accountability ….. not me guv, check out the settled science.
    No worries ….. everything funded by the carbon trading billionaires via the corrupt IPCC.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  4. Bajan George

    The nomination of Liz Thompson to the UN climate change post says far more about her nominator David Thompson than it does about her.

    If the PM truly believes that she is the best person for the job, heaven help Barbados.

    But we should not be surprised. Both parties have been very consistent in placing ineffective and politically sterile captains at the helm of their environmental ships.

    It embarrasses many of us that Liz Thompson seems to be the best that Barbados has to offer. Climate change expert Dr. Nurse at UWI and his Nobel-laureate colleagues must be rolling their eyes.

  5. no shame

    This is like giving Jack the Ripper an Avon route?

    As Bajan George says, this must make people like Dr Nurse and other competent concerned Barbadian environmentalists, sick to their stomach.

    One can only wonder what the political payoff or motivation was for this?

  6. Love

    Congratulations PM Thompson.

    You have demonstrated your influence and desire to see Barbadians assume high levels of stewardship in the international arena.

    Well to Liz Thompson….I say to you ” you have dodged a bullet ”

    But such is life at times !

  7. cq8

    Love says “Well to Liz Thompson….I say to you ” you have dodged a bullet ” But such is life at times !”

    What a joke. There is no “bullet”. The DLP will never hold any of the previous government to account. Never. The parties have a deal that no one in the other party will be charged with any corruption offenses.

    The two party system is phony, a sham. There is only one political party in Barbados.

  8. united nations of inaction

    actually if she gets the job it will suit her just fine. the un does nothing and the unfcc is a talk shop and most if not all the people in prominent positions at the un are not there because of some commitment to human ideals but because of money, power and corruption. i dont know if leonard nurse would be that displeased. after all he was a consultant for the developer who wanted to build a waterpark in graemehall.

  9. Chicago

    How about a petition online? For the record I agree with bfp’s strategy of opposing Liz Thompson’s nomination because it draws attention to the way it is in Bim.


    Up with Liz
    Down with BFP for opposing Liz

  11. Workout

    I like Chicago’s suggestion above about a petition online. Let the UN know what Bajans really think about dear Lizzy.

    Mr. PM, what are you trying to do at all – embarass Bajans? There must be somebody else you could have nominated. You like you is some sort of idyit.

    BFP – bring the online petition, do.

  12. ''''''FIRE''''''

    CQ8 -maybe the corruption talk is NONSENSE !

    nasty rumours spread by ‘ignotant’ people

  13. Quest for Fire

    Fire, the corruption talk is not nonsense. It is corrupt that Minister Thompson’s main squeeze received a contract from her ministry. Shouldn’t happen. It’s a conflict of interest pure and simple.

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  15. petition?

    petition to whom?

    Its pretty clear by now that everyones energy should be focused on getting new indepandent honest people running for government.

    Stop wasting your energies writing on blogs and phone 10 like minded friends.

    If a mere 5-10,000 citizens vote for change, these clowns are out

  16. Point Man

    Finger Pointer
    I must say it is no surprise to me that Barbados free press, and its ten supporters have joined the ranks of Bajans who clearly find pleasure in going out of their way to pull down their own in the most salacious fashion. It always reminds me of the saying that when you point your finger at someone you end up pointing three at yourself.
    So let me ask Barbados “free” press, and your ten finger pointing supporters a few questions. Since we are a democratic society how did Liz Thompson manage to gain and maintain a position as an elected member of parliament and serve various ministerial capacities for over a decade? Would that not mean that we as Barbadians considered her the best person for the job for 14 years? Please note that your answer is either yes or no. If your answer is yes then you are saying (publicly) that the majority of Barbadians are foolish people. On the other hand your answer could be no, in which case you are implying failures in our own democracy or alleging corruption. So is that a yes or no free press?
    Apart from those who have supported her in the past I would love to know what your thoughts are on those who support her now so I have a few more questions “free” press and supporters. Since we are in a democratic society and our newly elected PM sees Liz Thompson as our best candidate for the position (after consultation with the Cabinet of Barbados) have we now been so foolish to elect a government who makes foolish decisions? Again we are working with a yes or no.
    I must also point out that the UN awarded her with the Champion of the Earth award based on their assessment of her work. This is an award that is only given to persons who are very prominent, or have become very prominent through their work on climate change issues. By now you should see where I am going with this but I will ask anyway. Is the UN also foolish for awarding her for her outstanding achievements? Worse yet, have you (“free” press) essentially written a blog addressed to the UN and blasted them on their own judgement? OMG…
    I am amazed at the rough time our society has given our own Rihanna while the rest of the world absolutely adores her. It makes me wonder if we are too insecure to appreciate and support our own even when national pride is at stake. Who will we go after next, Ryan Brathwaite?
    Personally I will join the ranks of those supporting Senator Thompson.

