Anti-Obama Tea Party cruise conceals Haiti destination as “Hispaniola”

UPDATED: September 16, 2010

Since we first published this article over five months ago, World Net Daily has continued to mislead its readers and “Tea Party at Sea” attendees as to the true destination of the cruise. The word “Haiti” is still not mentioned in the adverts about the cruise – despite this article and our email to Joseph Farah of World Net Daily back in April. In our email (below) we asked Mr. Farah to tell his Tea Party folks the truth so they might be moved to help the Haitian people.

Nope, Mr. Farah kept silent.

Poor show, Mr. Farah. Frankly, we expected much better from you and

And… the Wall Street Journal read our article and then published their take on the story on September 15, 2010 without mentioning BFP or our plea for WND to assist the Haitian people.

Poor show, Wall Street Journal. We know you visited Barbados Free Press during your research several days before you published your article.

Mr. Farah and World Net Daily responded to the Wall Street Journal article but not to ours or our email.

Ho hum. At least CNN, USA Today and many other news organisations have mentioned Barbados Free Press when they use our material or ideas.

World Net Daily: Wall Street Journal: Boycott Haiti

Wall Street Journal: Tea Party Goes to Haiti

Original article first published April 6, 2010…

Will World Net Daily tell the truth about cruise destination and Royal Caribbean’s exploitation of Haitians?

The right-wing conservative website World Net Daily ( is holding a “Tea Party at Sea” cruise this September that features a host of anti-Obama speakers and seminars.

Tea Partiers (is that a real word?) are invited to “Enlist Now!” to sail on the Royal Caribbean ship Liberty of the Seas and to “…be on board with the most freedom-embracing and liberty-loving navy at sea: the WND Navy and the Tea Party at Sea!”

Joseph Farah

World Net Daily supporters, editor Joseph Farah and other “birthers” are engaged in an ongoing campaign to discredit President Barack Obama and his political and social agenda. One of their tactics is their claim that the man Americans elected to the White House in November 2008 does not meet the US Constitutional qualifications to be President.

Well, okay – if people want to waste so much time, energy and money pursuing that doomed-to-fail agenda, that is their right. God knows one of the things we really admire about the USA is the protection of freedom of speech – which is quite contrary to the situation in Barbados where the truth is no defense against the defamation lawsuits, threats and job loss that Bajans often suffer if they are effective in criticizing the political and business elites.

But while World Net Daily claims to be in search of the truth, they are not telling the truth about where their Tea Party at Sea cruise is heading. The Tea Partiers will be frolicking on a beach in Haiti – protected from the starving Haitian children by layers of barbed wire and shotgun-toting guards.

Where do the Tea-Partiers think they are headed? “Labalee, Hispaniola” doan ya know!

We sent an email to Mr. Farah and WND last Thursday, but so far we’ve had no response. If WND replies we’ll certainly publish their position in a prominent manner.

Meanwhile, the Tea Party at Sea website is still concealing the real destination from folks who might be interested in these simple truths…

1/ The Tea Party at Sea cruise is heading to a shotgun-protected, barbed-wire surrounded private beach in earthquake-devastated Haiti.

2/ For almost 25 years Royal Caribbean and corrupt Haitian leadership have exploited this natural area while providing few appreciable benefits to ordinary Haitians. Not so much as a single medical clinic or school has been built by Royal Caribbean for the ordinary people on the outside of the barbed wire.

3/ The original agreement and pricing was set in place under the corrupt Duvalier regime and remains largely unchanged to this day. That says something.

Taken from WND's "Tea Party at Sea" website where the word "Haiti" is never mentioned.

Here is the email we sent to Mr. Farah at World Net Daily. We’ll let you know if he replies…


Barbados Free Press


Mr. Joseph Farah
World Net Daily

April 1, 2010

RE: Concealment of Haiti destination by WND’s Tea Party at Sea cruise

Dear Mr. Farah,

While researching our continuing series of articles about Haiti after the devastating earthquake, Barbados Free Press came across a web advertisement for your Tea Party at Sea cruise that advertises “Hispaniola” as one of the cruise stops.

“Hispaniola” and “Labadee” are terms used by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to conceal from their passengers that the actual destination is a private beach compound on the north coast of Haiti. This intentional deception by Royal Caribbean has been documented as far back as 1991. (Source: “Aids and accusation: Haiti and the geography of blame” Paul Farmer pg 238 ISBN: 978-0520248397)

Although we disagree with many of WND’s articles and agendas we respect your tenacity and usual unwillingness to surrender to political correctness – traits that Barbados Free Press shares as we pursue our own editorial policies and subjects. That’s why we were surprised to see WND’s less than forthright presentation about your Tea Party at Sea’s Haiti beach destination.

