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Did Barbados Government Minister David Estwick threaten Opposition member with a gun in Parliament?

Cover Up not possible – Time for the truth

The Barbados news media has been full of coy references to an “alleged” incident where it is “rumoured” that Government Minister of Economic Affairs David Estwick threatened Opposition member Dale Marshall with a gun in Parliament.

Or so we’ve heard. Sort of.

No one, including Dale Marshall, will directly say what happened.

Opposition leader Mia Mottley is calling for a gun policy for Parliament, but won’t say why it’s needed. She says she won’t be in Parliament after April 20th if the government doesn’t implement a gun policy for members. (Nation: Gun Stand)

Some Government members privately say they are confused because they don’t think Mottley has ever seen a gun before and wouldn’t know what one looked like even if she held it in her hands.

Lawyer and journalist Stephen Alleyne skillfully wrote hundreds of words on the subject without mentioning the subject. (Barbados Advocate: Under Scrutiny: Over to you, Mr. Speaker!)

Similarly, Dale Marshall gave a press conference stating that democracy is at risk, but won’t say what happened to put democracy at risk.

“No member of Parliament should fear for his life and his safety when he is in Parliament doing the people’s business,” the former Attorney General said.

… from the Nation article Democracy at risk warns Marshall

OK… so what happened?

As Stephen Alleyne pointed out in his article, Parliament has always be a sacred place where the peoples’ representatives can often push the limits without being arrested to interfered with. But there are limits.

Was Estwick carrying a concealed handgun in Parliament? Why?

Did he threaten Dale Marshall with it? Did Estwick pull out his gun and shove it in Marshall’s face? (That would be a sight!)

Or… were they having an argument where there was no reference to a gun but Marshall saw that Estwick was carrying a handgun (or already knew he habitually carried a weapon) and decided to make something of it by making up a story?

We, the public, deserve an answer and we’re not going to put up with another protracted “investigation” that fades off to nothing in six months.

Mia Mottley says she’ll pull out of Parliament if the government doesn’t put in place a gun policy by April 20th.

That is a dishonest position on her part. Dishonest because she hasn’t the courage to let the truth be told – whatever it is. Mottley and Marshall are throwing innuendo at the public for political purposes.

If Estwick actually threatened Marshall with a gun in Parliament – that is the peoples’ business. We deserve a full explanation from everyone involved.

So far all we have is innuendo. We the people deserve more respect from Mottley and Marshall.


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