Thumbs Up for Barbados Prime Minister as he cancels Vybz Kartel, Mavado concert

Auntie Moses plants a kiss on the PM for his leadership.

David Thompson says no to violent Jamaican dance hall culture

Prime Minister Thompson just delivered an unequivocal message: We the people of Barbados don’t want the violent dance hall culture of Jamaica in our country and we sure don’t want our young people exposed to the people who promote this destructive influence.

The PM spoke in a very politic manner, giving as little offense as he could in the circumstances. One has to admire not only the statesmanship of his delivery but also the leadership he exhibited by wading into a mess that had become important enough to require the intervention of the Prime Minister.

Said the PM, “I don’t feel in this particular instance people should be demonised for a well-intentioned effort that could have gone awry, but in circumstances where there is public concern and where the State needs to intervene to protect our young people we will do it…”

Violent culture is a circle – not a linear cause and effect

We won’t re-hash the entire controversy here – except to say that Jamaican violence is a circular problem that is fed by the music of the day and the personalities associated with the music.

Folks can argue about where the circle of Jamaican cultural violence started but that doesn’t really matter – The violence inspires the music that inspires the tribalism that inspires the violence that inspires the music… and on and on and on.

The violence is not a linear problem with specific causes and effects – but a circle that feeds upon itself.

Prime Minister David Thompson just damaged that circle by removing some of the music and conflict personalities from our society – and Barbados is safer and better off for his decision.

Thanks, Prime Minister!

Now – What about the Police leadership?

Or, to be more specific: is conflict between senior police officers negatively impacting the Royal Barbados Police Force?

In the last few days the Barbados public was treated to the disgusting spectacle of Police Commissioner Darwin Dottin having to admit that his Deputy undermined his orders and authority regarding the Vybz Kartel, Mavado concert. Dottin had announced that the police would not grant a license for the show. Hinds countermanded that decision in public.

And the very worst of it was that Commissioner Dottin had to hear about it on the public radio!

The Prime Minister was forced to step in due in part to the leadership punch-up between Dottin and Hinds. That too is embarrassing for all concerned.

So… who should resign, Dottin or Hinds?

That gets complex because it is more than time for Dottin to go – but in this case Hinds was wrong to go behind the Commissioner’s back.

Perhaps the answer is to fire retire both of them and promote one of the three people we know of in the RBPF who have the right combination of professionalism and leadership talent.

Who are they? Ha! We won’t say because that would surely poison their chances. Let’s just hope that something big happens soon to provide the kind of leadership that the RBPF deserves.

Further Reading

This Nation article is a pretty good synopsis of the disgusting public quarrel between Dottin and Hinds…

Angry Chief

THE DECISION yesterday to give the green light for this weekend’s controversial Vybz Kartel and Mavado show has opened a potential row between Commissioner of Police Darwin Dottin and his deputy Bertie Hinds.

In an exclusive interview, a visibly upset Dottin told THE NATION yesterday that he first learnt of the decision to grant licences for the show through a radio news flash while on his way to Grantley Adams International Airport.

“It sends a very bad image and message that the Commissioner of Police has been having discussions on these issues and nobody had the decency to consult him.

“It reflects very poorly on the administration of the force,” he added.

Confirmed reports indicated that Hinds, who acts as commissioner while Dottin is on leave, made the decision to grant the promoters requested licences for the show during a meeting yesterday.

When contacted for comment that he acted contrary to the force’s protocol, Hinds would only say: “I have nothing to say, full-stop.”

… continue reading this article at The Nation: Angry Chief


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32 responses to “Thumbs Up for Barbados Prime Minister as he cancels Vybz Kartel, Mavado concert

  1. Visus

    Take a pat on the back PM. This is how you can the youth you are serious about their well being.

    We cannot be saying in one breath we are trying to save the youth, and yet in another give the green light to negative influences on their lives.

    Here is a line from the lips of one of the “artist”:

    “Ride pon di cocky like ah bicycle”

    What is this person telling our girl children to do?

