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Barbados Citizens taking action against development-at-any-cost business and political elites

A victory for Citizen Action – but the fight never stops!

Updated November 28, 2011

I write to you all today bearing good news for Environmental protection in Barbados.

It was announced yesterday in the Barbados Today online magazine that the proposed¬† development for Long Beach and the Chancery Lane Wetlands was “scrapped”. According to Government officials from the Town & Country Planning Department, the application for the development was pulled. This is a GREAT day in Barbados history as we constantly struggle to preserve the natural beauty of our island.

BFP reader “A” (who never said if we should use their name)

Original story first published March 20, 2010…

Chancery Lane – Long Beach movement latest sign of citizens empowering themselves

There was a time in this country, and it wasn’t so long ago, that the business and political elites could do pretty much as they wanted without encountering too much resistance from ordinary folks. As long as the land developers could pay big money in “consulting fees” and “campaign donations”, the political elites would eventually provide the land-use approvals – knowing that cowed Bajan citizens would keep their mouths shut as their island was paved over one project at a time. Continue reading


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