Reader asks: Is corruption widespread in Barbados? With no Freedom of Information, how do citizens examine the facts?

Freedom of Information is not about media freedom

“It is important to review the Freedom of Information Law. Freedom of information is not about media freedom. It has to do with access to information and disclosure which can enable public discourse.

The right to information is a crucial underpinning of participatory democracy. Promotion of open government and maximum disclosure can be the single most important step towards eliminating corruption.”

… sent by a contributor to BFP who didn’t inform us if it was OK to use his name.  🙂


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11 responses to “Reader asks: Is corruption widespread in Barbados? With no Freedom of Information, how do citizens examine the facts?

  1. Kammie

    How many politicians in the BLP or DLP while in government were associated with companies which did business with the Barbados government? I could not help but notice on Transparency International two major areas of corruption,procurement and cost Overruns. Who guards the guards? Is as relevant today, as when those words were firstly uttered.

  2. Cheryl

    I have a friend who placed his pension contributions with Clico in an amout of $310,00 from a Bank when she was retrenched. If an agent steals he is placed before the lawcourt. Why is it the management of these companies continue to fly around in a corporate jet, drive a $500,000 Mercedes and still draw a large monthly salary. This aint fear Mr Prime Minister!

  3. Johnny Postle

    It is no secret that corruption runs rampant in the political and elitist circles of this country. It is well known that laws exist for the poor man and for the rich man – the latter never ever being prosecuted in this country. That a politician on a politician’s salary can become instantly rich in a fork night, buying plantation house and land cash and still have the means to refurbish, is corruption at the highest level. That that same politician when asked how he became rich got richer when the cowardly radio station paid him a few more thousand to add to his already accumulated tax payers dollars, is another. That a prison can be built for nearly a billion dollars and the money cannot be accounted for is a matter for thorough investigation because we know that the company hired has a history of giving bribes and buying off governments. And you ask if corruption is wide spread in Barbados – just need to look at our politicians and how rich they are getting.

  4. whistling frog

    this forum … thank the higher powers that be……….
    what is really going on???????? is it that the present goverment is sooooo comortably numdddd or is it that really and truly there is not one jack squat that you me or the dog called boo can really do anything about anything…………
    I keep reflecting on our very near neighbour,,,,,,,
    El Presidente Chavez…… For Life of Venezelua,,,,,,,,, Here we have a very charismatic person,,potraying that he is the one answer to the poor and negected,,,, etc ,,, etc,,,,…..After being elected,,,What on Earth has he really done to represent the ones he soooo has promised to to elevate to beyond their expectations………. Sure enough all his minnions live lavishly………..Drinking Black label Johnny Walker Whisky ,,,,Trips on Passenger Ships etc ,,etc…, Ohhh oh Ohhh,,,God Truly Be with BARBADOS,,, Never Never Ever ,,Allow us to let any representation of our Goverment fall into the depths of EVIL so selfish to allow anyone to take our bloody earned freedom of all our free Black persons to give freely without representation any one square inch or more or less of this God Given Land of Ours So Help Us God Amen.. And GOD BLESS BARBADOS AND KEEP US FOREVER FREE FROM THOSE HUNGRY,,MONEY GRABBING<<CORRUPTING,,DEVIOUS,,,UNCARING,,,UNCONCIOUS,,,DEVELOPERS WHO APPEAR LIKE UNTO SHEEP IN WOLVES CLOTHING<>>>>>

  5. whistling frog

    Is corruption widespread in Barbados???????

    Personally I believe that the answer is no,,,, not to that percentage that as citizens we have to REALLY be alarmed and try to take some action ,,,by way of internet etc etc,,,,

    Corruption has always been with any Goverment,,it comes and goes ,,Even the Great U.S.A. is not free of personal ambitions ,,,,,, Here in A 166 square mile country we have had the GLOBAL RECOGNITION, of a country and I mean A COUNTRY that has had for the past 45 years a Following Goverment that has had the countries well being and people at the forefront of their Plans,Decisions,Wellbeing,Etc,,,,,, AND THIS IS WHAT AND I HOPE OUR GOVERMENT WILL CONTINUE TO KEEP ALWAYS FOREMOST IN THEIR HEARTS,,,FOR ALWAYS A TRUE BAJAN THEME ,FOREVERMORE UNTIL ETERNITY…

  6. reality check

    “I mean A COUNTRY that has had for the past 45 years a Following Goverment that has had the countries well being and people at the forefront of their Plans,Decisions,Wellbeing,Etc,”

    Froggy seems to be either whistling in the dark, a smooth and deluded politician or has a very macabre sense of humour?

    No strong ministerial code, ITAL, defined long term goals and objectives, can only mean a continued feeding frenzy of public monies by more and more piggies at the trough.

    Stop painting the roses red.

    Delusionary behaviour is treatable by a serious look in the mirror.

  7. Nostradamus

    @ whistling frog
    “Even the Great U.S.A. is not free of personal ambitions ,,,,,”

    Question: anyone ever been held to account and locked up for corruption in the USA?
    Answer: Yes, on a regular basis and for long prison terms too.

    Question: anyone ever been held to account and locked up for corruption in the Barbados?
    Answer: NEVER !

  8. Cheryl

    Whistling frog, where do you live? I don`t think in the same Barbados I live in. Have you ever heard about cost overruns? The money comes from our pockets each and ever taxpayer. I heard you can get a drivers license via mail order in Bim for US$500. A Bajan passport goes for US$5000. I this corruption or business acumen?

  9. Johnny Postle

    @ Whistling Frog

    I think you should talk in the ponds because you certainly do not live here or is one of the many who are blinkered by bribe money.

  10. Anasa

    Can someone tell me what is the connection between Leslie Haynes and Leroy Parris. Who are the directors of Professional Financial Services.How much money was paid by Clico Barbados subsidaries to the above company over the lasr 15 years.

  11. Timbu Mubasa

    I’ve been doing some driving in luxury limousines as a chauffeur in Marbella area. I often get to know a lot of top African politicians such as from Angola, Nigeria, Congo, New Guinea and I’ve never seen such blatant spending in my life. A crate of champagne daily (I checked out the price on internet $9500 per bottle) while kids in Angola are dying of thirst, 10 top Mercedes for 24 hours hardly used, a 12 bedroom mansion with 3 chefs, and then the shopping starts. They don’t go to the beach or do any tours, just buy designer products, and off they go in their private jet. One of their wive’s expenses was a boob job in the Moulding clinic. Even in my country ( South Africa) there is such a blatant spending by cabinet ministers on luxurious cars and on traveling using taxpayer`s money while the poorer of the poor are suffering, living below a US Dollar a day