Barbados Court: Murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld only worth 10 years in prison – Hunted down on beach in broad daylight

Murdered Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld

UPDATE: Victim Impact Statement as read in court

Our Take on the light sentence:

A plea bargain to dispose of the ugly situation as soon as possible. Only ten years for hunting down a tourist on the beach and beating her to death.

Barbados doesn’t want any scrutiny about robbery, rape and violence against tourists by the same accused at the same location for a year prior to the Schwarzfeld murder. Wouldn’t want the Royal Barbados Police Force to look stupid. Bad for business. “Say… what’s on TV tonight? Anything of interest happen at work today dear?”

Adrian Loveridge, small hotel owner

Bajan hotel owner Adrian Loveridge comments on the lousy 10 year sentence…

‘10 years for killing visitor’

Sometimes people have to speak out and if that means there are consequences, then so-be-it.

Curtis Joel Foster had already been convicted of 8 robberies including 5 on visitors. We know that at least two of these involved extreme violence because my wife personally treated two of the victims.

Mitigating arguments by the defence lawyer included ‘The court does accept that there was no use of a firearm’, but that is NOT true according to a victim impact statement issued by the husband of the murdered Teresa Schwarzfeld, Stephen Cotsman and printed in the Ottawa Citizen on 22 March and other Canwest publications across Canada.

He stated ‘we understand that he (Foster) has not admitted to what really occured and this adds to our family’s pain. Luana Cotsman is a survivor of the attack and knows exactly what happened’.

‘First, Foster accosted them with a gun and demanded money’.

‘Then, when they truthfully told him that they did not have any (money), he ran back to the bushes and retrieved a big piece of wood (the size of a baseball bat) and chased them as they ran for safety. He caught up with Terry and hit her on the back of the head – so hard that he fractured her skull. Terry never woke up again’.

And what of the rape charge?

One has to ask if the sentence matches the crimes committed and what sort of message is Barbados sending over its concerns for the safety and security of visitors to our shores?

Our deepest sympathies go out to the grieving family with the assurance that some of us do not consider the sentence passed anywhere close to being applicable to the severity of the crimes committed.

Adrian Loveridge

(And all of us at Barbados Free Press sign on to Adrian’s position: Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert & Auntie Moses)


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32 responses to “Barbados Court: Murder of Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld only worth 10 years in prison – Hunted down on beach in broad daylight

  1. Crossroads

    I was disgusted this morning when I saw the article in the Nation. Justice Randal Worrel has disappointed me in this matter. Foster should have been hanged or given a life sentence.

  2. Donald Duck, Esq

    I am also disgusted at the sentence. He will probably be out in 7 years and be a repeat offender.

  3. Friend of Terry's

    I can only say that I will do everything in my power to dissuade anyone from ever going to Barbados. Safe island? I don’t think so. Especially in 10 years when Curtis Joel Foster will be on the loose again.

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  5. PiedPiper

    This is an abomination and perversion of what we know as justice. Curtis Foster had formed the intent to grievously injure these women as they fled for their lives. He never should have been given the option to pleas bargain. In any civilized country, if you kill someone in the commission of a robbery, it is MURDER ONE. What sort of example is the Barbados Court setting when they give a ten year sentence for intentional homicide? Canadians have made up a very large proportion of tourism to Barbados but I can assure you that the numbers of Canadians visiting Barbados will go on a steep decline.

  6. Vernita

    Terry’s Friend, Barbados is indeed a wonderful and safe place, unfortunately there are people like Mr. Foster who is mentally ill in the midst of us. This is an isolated incident and I can understand how you feel, but please don’t penalise the entire country, maybe you can protest to the law courts of Barbados.

  7. GH

    How much would he get in Canada? Let us assume ten years with a two for one credit for time served. He’d be out in five!

  8. Hants

    @Donald Duck, Esq,

    In Canada this man would be sent to a mental Institution and likely be back on the street in about 3 years.

    I think he should be sent to Jenkins indefinately.

  9. In reality

    People are not sentenced to hanging in Barbados for ‘manslaughter’. A sentence of hanging only occurs when a person has been convicted of ‘murder’ outright.
    I believe the maximum sentence on conviction of manslaughter in Barbados is 25 years to life.
    At the very least, given the number of these crimes that he committed against other persons at the very least I think he should have been given 20 years.

  10. Fish Pot

    Wonder if the lawyers that defend these people sleep good at night?

  11. Crossroads

    In reality he should have gotten a ‘murder conviction” …..

  12. ComeHere

    Unquestionably, this judicial insanity will negatively impact Canadian tourism for years to come. This half-wit “youth” has committed who knows how many crimes—he was caught and convicted of 8!! It shows how simple we are as a nation. Poor little fellow was just looking for money from a rich tourist—he didn’t MEAN to kill her. Why didn’t the police just shoot him ala Winston Hall? Barbados has enough problems with the sanctioned looting and pillaging of our Treasury. Now this abomination—the world laughs at and mocks this ragtime Banana Republic !!