    If I were Liz I would tell you just what the great Shirley Chisholm told her detractors of the day,
    “If you can’t support me, get out of my way”.
    PS Shirley Chisholm has strong Bajan roots so please don’t go criticizing her too.

  17. BFP

    Hi Point Man

    Please provide a list of actual actions that Liz Thompson accomplished for the Barbados environment.

    We’d also like to know why Minister Thompson and her government never introduced any environmental legislation in 14 years of majority rule.


  18. civilsociety

    She is so far from what we want to promote as our “environmentalists” here in Barbados!@ Goodness gracious! Who ever put her name forth. She has done nothing except go to these conferences and blah blah blah! How ridiculous.

  19. A Pointy Person

    Point Man fails to see the true nature of self-congratulatory government officials who feed at the UNEP trough.

    Point Man does not understand the industrial focus of the UN’s environmental programmes, nor does he understand the fact that the average voter is more apt to vote for a friendly face (and dear Liz is VERY friendly!) than not.

    Point Man would do well to study recent and current history here in Barbados and see that there are many politicians who have had favour in our society, but who promulgated self-serving or do-nothing policies, and who had terrible managerial skills.

  20. civilsociety

    Yes Point Man..please do. And by the way, I live in her “consituency” and she has never got my vote. As Minister of the Environment, ask Miss Lizzy if she ever participated in greening her very own office building! Ask her is she actually recycles at her own home! (NOT!)

  21. Pont-ius Pilate

    Is it a co-incidence that so soon after the Easter week-end when we learned of the betrayal and denial of Jesus by Judas and Peter, and Pontius Pilate’s hand-washing (and Herod’s) that the BFP chooses to crucify a native girl who has been promoted by OUR government as a suitable person for international office?
    When will we stop destroying our own based on silly, island politics? When will we see the bigger picture and embrace it for the good of the wider world and mankind, as well as for our own global enhancement?
    Why do Bajans feel that their role is simply to tear down and destroy their own?
    Not since Dame Nita Barrow (WHO) and Dr Chelston Brathwaite (IICA) have we Bajans been able to stand on the stage of international or regional organisations.
    This nomination is of that same order.
    We have a government which takes the unusual step of advancing the name of one of its most vocal opponents as a suitable candidate for international posting in a field in which she is well qualified and experienced, and the narrow-minded see it as an opportunity for character assassination. How puny!
    I see the nomination as a chance to applaud the David Thompson administration for having the fortitude and vision to put aside parochial politics for international good.
    Three cheers to the DLP government.
    Boo. Boo. Boo to Barbados Free Fress.

  22. Hero!


    “Hero!” and “Pont-ius Pilate” are the same DLP operative using different names to hold conversations with themselves (!).

    It’s called “astroturfing” and this dishonest practice results in the post being deleted.

    Have a nice day and say hi to the gang at DLP headquarters for us.

  23. Hants

    Guess I should join the coversation and stop my DLP brethren from talking to themselves.

  24. Harold Hoyte

    NOT MANY of your contributors choose to reveal their true names.

    I do.

    It is Harold Hoyte. And first of all, I am a friend of Barbados, and secondarily of Senator Liz Thompson, the Barbados candidate for an appointment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

    Although I hold no brief for Ms Thompson, yet I am offended by the apparently malicious leading article of the April 8, 2010, Barbados Free Press, titled: “Concerned Barbados Citizens oppose Liz Thompson’s nomination to UNFCCC position.”

    Your headline may factually be correct. Doubtless, some Barbadians believe that Senator Thompson should not have been nominated by the Government of Barbados for this post. I in turn believe that the diametrically opposite also holds true for many: “Concerned citizens support Thompson’s nomination.”

    I count myself among this number.

    As do Prime Minister David Thompson and Opposition Leader Mia Mottley.

    When, however, your corrosive article went on to state, “Shock, laughter and outright disbelief is the almost universal response by environmentally conscious Bajans…”, I searched in vain for the identities of individuals and organisations, and sought their quoted responses, but none were to be found.


    What followed were sly, snide, vitriolic and irrelevant generalisations, all of a negative nature.

    Except for accurately noting what I regard as a crude and unjustified remark made by Ms Thompson in 1995 with reference to Richard Goddard, one of her fiercest critics on the Greenland landfill proposal, your sneering scenario constitutes nothing less than an unwarranted attack on her good character and reputation.

    Where is the honour of hiding under an undeclared authorship to berate an individual on the basis of innuendo, oddments, twisted tales, bogus half-truths, sneering lies and shameless counterfeit concern?