We believe that World Net Daily’s readers and prospective cruise passengers deserve to know the truth about their private beach in Haiti, its origin under an agreement between Royal Caribbean and the despotic Duvalier regime, its history – and what level of benefits are actually brought to ordinary Haitians under the current operational agreement with Royal Caribbean.

Barbados Free Press also believes that if your readers and cruise passengers become aware that they are heading for Haiti, they might take an increased interest in the desperate situation that lies just beyond the foliage, barbed wire fence and shotgun-toting guards that conceal the real Haiti from “Royal Caribbean’s private paradise” as your advert puts it.

We also hope that your readers and cruise passengers might be moved to help some of the real people in smaller operations on the ground in Haiti who are doing such good work – as opposed to many of the larger organisations that happily collected donations but failed to deliver. (ie: The Red Cross has collected over a third of a billion dollars for “Haitian relief” but apparently only used one quarter of that amount for the stated purpose.

Bye the way, Mr. Farah: we are disgusted with the refusal of our Barbados Government to accept ANY Haitians for lifesaving medical treatments or rehabilitation as requested of Barbados by the United States. We know and appreciate that the USA continues to be the leader in delivering aid to Haiti. Nor have we forgotten that American rescue teams selflessly dropped everything and came to Barbados when we needed help with a family trapped in a cave-in.

As Barbados Free Press wrote on January 17, 2010 a few days after the Haitian earthquake in our article “Royal Caribbean passengers frolic in Haiti as the screams from the rubble continue“…

“There are only two entities that had the ability to deliver major quantities of food, water, medical supplies and shelter to the Haitian people during the first week of the disaster: The United States military and the Caribbean Cruise Ship industry.

President Obama waved his hand and the might of the United States headed for Haiti. American Special forces teams secured the airport within hours of the earthquake and the airplanes started to arrive shortly thereafter. The US Navy and their helicopters started to arrive before sun-up the next day and a carrier group arrived on day 2.

Say what you will about history, the past US abuses in Haiti, and the concerns of the pundits (but not those trapped in the wreckage) that the US has just invaded again: the bloody Yanks are coming through in Haiti like nobody else can.”

(See our articles listed at the end of this email)

Attached are some of our previous articles about Haiti and Royal Caribbean’s operations at Labadee. Over the years World Net Daily has published many articles about the failure of Haiti to progress. Perhaps some of our pieces (and especially the blog of missionaries Licia & Enoch Betor who run a medical clinic and orphanage in Haiti) will provide additional perspective for you and your readers.

We look forward to seeing World Net Daily’s revised “Tea Party at Sea” advertisements and a WND article clarifying the actual Tea Party Cruise destination as a private beach in Haiti.

Yours truly,

Barbados Free Press
(Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert & Auntie Moses)

Full Disclosure:

Since January 1996 Barbados Free Press has been the leading political blog on the island with over seven million visitors logged in the last four years. Our skin colours range from pink to very dark brown and two of us are married with mixie children.

BFP is mostly (but not always) anonymously written and is concerned primarily with exposing Barbados government corruption, waste and errors. We call for reforms in Barbados including Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation as well as environmental legislation and Freedom of the Press. We do not support either the current DLP or past BLP governments.

BFP supported Barrack Obama’s presidential campaign editorially and continues to support the majority of President Obama’s efforts. While we disagree with World Net Daily on President Obama and gay rights, as our articles show we agree with WND on the threats from Islamist fascism, the communist Chinese and other despots, government censorship and corruption. BFP is solidly Right to Life.

Further Reading at Barbados Free Press

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23 responses to “Anti-Obama Tea Party cruise conceals Haiti destination as “Hispaniola”

  1. RRRicky

    Well done BFP!

  2. reality check

    “World Net Daily supporters, editor Joseph Farah and other “birthers” are engaged in an ongoing campaign to discredit President Barack Obama and his political and social agenda.”

    These are the same people who promoted little or no regulation of the financial markets and their security instruments thereby casting the world into a worldwide credit crisis and a near second Great Depression.

    These are the same creatures who stood in the way of a revised health care budget that would permit a 5% public option. Nearly all, if not all industrialized countries have a public option.

    If the ship were to sink with all critters aboard, I would not shed a tear. ( well not for long )

    While they argue for greater tax responsibility, they can’t seem to figure out that the reason the US has had to seriously prime the pump of government spending is directly related to the private interest interests and loonies who put them in the position the US now finds itself trying to claw its way out of the hole.

    Maybe these people are approaching Haiian shores as they see Haiti as an ideal free market system where no rules apply and corruption reigns supreme.

    Obama is doing a remarkable job considering the odds and interest groups stacked against him and his team.

  3. Hmmm...

    I find this very interesting (if it as you say a Republican/ Conservative) device. I was born in the early 70’s in the US I have a Masters Degree, and I consider myself to be liberally educated. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no basic knowledge of Haiti, until the earth quake, only a very negative perception. I have no idea where I picked this up, I would venture to guess the media. I am ashamed to say I had no concept of it being attached to the DR, no idea how many people lived there, no idea how beautiful it is there.

  4. Hmmm...

    And please don’t use this as an opportunity to beat up on me!!! I just wanted to point out that whether liberal or conservative, not interested in Haiti…

  5. cq8

    Hmmm… proved what the BFP article say. The cruise line use Hispaniola and Labadee names because the tourists don’t know where it is and that it is Haiti. Haiti has a negative marketing feeling and the cruise line invented the word “Labadee” to call Haiti something else.

  6. nite2day

    Isn’t is sad there are so many ignorant people believing the lies being told to them about President Obama! I read about the cruise online a while ago. Also if those same people don’t know their geography and where they are or are not going… what does that say? I am glad they won’t be stopping here in Barbados.
    What a waste of money and for what! To promote more hatred and stupid behaviour. I wonder if these people have a clue that they and the rest of the tea partiers are the laughing stock of the entire world! What an embarassment. They have no idea how lucky they are to have President Obama as the leader of their nation. Just think if the Alaskan princess and the old guy had won the election.. I shudder to even think about that one!
    I hope these fools do not get a lot of press coverage because that is exactly what they want!

  7. nite2day

    Sorry cq8.. the fact that the tourists paying thousands of dollars to go on a cruise having no idea where Haiti is, is not only ignorant, but pathetic!
    The cruise line inventing something else to call Haiti is an insult to history and the people of Haiti! Well look who you are dealing with I suppose. People who thrive on hatred and racism!
    That cruise line should be charged with discrimination and anything else a good set of legal minds can find! Most disgusting and distressing!

  8. Duppy Lizard

    I really don’t see the point in any of this. Do you really and truly think that the “average” tourist really cares where he/she is going on a cruise? Some probably don’t even set foot on land – and why should they? A cruise ship today is like a floating city, a controlled environment, lots of good food and entertainment. They are simply looking for a getaway from the rigours of daily life.

    And – technically Haiti is Hispaniola.

    Now, what do I personally think of cruise ships? I think they are a bad bad idea! They are nothing but polluters of the planet and an extravagance, similar to all those wonderful condos being built on the most advantageous sites. But they all indirectly put money into our pockets.

    We are selling our souls to the devil!

  9. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    The entire island was and still is the island of Hispaniola. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the two countries on the island of Hispaniola so it is not a factual error. We all know that it is a marketing sleight of hand ploy but so what. Royal Caribbean is in the business of selling cruises and they will advertise in the way most beneficial to them. Its not their fault if Americans don’t know basic geography or are to lazy to Google Hispaniola or just don’t give a damn. Finally Royal Caribbean has no obligation to build hospitals or schools . That is the most folly I ever heard. That responsibility belongs to the Government.
    How many schools BS&T build here in Barbados? Simpson? COW? Lime? BL&P Holdings?

    Think before you spew idiocy man.

  10. nite2day

    To both Duppy and Bad Man… I think you missed my point completely. The fact that a cruise that is like a charter event is even happening using the cruise as bait to get the idiots on there in the first place is sad. Then to give them a bunch of lies and attempt if it has not happened already, to brain wash them further into more hatred of President Obama etc… Also the fact that the people on the cruise you imply have no idea or care where they are going.. A get away?? I don’t think so! This cruise is set up purposely to brain wash and recruit ignorant people with money or people with very little money to go on some fake get away cruise.. It is just like the time share concept! bait them then go for as much of their money as you can! The whole thing is an insult and rude!
    Personally I would not consider going on any vacation without first knowing the places I was visiting. To not know is completely stupid.
    The cruise arranged is pure evil and nothing good will come out of it at all.. so Haiti is better off NOT having them visit their country. That kind of sick disgusting behaviour is being monitored by normal healthy authorities because when they get back to the States.. you can bet they will be watched for further disruptions, personal attacks against President Obama and others in the Democratic party.. Check the news out and see how many death threats are being made public now compared to before. This group is a dangerous evil bunch of criminals and they will take anyone they can get into their lair!
    My points go far beyond ignorant people not knowing where they are going on a cruise.. This tea party group are dangerous individuals with evil intentions..
    Believe it or not, care or not. I find that the entire reason for all the major problems being caused by the people that hate for a life cause just cannot get over the fact that President Obama happens to be a black man. There is so much rasism in the USA it is insane.

  11. nite2day

    Hmmm, the fact you were born in the States in the seventies and did not know anything about Haiti until the earthquake is appauling and proves the stats on where the USA education standards are.. You are at the lower end of the education standards in the world! Pretty sad for such a big powerful country not to teach children about all the countries of the world during the 12 years of school they spend if they even bother to attend school. Do you not teach history or geography or world economy in any of your education there from 1st grade on up to 12th? omg.. that explains the level of ignorance with so many people from there..

  12. Hmmm...

    Nite2day, we are taught history as it relates to Eastern Europe and the US, other countries as an aside as they dovetail into that history. Forget about women’s history. I even experienced this in studying art history, no Asian art, no African art, no contemporary Islamic art, certainly no Caribbean art.

    There are all sorts of opinions on the way that US history, world geography, etc. are presented in the American education system, google it…

    Unfortunately ignorance breeds closed mindedness–I count myself lucky in that I can go out and be open to seek the knowledge.

  13. Sargeant

    Hey folks !! News Flash!!! Many people in the USA are not very familiar with the islands that make up the Caribbean, heck they are not even familiar with one of the countries that shares a common border with USA- Canada-.

    I have been on a Royal Caribbean cruise- not to “Labadee” and I believe the “Labadee” fiction exists to recoup even more money from the “cruisers”. If the guests disembark they will have to pay Royal Caribbean to use the amenities, purchase souvenirs etc. Royal Caribbean is all about making money, they always have their hands in your pocket.

    A cruise itinerary that includes Labadee may also include Jamaica, so the “Partiers” may also enjoy Dunns River Falls – if they disembark.

    Anyway to quell the notion that all “Tea Partiers” are white here is an article from the Globe & Mail.

  14. nite2day

    Hmmm I think that because of the lack of information taught in schools in the USA, that it most likely is a contributing factor the the enormous level of ignorance going on there today. Look at their politics. What a mess and all the nastiest people are jumping out of the woodwork to cause so much trouble for the entire nation! What an embarassment. The Americans do not deserve President Obama, he is too good for them!

  15. nite2day

    Sargeant.. thanks for your input. Yes you are right.. they have no clue about Canada at all! But maybe now that the winter Olympics were held there they might just clue in now if they were bright enough to even watch the games.
    Sorry for being so harsh, but come on.. tea parties etc?? I could care less what color a person is, if they want to belong to an evil group such as this.. that is their problem.. Just don’t make it the problem for the rest of humanity!! I am surprised they aren’t all running around with hoods on and burning crosses.. although I am sure that will come very soon the way things are going there!! very disturbing!!
    As for the cruise for the tea partiers?? From what was shown on tv, there will be plenty of garbage for them to purchase.. t shirts, and anything else you can think of.. This is a total rip off marketing ploy to bait people, get their money before they can blink an eye.. plus as a bonus, brain washing is high on the priorities.. Reel in the stupid ones.. get their money and send them on their way home more full of hate than they had before the cruise.. oh well just hope they don’t show up here!

  16. Great article Barbados Free Press!

    By the way, “Labadee®” is a name that Royal Caribbean trademarked as a variation of the French slave owner Marquis de La’Badie who settled in Haiti in the 1600’s.

    Its beyond irony that the tea party “patriots” will be trash talking our first black president while sailing to a resort named after a slave owner on a cruise ship operated by a company incorporated in Liberia to avoid all U.S. taxes.

  17. re...hmmmm

    Obviously your masters degree and liberal education did not include much U.S. history in relation to U.S. central America interventionism. We have a deep historical connection to the DR and Haiti i.e. Military intervention as a means to political and economic exploitation.

  18. wisdom and experience

    Experienced teabag activist Sarah Palin should not be discounted as a simplisitic air head.

    Sarah is able to see Russia from her verandah and, as a result, is experienced in foreign affairs and world matters.

  19. Hispaniola it IS.

    I agree with Duppy Lizard.
    I really don’t see the whole point of this.

    SLOW NEWS DAY at Barbados Free Press.

    Nothing to see her – move along now!

  20. Slap happy

    If you get on a cruise ship and don’t where they are taking you then you definitely deserved to to be taken for a ride.

    Some people just let others think for them.

  21. Crab Lice

    Another foolish BFP article.

    Hispaniola is a Caribbean island. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are the two Caribbean countries that are located on that island.

    BFP is becoming more vain, more petty and more useless with every passing day.

  22. BFP

    Hi Crab Lice

    With a name like that you MUST be a politician and a lawyer. And with that double handicap it is only natural that you grasp onto little legalities and proffer them for truth.

    Yes, “Hispaniola” is the correct historical name for the entire island. No one uses that in colloquial conversation – as in “I’m going to Hispaniola next weekend”. They haven’t used that term in 100 or more years.

    “Hispaniola” is a resurrected historical word used by the cruise company to conceal the truth. They do that for a reason, ya know.

    And, SIR David… the truth is never petty.

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