  13. Sing-a-song

    This vermin ran down the victim and killed her. He was not defending himself from attack, the victim did not antagonize the vermin Foster. They did not know each other before that terrible day. Yet we are asked to accept that this killing was “manslaughter” and not “murder”. Please read the following link and decide for yourself.

    A man lays in wait to rob any hapless passerby. When the victim turns out to have nothing of value, she is clubbed to death. We are asked to accept that a blow to the head with a large heavy piece of wood was done with no intention to kill! If the vermin is of unsound mind then why was he not committed indefinitely to the psychiatric hospital?

    So in 7 – 8 years (remember a prison year is 9 months) this menace will be released to threaten society once more. That the Canadian criminal justice system is even more absurdly lenient is no comfort to me.

  14. john

    Given the family wasn’t told about the charge I hope the police have actually told them he’s been convicted with such a light sentence. What about all the other charges, the robberies, the rape??? Was that all part of the plea bargain, “I’ll confess to manslaughter if you drop the other charges” something stinks here!!!

  15. john

    Incidentally – I haven’t seen a police car in the Long Beach area for months!!!! So much for increased vigilance Mr Dottin!!!

    Was the light sentence given so as not draw too much attention the area that could be home to a concrete environmental nightmare worth millions to the DLP????

  16. Crusoe

    Sincere condolences to the family of the victims.

    Maybe when he comes out in seven or ten years, next time he will accost a bajan who is packing a gun.

    That will be the end of it.

    Or would the DPP / Police then want to charge the bajan victim with ‘excessive force’??

  17. Pat

    @ Pied Piper

    What about Karla Holmolka? How many teenagers were killed? How many years did she get? Where is she now with her new ‘identity’?
    What about the man that decapitated another two years ago on a greyhound bus? According to his Dr. he is doing very well and should be “out” in five years.

    Barbados has nothing to do with it. It is the system, here, there and everywhere.

  18. Hants

    The Supreme Court of Canada this morning ruled on the case of a Kelowna man convicted of stabbing his wife 47 times. After Bert Stone was found guilty of manslaughter and ordered to serve four years in prison,

    Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Donna Read accepted a joint submission for a 13-year prison sentence and gave Stewart, a former magician, clown and tattoo artist, 64 months’ credit for the 32 months he spent in pretrial custody, leaving him with seven years, eight months to serve.

  19. Johnny Postle

    BFP before I make my comments, I am asking your permission to swear in the worse bajan bad words imaginable to describe how I feel about our judicial process and the educated cunts who manage it. Do I have your permission. Awaiting your reply.

  20. oh come on

    this disgust is only echoed becuz it was a tourist killed and not a bajan

    read the paper today

    first time killer gets 9 years

    2nd time killer gets 12

    i also believe that murder should be punished severely but curtis was sentenced in this case without bias of who was killed or what international attention it brought.

    isnt this what we want in the judicial system? unbiased sentencing? is the life of a tourist more or less valuable than the life of a bajan?

    where is the outcry for all the murderers who get around the same time for killing a bajan?

    wake up ppl, be outspoken for all sentences involving the murder of a human life, not only when it is publicized internationally or when it is a tourist.

  21. PiedPiper

    Pat, I knew I could lure you out of your hole. Aren’t you the person who has proclaimed over and over again at BU that you would never stoop so low as to post ever again at BFP? Can you spell “hypocrit”?

    As a direct reply to the 2 Canadian cases you have cited: Karla Homolka – they had no choice but to cut a deal with her, it was the only way they could get her husband, Paul Bernardo. The Mad Decapitator – found guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a secure mental institution for the criminally insane. His mental status will be reviewed before he is ever allowed free. Perhaps you can explain to me how these two cases in any way are the same as Curtis Foster’s who was found guilty of manslaughter and had no partner assisting him in his crimes?

  22. Adrian Loveridge


    Back page NATION Thursday 25th March 2010

    ‘Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Charles Leacock, QC, is contending that the sentence on Curtis Joel Foster does not reflect the gravity of the offence’

    ‘It is contended (the document read) that the sentence of ten years imposed on (Foster) for the offence of manslaughter is unduly lenient in the circumstances’.

    ‘It is contended that the sentence does not reflect the public’s concern about offences of this nature’.

    There still to many unaswered questions.

    What happened to the rape charge?

    Did the eight robberies including five on visitors involve violence and was this taken into consideration when sentencing the ‘manslaughter’ charge?