    The Jamaican government is trying to put a stop to lewd and violent music, yet we were about to support it if Mr. Thompson didn’t step in.

    Our Promoters will now start to think twice before they bring trash to dump on our shores.

  2. Rumboy.

    Congratulations to the PM. He took a decision and acted on it regardless of whatever if any backlash that will come.

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  4. Alex Fergusson

    Mr. Darwin Dottin – the Commissioner of Police of Barbados, is the one who should be congratulated.

    It is he who said “no.”

    The show could only have happened if permission was granted under Section 5 of the Public Order Act, Cap. 168A of the laws of Barbados.

    The only person who can give any such approval is the Commissioner of Police of Barbados – not no Prime Minister.

    This raises the issue of his Deputy. If the real Commissioner said “no,” who asked him to say “yes” before the PM was pressured by the society to take the lead set by Commissioner Dottin?

  5. Love

    Hello BFP,

    I always told you we had the best PM in the Commonwealth in the person of the Hon. David Thompson.

    Just imagine if we had ITAL in place….how difficult it would have been for the PM to take that decision….since the big – ups in the Private and Public sector would have stone – walled and tied the hands of PM Thompson.

    Thank goodness we in the DLP did not rush and put an haphazard ITAL arrangement in place.

    The DEMS always choose the best pathways…to PROGRESS !

  6. hil.arious

    The tune changed.The PM cancelled the show in light of public outcry. Someone had the proposal for the show and it had that the show was under his patronage.
    Still think he is the best PM in the Commonwealth?
    Get hold of the sponsorship proposal BFP. Then see if you still would Kiss him on the cheek

  7. iWatchya

    Why didn’t the PM make this decision earlier??

    Could it be that he realised that he could not keep quiet and back the project, while keeping his popularity up?

    Sounds very much like the same back-biting person that cut his best friend’s throat so he could be PM.

  8. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    The PM did not cancel the event: he announced that it had been cancelled, following a meeting he had had with the organizers. That’s not a trivial point as goes to what the government can do. It surely helped avoid the further awkwardness caused by one competent authority first not approving of the event then agreeing to grant a licence.

    As I’m listening to the radio as I write I should add that cancelling the event only changes one possible avenue for access to the music and performers that is offending some. I also recall seeing a group of young people crowded around a cell phone on the side of the road as I drove along: they were hollering and carrying on. It did not seem that they were having a phone conversation, rather watching a video, enjoying a shared message, listening to some tune, etc. A door of sorts may be closed but the barn is still wide open.

  9. ac

    The lack of good parenting has given the government parental rights in such matters.

  10. crossroads

    Next question to PM, What will come of Estwick for pulling a gun on Dale Marshall in HOA?

  11. ac

    What next rum shops? Why not close them . They contribute to driving under the influence.

  12. Meanwhile the PM heads off to another Jah Cure concert while reading Harry Potter, oops – he may try out “Wingardium Leviosa”?? Yes, it’s amazing what can influence us mere mortals…

  13. Frank Belgrave

    I am not in favor of banning shows or restricting any form of art. Despite what we think this music is an art form. We are indeed setting a dangerous precedence when the prime minister is involved in banning a show without there being a track record of violence by these artist or fans of these performers in this country. In otherwords if these performers were in Barbados before and we had problems with their show(s) then they should be banned. This is in effect finding the performers guilty before the fact.
    I am fully aware that these two(Movado and Vybes ) are not candy as one would put it, but the authorities cannot be seen to discriminate against anyone or any particular art form.
    This, my people, is dangerous. Just stop and think a little. In all free and democratic societies there will be people, groups,entertainers and even political parties that we find dispicable( eg. The far right groups like BNP). These however have the right to exist, hold meetings and preach their messages as long as no laws are broken.
    Where does it stop. We now have a politician threating calypsonians who write in his words a lot of “rubbish,trash and foolishness” to be aware. What is rubbish to one man is sweet music to others particularly the young. I am sorry but unless you are an expert in a particular area your views on that subject are just a personal opinion.
    We have to allow this diversity in all areas for all to prosper. We have to allow a free and open society as we have done in the past. This discrimination should stop now before we start down a slippery slope from which there is no return. .

