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Natalee Holloway skeleton photographed? Photo is “on its way to Bridgetown Barbados” FBI office.

U.S. Tourists go to media after FBI inaction

An American tourist to Aruba might have photographed Natalee Holloway’s skeleton on the bottom of the ocean in October of 2009. John Muldowney of Manheim, Pennsylvania made some photographs of the sea bottom while on vacation in Aruba but didn’t notice what appears to be a dressed skeleton until he and his wife reviewed their photos after returning home.

Muldowney turned the photos over to the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) but just now went to the news media after the FBI did nothing for many months.

(Hey… was that FBI office staffed with ex-RBPF officers?)

You can see the photo above – and what is that straight striped object to the right? That looks to be man-made to me – but then again I’m a drunk, not a forensic expert. Sometimes there’s a difference, ya know!

Does the photo show the last remains of the missing Natalee Holloway? Stay tuned…

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