Part-time Member of Parliament William Duguid waiting for pension before bailing out

Dear Barbados Free Press,

I hope Barbadians understand now that most people entering politics are not motivated by an quest, as they are wont to spew, to represent the people. Most of them are motivated by a personal agenda.

A year and a half ago news broke that William Duguid was hardly attending parliament and was barely making the basic requirements to keep his seat. Oh he rushed in the paper and said that was not true etc etc.

Lo and behold the truth has come to light.

But the reason I said most candidates are personally motivated these days is that Duguid knew that if he had quit a year and a half ago he would have been short of the ten year or two term requirement for pension. So what do you do? Keep spending three weeks in Canada and rush back so that you don’t miss four sittings (which I think it is) and then rush back off to Canada  again.

What has me puzzled is that we used to hear how Duguid had a fantastic dental practice and how he was such a great dental surgeon. You think that if that was the case it would have translated into monetary gains once one is dedicated to the practice. But to give up a ‘lucrative’
dental practice to go and speculate with regard to real estate in Canada sounds very dubious. It sounds as if he is running from something. At one stage he even talked about having leadership (Prime Ministerial) ambition.

I just hope that the electors realise one thing: IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE PEOPLE.

Little Boy Bleu

BFP Editor Replies…

Hi LBB, we think you are too cynical by half – and we know cynical!

Way back in 2006 and early 2007 William Duguid was a frequent commenter on BFP – at least until the questions about his government became too direct and unanswerable. While the dear doctor might be making a strategic decision at this point based upon the fact that it is unlikely that the BLP will form the government after the next election, that doesn’t take away from his original intents upon entering politics.

We have no doubt that William sincerely thought he would be able to work within the political system to “do good” as he says. The problem we see with new politicians is that they are almost immediately seduced by their more experienced mentors to take advantage of a system that has no rules about conflicts of interest or misuse of office. Who could withstand the temptation of running wild in a candy store with no rules? You? Me?

We saw the BLP turn into a gang of thieves and we’re now watching the same thing with the current DLP government. It’s all too easy for a politician to make big money under the current free-for-all and that’s why Thompson and his gang did not implement a Ministerial Code on their first day in office as they promised to do. We also said that Thompson and the DLP would stall and sabotage the promised Integrity Legislation and that’s exactly what has happened.

As to Duguid not finishing out his term in a proper matter, we share your concern. One would think that honour would demand an MP to be on the island for the vast majority his time – not just when parliament is in session. The job that Dr. Duguid took on demands much more than just showing up in Parliament. Although Duguid has been very careful of late to orchestrate appearances in the press, he is seldom seen by his constituents anymore.

(And please, Doctor Duguid: unless you’re willing to publish your the Air Canada flight details of your coming and going – don’t waste our time with some statement full of generalities. Publish your flight information and then we’ll talk, Doc.)

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14 responses to “Part-time Member of Parliament William Duguid waiting for pension before bailing out

  1. Something(s) Happening

    We saw the BLP turn into a gang of thieves and we’re now watching the same thing with the current DLP government.

    Hello BFP,

    An exceptionally well written article…..until you indicated that this honest DLP gov’t is doing the same things as the BEES.

    I know it must have been a misqoute on your part.

    The DLP is moving assiduously to get ITAL into the pysche of Barbadian minds and Barbadian society…..unfortunately some big ups in the public and private sector have been stonewalling the process.

    As a caring government the DLP does / cannot steam roll ITAL into place.

    But let’s agree we are closer to something being in place than we were in December 2007 under Owen and his gang.

    Long Live Democracy…..under the DEMS !


    I hope one day you’ll get it. Wise up! LIFE: social climbing, achieving… it’s about money – power – sex – in whatever order you want. Dugid is one example, but should I fill your pages with a litany of names?

    Politicians, pastors, professional people, merchants, everyday types, – it’s the same agenda. It puzzles me that stuff is right before your eyes… but you will not see. You do not WANT to see.

    Why not let’s talk about something more topical that’s never aired… like about slavery and how it has disenfranchised us white people…. we suffer and are blocked and are taken advantage of by a black government, black civil service, black politicians, black priests, black governor general, black chief justice, black people in all the positions in the banks and insurance companies, black people in the house and senate, black people driving all the PSVs, blacks teaching in the schools, I don’t think this topic has ever been broached…. let’s get it on….

  3. 113

    Hello snapshot or whiteshot, whatever !

    Who stop you or your folks from joining the public service or police force ?

  4. the hood

    Yeah Mr. Snapshot/Bigshot, WHO, WHO preventing you all from getting involved in all these careers?

  5. BFP

    Hello Something(s) Happening

    The Ministerial Code has absolutely nothing to do with stonewalling by the civil servants (neither does ITAL, but we’ll leave that for now)

    Thompson and the DLP promised in writing to “immediately” implement a ministerial code that would, amongst other things, make it against the code for civil servants to award government contracts to themselves or companies in which they had an interest of any kind. That was to be a move of declaring policy – not legislation and that’s why it could have been done “immediately” upon assuming office.

    Thompson raised it at the first cabinet meeting and his people rebelled. Now that they have the power they intend to feast at the fatted calf for a while.

    The current ITAL delay tactic by Thompson is to attempt to include the private sector in the legislation, which guarantees its failure to pass.

    Thompson could have done so much that he promised to do, but he didn’t give promises during the election campaign – he told lies.

  6. Johnny Postle

    The man was just an opportunistic wind bag. He did not nothing much for the people of his constituency but certainly did alot for himself and his family. Bajans are such idiots not to recognize the shite that the BLP have done. And worst yet, they seeing the shite the DLP doing and want to castigate them but allowing the BLP to get way with their loot and plunder of the island’s treasure chest.


    Nobody stops us … we don’t go where we ARE NOT WANTED.

  8. Johnny Postle

    Snapshot stop talking shite. Of all the white people I have problems with is the ones that exist in Barbados. Firstly, most of you, if not all, are highly racist, insulting and antisocial. Secondly, your exploitation of locals in the merchant trade is nothing short of criminal, since you practically control and influence the economy of Barbados. Who the heck are you trying to convince with your black man ruling everything diatribe or diashite. And for us blacks, we could learn a thing or two from how the whites operate as a collective cohesive unit and why they are so successful. When compared to blacks, who have not gotten passed the ‘crab in the barrell’ mindset, we are a bunch of lazy ass complainers who do not know the difference between united we stand divided we fall. All we do is blame every thing on slavery and the whiteman. Too f….king ignorant is what I think about blacks.

  9. Looking

    Duguid is just another example of “all for yourself!” It is obvious he NEVER has the interest of the electorate at heart.

    Lucrative practice + parliamentary pension = good living!

    JP –
    You’ve mentioned the short comings of Blacks.

    Please give me a solution or solutions

  10. Rumboy.

    Snapshot ain’t white and that’s for sure.

  11. Vexed and Perplexed

    What an abuse of democracy. To busy to service the poor folks of Bonnetts, Clapham, Rockley Sargeants Village and St Matthias who supported you. How can he now find the time to fly home and walk the broiling sun with your hand pick successor Ian Bishop? Duguid, do you think we will allow you to force more of the same absentee representation on us? Don’t take us for fools where has Bishop been since the 91 election. At his ripe old age are you passing the baton to him so he can get his two terms and qualify for a pension and then maybe to be elevated to Chief Justice. No William we will not stand for it.

  12. What will they think of next

    Have you noticed that since Duguid is quiet that Barbados Free Press Exposed, The Standpipe, Cat Piss and Pepper blogs, have all disappeared?

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