  14. Micah

    I just have two questions on this matter, first if the PM announcing the cancellation of this show means that the Government (and thus us taxpayers) have agreed to be, or are going to be, financially responsible for any of the costs incurred by the organisers in planning the show; and second, whether there will now be a concerted effort to keep the music,which these artists produce and which is so objectionable, away from the airwaves and other access to our youth and older persons who may be susceptible to its corrupting influences.

  15. Nonsense

    I like de gullyside, i cum from boscobell,I did looking forward to de people pelting de two o dem off fuh cant sing wah de crowd want to hear.

  16. Foolishness

    Movado & Vybz cant come because of the influence of their lyrics, because of course the majority of the youth live without contact from the outside world, having no access to internet, tv or radio.

    Come on Barbados why not censor and ban all avenues and outlets to this type of behaviour? Take it off the radio, take BET off of MCTV while your at it and ban & demote Rihanna as well with her very provocative “rude boy is you big enough” lyrics. Ban all access to youtube too, and censor all the google search results. Leave no stone unturned as clearly parenting skills are a thing of the past.

    Lack of parenting skills is quite obvious, especially when you have your own MPs running around not supporting their “outside” children and then pulling guns on fellow MPs in parliament when it is mentioned.

  17. Hants

    Why don’t we all go to youtube and listen to the two artistes and judge for ourselves if the lyrics are good for our children and Auntie Moses?

  18. Josquin Desprez

    The best PM in the Commonwealth?
    Dottin said “No” to the show, and while he was on his way out of the island, Bertie, who is a well known DEM,said “Yes”. Then Thompson holds a press conference to tell Barbadians that the show was cancelled. This is political strategy at work. I smell Hartley Henry. Thompson is all about improving his image, and wants to come across to society as Mr. Morals. He is just a politician, and we all know that they lie, cheat, and steal.
    Another thing, the DLP is using CBC as their public relations agency, as well as the Advocate newspaper. Every night the CBC news always feature some minister, MP, or DLP event. Stephen Lashley’s speech was broadcasted, the DLP lectures, and now the constituency conferences are broadcasted “live” on the 100.7 fm.
    Who is paying for this, the taxpayers or CBC.

  19. theNickster

    Not that I care whether they came or not, the fact of the matter is, what is the purpose of being acting commissioner if you can’t make a decision with out it being undermined (or in this case over-mined). If the individual that made the decision can’t be left unsupervised why doesn’t the commissioner leave a card board cut out of himself in the chair, while he is away and have one less person to pay.
    The Prime minister’s little speech only says a few things none of which have anything to do with “youth” saving or other such rhetorical nonsense:

    The Commissioner has no faith in the screening abilities of the Jamaican airport authorities,

    the commissioner and PM have no faith in the screening abilities of the GAI Airport,

    neither of them have faith in the security forces and police force of this nation,

    they seem to be ignorant of “age limit” and no “access to minors” stipulations.

    There seems to be something else going on here that Thompson and Co. want to keep us distracted from, open your eyes people.

  20. Tell me Why

    Get serious people. The proposed show was under the auspices of a Government Agency with a parliamentary member in charge. A proposal and budget would have been submitted to The Ministry of Youth; the Ministry of education (as you know Hon. Jones was against it) and the Ministry of Security and Immigration (Isn’t these ministry held by the PM?). Oops! we really fell for this theatrical ending. I am saying…this show should have stopped in its embryo stage. It was poorly conceived, it was poorly executed, it showed the gullibility of partisan politics to cloud our people. I salute you Hon Ronald Jones, I salute you Hon Stephen Lashley and the architect responsible for the cancellation of the show Commissioner of Police – Mr. Darwin Dottin.

  21. Nonsense

    Well I dont want no double standards between Gully and gaza in we parliment yard,lemme see if them mekking mock sport at we fuh true.

