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The I’Akobi Conspiracies: A Mother’s Perspective – Official Screening Sunday April 11, 2010

I'Akobi Tacuma Maloney

The I’Akobi Conspiracies: A Mother’s Perspective-Official Screening

From: justice@icarbarbados.org


Date:     Sunday, April 11, 2010
Time:     6:00pm – 9:00pm
Venue:   BWU Solidarity House (Behind the Globe Cinema)
Street:   Lower Hindsbury Road
City:      Bridgetown, Barbados

On June 17th 2008, I’Akobi Maloney, a young man with a remarkable character, lost his life after coming in contact with the Royal Barbados Police Force. The police alleged that I’Akobi without provocation jumped off a cliff to his death at Land Lock, an area north of Barbados. The family of I’Akobi was given several versions of what actually took place on the cliff and the Coroner has announced her verdict.

Now You Decide!!!

The documentary will also be available for purchase. A donation of between $25 and $50 will secure you your own copy of what Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris termed “Black History”.

Further Reading

BFP – April 22, 2009 I’Akobi Maloney Inquest Verdict On Friday, April 24, 2009 – Coroner’s Court, Bridgetown Barbados



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Concerned Barbados citizens oppose Liz Thompson’s nomination to United Nations UNFCCC position

UPDATED: December 5, 2010

Score: Liz Thompson 14, Barbados Environment 0

We see that Liz Thompson got her little job at the United Nations complete with champagne and pate. She’s now an executive coordinator for the UN Sustainable Development conference to be held in Brazil in 2012. And, get this: she has a level of an “Assistant Secretary General”.

Liz Thompson says it’s good for Barbados. We say it might be good for the elites to grab some additional Climate Change money. How that helps Barbados we have no idea because none of the money seems to reach the trash on the beach or helps to stop the ever-growing wall of concrete. It doesn’t get us back our two promised but never arrived National Parks at Scotland and Graeme Hall.

Nope, Liz Thompson’s record is of all talk and no action. In fourteen years she and her BLP government never passed Environmental Protection Legislation. She couldn’t be bothered to make pipeline and oil tank operators check for leakage every day and as a result wells on the South Coast are still full of jet fuel from the Shell pipeline leak.

We opposed Thompson when she previously applied for a UN Environmental job and we oppose her new appointment. You will hear no congratulations or celebration from us and thousands of other environmentally-conscious citizens, because the words of one of our readers still ring true…

“Let the UN Selection Committee come to Barbados and see for themselves the results of Liz Thompson’s betrayal of our environment.”

… comment by BFP reader “nevermind kurt”

Here is our original article first published April 8, 2010…

Shock as Prime Minister David Thompson nominates failed Barbados Environment Minister for UN job

Shock, laughter and outright disbelief is the almost universal response by environmentally conscious Bajans to the announcement that former Energy & Environment Minister Liz Thompson has been nominated to replace outgoing UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer. Continue reading


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