  23. Foster Not mentally ill

    EVerybody has their problems. Foster isn’t mentally ill. He’s evil. There’s a difference.

  24. 214

    Adrain Loveridge, A Guyanese man was murdered in a busy establishment a few years back, the murderer was never caught, however, you never commented on the blogs regarding the murder of the Guyanese man, and I know the reason, because the man was a dougla and a Guyanese, but WOW just because Mrs. Schwartzfield was white and a Canadian you are questioning the judicial system, in essence you want the court system to hang Mr. Foster, or lock him away for good. I am not siding with Mr. Foster, that was a terrible thing for him to do to a visitor, but you only speak out if it is white people, otherwise you are very are very mum.

  25. grantel

    The loss of every human life is regrettable. Some of the comments which pass for discussion leave me disturbed as I cannot remember similar alarm being expressed at what I consider to be travesties of justice. It is increasingly evident that prosecutors are willing to accept manslaughter pleas and judges “lenient” sentences in cases that to me demanded the maximum sentence

  26. Cavares

    There goes WHITE Adrian Loveridge again… always speaking out for WHITE people, but never a word out of him when BLACK people are killed.

    Of course, it is WHITE people who bring the dollar bills into his hotel, so he is right to put his mouth where his money is.

  27. BFP

    To Carvares,

    And there go you again – never supporting anything or any position taken by any person who is not of your race. Whether a person is indian, chinese, asian, Guyanese or white – you hate them all.

    Same old, same old. Go back to BU where they appreciate solid racists like yourself.

  28. ru4real

    Disgusting shameful comments here.
    A 60 woman who has been coming to Barbados for 20 years as a tourist is brutally murdered by a 25 year old maniac and somehow the color of her skin matters.
    It does not dismiss the heinous and cowardly nature of the crime and makes a total mockery of the judicial system .
    It also sends out a strong message to tourists – come here and get murdered and see how much we care.

  29. cq8

    ru4real, check Barbados Underground they celebrate racial comments like Cavares. Roosevelt O King (head of BANGO Barbados Association of Non Government Organisations) made filthy comments about white women. Someone else called the murder victim “white trash”

    BFP did a story: Murdered Canadian Tourist Terry Schwarzfeld Called “White Trash” – Senior Advisor to Barbados Prime Minister Publishes Articles on Same Racist Website!

  30. GTPtraveler

    As a Canadian who has recently booked a cruise leaving out of Barbados in the upcoming winter, I am a bit concerned that the discussion of tourism safety, government policy and true Barbadian remorse through various threads, has brought me to this page of racist innuendo. It makes it seem that most of the comments of outrage about the attacks were made because of an underlying fear of not letting the tourist dollar slip away… as opposed to ‘true remorse’ that a visitor to your island was brutally beaten and killed.
    As surprising as this must seem, Canada is very multi-cultural and represent people of every ethnic background. The tourist in question could have been black, white, red, brown or yellow. The colour of tourist killed would not make a difference to a potential tourist. Putting a racist twist on an already upsetting tourism problem only makes it worse.
    So now we (tourists) search on racism in Barbados, and see that it is indeed a deep problem as well as potentially dangerous.

  31. Drew

    The officials in B’dos need to do a better job of keeping tourist safe. OMG its a very small place to cover with security. Secondly, tourist must realize that there is no safe place on earth. But the bajan authorities must be commended for bringing the culprit to Justice. The barbadian Justice system is pre-historic. It has to be modernized, along with its political system. The system is not dynamic enough to have avoided a Judge with a track record like Judge Worrell. Lastly, the system failed Foster as well, if there was a history of mental illness and crimes. He should have been on a monitoring device. In the Global economy, and the www, barbados has to do a better job with its only worthwhile industry left. Crimes against tourist must be treated fiercely. The system should have a format in-place to appeal the sentence. If there was overwhelming evidence, why was a plea offered. The system sucks! Also, crime is a worldwide epidemic. There isn’t anything dubious about the atrociously cruel and evil nature of foster. Whether or not it is prompted by Psychosis or not. He should have been sentenced to a life of treament at Jenkins with electronic monitoring, and more than 10 years of incarceration. Travel agents can book destinations that appear safer.

  32. 172

    i am a close friend of terry’s niece, and adrian, u can rot in hell for what u have done, my mother was murderd by the same type of person u r, scum, i loved my mother and she was taken away from me and my sisters by a sleez bag like urself, and to all the family of Terry Schwarzfeld i am truly sorry for the loss u have been thru, ik how hard ir is loosing a loved one like that, so i am always here to support u guys, u may not know me, but i am deeple sorry for the loss of a family member v.v i hope life gets better for all u, sincirly Exelion, Aria Ferranew, Rose Aliston, Nykoa Derringer, And Nannally rein -may god b with u, Schwarzfeld family-