  22. Mystic

    Wouldn’t a cancellation of Reggae on the Hill a grand occasion for the Prime minister too?
    Politics must take a back seat. Time to weed out the bad eddoes . Spring time it is.

  23. ''''''FIRE''''''


  24. ''''''FIRE''''''


    I commend you for your comments and I endorse every word that you have written here.

    Thank you for your wisdom
    It is people such as you that give me hope amidst folly.

  25. ac

    That Tin Horn Dictator Minister of Education Ronald Jones needs to be Stopped!

  26. whistling frog

    I really have to say,,,,YOU THE MAN THOMPSON,,,,, here we have a leader with what they call down south,,(I mean South America),, BIG COJONES oohh mann… I really like it when the big boy comes in and settles a misadventure once and for all,,, LIKE I IS THE ONE <<YOU ALL UNDERSTAND THAT NOW GO AND *8****77&&& yourselves and dont mention a word to any Parasites or those nosy media people,,,yuh understand…… nothing will or will be not until the next time round…….. TALK TO THE HAND!!!!!!!!!!

  27. whistling frog

    With reference to South America………
    I really dont want to intend that we are going the S.A.Way God forbid ……Whatever God you or you hold dearly…… My limited speculation on the present South American situation is that YOU CAN FOOL THE PEOPLE (The Impoverished) Most of the time and most of the time you can fool them all the time…..Keep them ignorant and feed them BS and Whoopey!!!! Voila! I see You,,, I Have You !!!!!! BAZINGA!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOH WHAT HAS BECOME OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!

  28. bajan beauty

    Prime Minister good on you ban them everytime.The lyrics of those two are not aired on the airways in Jamacia so why are they allowed to be in Barbados.

  29. bajan beauty

    Gully ,Gaza ,well i’ve never heard anything so bazaar.How can the youth of Barbados who are exposed to education allow themselevs to be swayed by the lyrics of Two Idiots.The name that they have affliliated themselve with has no positves only death and destruction.People with anykind of sense knows that you dont akin yourselve with those kinds of behaviour and to make matters worse ,Jamacia is so far away from from that region of the world so why on earth would you want to be assosiated with warring factions, and the chances are these followers of gully and gaza dont even know why theres so much conflict in that region,but the names sound cool so we’ll run with them.BAJAN youth STUPIDITY is a crime and you are exposed to too much education to be charged with it.

  30. farakan

    it very very strange to me that a p.m must get caugt up in such issues when there more pressing and important issues that need the upmost attention of the p.m office
    now when there was elcetion the p.m did not have an issues with having jamacian artiste coming to inflluence the youth to vote for his party …no

    also the same vybes kaytel is here in barbados their music is played on the air waves in dance halls .as music tones on cell phone …what shpould have been done was to ban the music from the air waves and the dance halls

    the p.m has said he respond to public out cry …gosh the people of barbados has been complaing begging about the cost of living being so high how come he has’t done a thing to curb the high cost of living or he need to have a jamacia artiste in volve in that also for he to do some thing about it …….or he is so ashame to do any thing be cuase that is to high for him ……..what is need is for the p.m to acept he is p.m and do the job we elected you to do …allow poor bajans to make a living and make advances in their own life ..and not let us go back to coal pot or suct lamps

  31. Avatar Gurl


    Yeah, let’s censor EVERYTHING!

    Because we are too STUPID to make our own decisions, to experiment, to learn!


    “Music makes us do stuff.” NO IT DOESN’T, WE make ourselves do stuff! DO we have THAT little intelligence? Damn, we’re getting on as if we’re skinless apes…wait, hold on…WE ARE! (At least from the way we’re behaving!)

    Take responsibility, and fix yourself. Straight up.

  32. charl740

    i dont feel that wunna see it,de top cop said no.then de 2nd said so de pm had to come out and support de top cop because it would not have been good for the moral in the force or the ppl of the country he had to make it known that de top cop is in charge and if de show da come off de pm would have been back stage as usual ,and all de big talk wunna putting down thanking de pm he had de same kartel at iliaro court chilling out so study it