    How cowardly!

    To a casual reader researching this candidate, particularly one in the international sphere, Ms Thompson might appear a suspect choice, for she is heartlessly painted in a manner that is as cruel as it is unjust, with the potential to effect more disfavour than can be justified.

    Thankfully, people who are required to make judgments will have the benefit of empirical evidence with documented information about a track record of integrity and unselfish public service which compares favourably with anyone, I repeat, ANYONE, serving in Barbados public life during the past 50 years.

    It is not my desire to do a paint job for Ms Thompson. It is not in my nature. My record as a newspaper editor is open to scrutiny.

    What is my desire is fair-minded argument.

    What I abhor are quasi-anonymous misfits who use positions of access to mass-dissemination-of- information unconscionably to dismiss the high standing of others under the guise of secrecy, on the basis of merely oblique and concocted hyperbole.

    That is why I feel compelled here to register my personal disapproval of your decision to give international glare to your manifest pent-up hatred for an individual without bothering to provide the barest facts for your decision.

    It is grossly obscene that a faceless Barbados Free Press can blatantly tout Ms Thompson’s so-called shortcomings (sic) with the wicked intention of derailing a legitimate nomination made on her behalf by the duly elected (and popularly so) government of Barbados.

    How scurrilously unpatriotic!

    And cowardly.

    National pride demands higher standards of us all.

    I urge those who chance upon your defeatist outrage to recognise it, and dismiss it, for what it is: a mean-spirited attempt to render ineffective what our Government leadership recognises as a truly splendid opportunity to place Barbados, rightly, in a position of high influence on the world Climate Change stage.

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  26. Sam Taylor

    “Elizabeth Thompson calls on all Champions and their countries to consider the establishment of a “Champions of the Earth” Fund for climate change and sustainable development projects in Small Island Developing States.”

    As at April 2010 our foreign debt was $2.2billion. Considering our outlook, the Central Bank says this won’t change any time soon.

    Not a lot of funds available to Liz at this time.

    Attracting foreign investment is the only way Barbados will be able to develop and execute a realistic environmental policy that dare i say it, “works”. This investment is not a one hit wonder either, it has to be continuous before we notice the good from it.

    If Liz is good at earning the dollars that can help the country achieve the environmental goals that (sadly) a minority of the population strongly desire, then she has at least achieved the first part of the plan, funding.

    She does not appear to be a good environmentalist, but she seems to be a good politician, which if I am not mistaken, is a big part of her job.

  27. BFP

    Hi Sam

    Liz is a failed politician who was/is good at saying words that she doesn’t believe in. She is an actress, not a leader. Not a doer. All she can inspire is giggles at the absurdity of her words vs. her lack of environmental action.

  28. Hans G. Machel

    This is a scandalous nomination.
    Given her record with the Barbados Greenland disaster, if Liz Thompson gets this this position at the UN it would be like a pedophile running a daycare center !

  29. BFP

    Hans… she was rejected by the UN. News breaking.

    We’ll have our take later this evening… and thanks for the role you played in her rejection due to your very ballsy decision to publish your criticism of Liz Thompson and her actions/non-actions.

  30. Love

    Liz Thompson failed……because her (racist word removed by bfp george the editor) supporter failed to impress the nominating panel with his drivel.

  31. Bonjour

    What has HH and ohers to say now that Liz lost out on the post at the UNFCC in Bonn, Germany? Will she blame the DLP Govt which nominated her? The truth is that Liz was not well known in the Int’l community and for those who knew her she was not well liked or respected.

    Former Bdos UN Ambassador Christopher Hackett also did a botched job in trying to promote her cause. For example, you don’t go to the German governmen and as them to support Liz and Bdos will support them for a seat on the security council of the UN. They are the host country of UNFCC and hence would never get involve in the race.

    But Liz went to NY to canvass and turned people off by focussing on the kind of property and car she would have in Bonn, whether she could take Mr Hackett to work there with her, what kind of job her husband would be allowed to do and if her parents can come live with her. She never once sought to find out what are the main issues in climate change inthe world today. She did not, does not and will not have a clue. she is clueless.

    Even members of AOSIS threw heir support behind the Costa Rican candidate. Liz was only put in because Bdos has a decent reputation in the arena and to show a balance for small island states who are most vulnerable. but everyon expect Liz and a few Bajans knew she did not stand as much chance as a snowcone in hell.

    so now she is without the job and will probably go on he rampage and blame her Government at home and try to run in teh elections again. Just like Barney Lynch lost his in 2 months time and now want to run again. I don’t live in Bdos anymore, but wish I could vote against self-serving characters like Liz and Barney.

