Sir Allen Stanford says “Just call me Al”

Caribbean Knighthoods: Easy come, easy go!

Until we came across the story at, somehow we missed reports in the oldstream news media that the Antigua & Barbuda government finally yanked Sir Allen Stanford’s bought-and-paid-for Knighthood. You know how it works: Stanford gave money to the politicians and they gave him the “Sir” title until their association with Stanford became a little too hot to handle.

Sir Allen, er, “Al” is in a spot of trouble over running his banks and businesses like a big Ponzi scheme – which was all fine and good for a little while but like any Ponzi scheme had to collapse eventually. But what parties he had while it was in the growth cycle!

Much like the executives involved in the CL Financial – CLICO ponzi schemes where 76 billion dollars or thereabouts disappeared overnight. What parties they had, what jets, cars, women and mansions! Oh well – not so bad for Leroy Parris who was awarded a golden Caribbean Broadcasting parachute by his old buddy and lawyer, Prime Minister David Thompson.

Anyway, back to SIR Allen, um, “Al”…

“Al” will be going on a little vacation for a few years. Hopefully before his banks collapsed “Al” remembered to pay off all the drug dealers he was money-laundering for because the cocaine cartels lack a sense of humour in certain matters. Nope, I wouldn’t want to be “Sir Al” in any jail in the world if I lost drug money.

So ends the party for SIR Allen – a guy who purchased his title just a surely as he bought suits and ties. Of course, for Al to make the purchase, there had to be a seller – and there are no shortages of Knighthood sellers ’bout hey.

Oh yes, how we little Caribbean islands love to hand out Knighthoods like candy to friends and political supporters – half the time while ignoring or disparaging the British Monarchy upon whose credibility the whole thing rests.

Visit our friends over at for all the details about “Al” and his little problem: Sir Allen Stanford’s Knighthood Revoked

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    It’s really amusing. ’bout hey eva ting is wrong about the ‘colonial era’ and all the horrid? things the British did. Yet, when we became ‘independent’ we were happy to perpetuate the ‘knighthoods’ – so we invented our own… And what about the police? 2010 – and we have ‘inspectors’ walking around with that little stick – what do you call it? – where else in the world do you see that?

  2. Rumboy.

    Bermuda and the UK.

  3. Green Monkey

    Senators probe inaction against Stanford

    WASHINGTON — Angry senators grilled top officials of the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, citing the agency’s delays in taking action against accused swindler R. Allen Stanford despite repeated red flags about his financial firm’s operations.

    Lawmakers sharply questioned Rose Romero, the director of the SEC’s Fort Worth regional office, and Robert Khuzami, the agency’s national enforcement director, about a report from the agency’s independent inspector general.

    It found that the Fort Worth compliance office decided at least four times not to act on findings by SEC staffers that Stanford appeared to be operating a Ponzi scheme.

    Committee chairman Chris Dodd, D-Conn., described the situation as one in which “you had an examination office yelling ‘fire, fire, fire’ and an enforcement branch yelling ‘no fire.'”

    Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, called the revelations “stunning” and said that she hoped something is being done to make sure such a lapse doesn’t happen again.

    More at: