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Growing controversy over Rihanna’s role as Barbados Culture & Youth Ambassador – Australian news media

“These days, her solo music releases and collaborations are instant hits, and her forward fashion has led to her being touted as a style icon of the new decade. (Although not everyone agrees. Despite her role as a youth and culture ambassador for Barbados, there’s a contingent back in her home country who feels her image is a disgrace to her heritage and are openly hostile on blogs and in the press.)”

… from the Australia Herald Sun article Rihanna’s a girl about town

Barbados Magistrate chides Rihanna – Calls for no public airplay of Rude Boy

Not a Rihanna fan... Barbados Magistrate Ian Weekes

By the time that Rihanna was appointed as Barbados Culture and Youth Ambassador, the fresh-faced home girl made good we originally cheered was already changing in a less than positive way. Many folks were uncomfortable with her appointment and even those who supported Prime Minister Thompson’s move were puzzled that he didn’t leave himself (and us) an out by announcing a term of a year or two.

Not a wise move on the part of David Thompson because here we are a few years later with our Culture & Youth Ambassador sporting gun tattoos, exposing her breasts, saying it is “quite normal” for Bajan women to walk around nude in front of strange men and singing she loves it “when you kiss it there”.

Heck, we haven’t mentioned the midget porn-star birthday party yet!

Okay, that’s American rap/pop/Hollywood sex culture or whatever you want to call it. Rihanna is good at it and she’s made millions for herself and others.

All I know is what she’s doing now isn’t Bajan culture and it sure isn’t the example we want for our youth from someone who officially represents Barbados as an ambassador.

Magistrate Ian Weekes agrees. He doesn’t think Rihanna’s current example is a good one for our youth and he said so in court and during a newspaper interview a few weeks ago. (Nation News Too Rude)

How will Prime Minister David Thompson deal with the Rihanna-as-Barbados-Ambassador controversy as it continues to grow and become news around the world?

My guess: Thompson will continue to make like an ostrich.

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