  32. Grace

    Here we go again…Barbadians too love to criticize their own, instead of offering congratulations as yet another Barbadian is acknowledged on the world stage, we get involved in petty political arguments.

  33. Cow Dung

    Kiss wunna stinking rasshole, BFP.

    Congratulations to the BLACK woman Liz Thompson.

  34. Cow Dung

    Liz Thompson lands top UN job

    Former Barbadian cabinet minister Elizabeth Thompson

    Fri, December 03, 2010 – 12:37 PM

    Former cabinet minister Elizabeth Thompson is joining the United Nations in New York as an executive coordinator for the next global conference on sustainable development.

    The announcement was made yesterday at UN headquarters in New York by Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who also announced that Brice Lalond, a former Minister of the Environment for France, would also be an executive coordinator for the conference to be held in Brazil in 2012.

    Thompson, who served in several ministerial positions, including health, energy, housing and the environment during the Owen Arthur Administration, is to be the executive coordinator for the South for the world’s developing countries, while Lalond will serve as the coordinator for the North, the rich nations of Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Australia.

    Thompson’s position is at the level of an assistant secretary-general of the world body, perhaps the highest position a Barbadian and a person from the Eastern Caribbean has ever occupied.

    “I consider it an honour and a privilege to have been chosen by the United Nations for this position and I will certainly do my best to represent the interests of Barbados, the Caribbean and the other nations of the South in this very important position,” Thompson told the Weekend Nation.

    “It’s an unbelievable opportunity for someone from a small country such as Barbados.”Earlier this year, Thompson was backed by Barbados and its Caribbean neighbours, along with the other members of the Alliance of Small Island States, AOSIS, for the position of executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, but after reaching the final round of candidates, Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica was chosen for the job which, like the Executive Coordinator from the South, is also at the assistant secretary’s level.

    UN sources said that Thompson’s “outstanding performance” during the selection process and the round of interviews for the previous post put her on track for this newly created position which is based at UN headquarters in New York.

  35. Scrupie



  36. Donville Inniss or is it?

    On behalf of the residents of St. James South and my family, sincerest congratulations to Ms Thompson on her recent appointment within the UN system. Just stay focussed and give of your best at all times.


    Donville O’Neil Inniss
    MP – St. James South

  37. international welfare

    The UN is a completely unaccountable body that is based on politics and not competence and accountability

    There are at least a dozen or more, highly qualified environmentalists in Barbados who actually know what they are talking about and have walked the walk. I would love to see her “touted” list of actual accomplishments which should not include attending conferences.

    The only thing sustainable in Barbados is the welfare bums that receive international monies for doing zip!

    No doubt she will be rewarded by having monies earmarked for sustainable development in the caribbean but the chances of these monies ever being expended on the ground efficiently and effectively are non-existent.

  38. Cow Dung

    international welfare,

    Go and suck salt.

  39. Me

    she thanked the bajans….not the dlp who nominated her. damn bigot!

  40. Me

    This is too funny! As the average Bajan what her job ‘entails’. LOL. Wuh bout dee paycheck? LOL again. I read today that after she lost to Kerrie Symmonds that’s when she decided she was ‘done’ with politics. Sore loser. Stupes.

  41. sylvan

    I disappointed the DLP government approve Liz for this job.Real disappointed. She did too political when she was in the House. What she did for sustainable development in Barbados? I cant find a thing. The policies of the BLP when she was environment minister did not promote sustainable development. They were against sustainable government. You want the best example. The land policy. The BLP helped push the price of land out of de real of ordinary Barbadians like. So the UN dont know what they did. They shoulda come to Barbados. I going support this campaign. We gotta stop Liz, make life hard for she in this job, write environmental groups around the world and tell them the harm the BLP did to sustainable development in Barbados so that they would protest her appointment. I wid you all the way.

  42. Perhaps we should remember Minister of Health Ms Thompson’s CBC TV discussion with Richard Goddard,Chairman of the Scotland District Association, a body formed to oppose the choice of Greenland for a landfill, when she said, clearly and coherently , “W e are not going to have any caucasian male telling my Government what to do”

  43. 740

    BFP i aint hear nutting from u about best and mason, ah wonder how come ?
    waiting ta hear from wunna .

  44. BFP

    Hi 740

    We’ve had that draft promised for days but SOMEBODY is behind. We’re not going to name names, well, ok… it’s MARCUS who said he’d do it.


  45. I think what is more silly about the B&M saga, is the fact Rawle Eastmond plans to table a motion in Parliament?

  46. jj


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  48. I am a retired carpenter. I can remember a time, in America, on public works projects—construction projects funded by taxpayers—that all materials and supplies that came on that job had to be made in America. We had great prosperous times then.