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Yes or No? Will Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe make a clear statement against development at Long Beach?

The Abed family is heavily involved with DLP financing and politics. How much will that count for the Abed family's Long Beach development application?

Will Denis Lowe speak against or for Long Beach development?

Or… will he take the coward’s way out and remain silent?

Barbados Environment Minister Denis Lowe (left) at Long Beach

It’s a pretty simple question but somehow I just can’t imagine that Dr. Lowe’s constituents will be able to get a clear answer from their Member of Parliament at the Constituency Conference today at 4pm – Sunday March 14, 2010.

Unfortunately in the past Dr. Lowe has shown himself to be evasive and even deceitful regarding the preservation of our natural habitats. Don’t forget – after campaigning for years to maintain the Graeme Hall wetlands and watershed, the moment Dr. Lowe was elected and saw the financial potential now that his party was in charge, Dr. Lowe personally voted to remove long-standing protections against development at Graeme Hall.

Dr. Lowe’s vote also killed the long-proposed Graeme Hall National Park.

New clothes, new cars and a new attitude from the DLP

Yup – as I recall the change in attitude happened just around the time that Denis and all his DLP colleagues returned from their celebratory trip to Miami with thousands of dollars each of new suits, shirts, ties and shoes. I can’t remember if that trip was just after or just before the fancy new vehicles arrived – but those of us who live near Christ Church East remarked at the time that it didn’t take long for Denis and his friends to “settle in” to their new jobs.

Nope, it didn’t take long at all.

Let’s make sure there is a good turnout for today’s Constituency Conference.

Will Environment Minister Denis Lowe make a clear statement against the proposed new hotel development at Long Beach?

Here’s the details of the conference, courtesy of Dr. Lowe’s office…

“The Constituency Conference in which your Member of Parliament ( Dr. the Hon. Denis S. Lowe) is required to report to his constituents on his stewardship over the last two years will be held on Sunday March 14th, 2010 at The St. Christopher’s Primary School @ 4:00 p.m.

I urged you to come on out and bring your entire family, your neighbour and hear what Minister Lowe, M.P. has been doing within the Constituency of Christ Church East.

Please feel free to contact the office for more information.

Ms. Gail-ann Phillips, Personal Assistant to the 
Minister of The Environment, Water Resources & Drainage

(246) 420-8086 (Personal Assistant) (246) 420-6759  ( Main Office)”

Further Reading

BFP March 7, 2010: Barbados Environmental Protection Department slams Long Beach development proposal

Long Beach Documents online resource (courtesy of Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary)


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How much do our politicians and senior civil servants earn in salaries and extras?

“It is my understanding that public servants salaries are a matter of National Record.

I would like to know if you can help me find the salaries of this group – ONLINE.

I have for the salary scales for a number of categories attached to the Civil Establishment Act 2005, but I want a complete list including the salaries of the Governor General, Chief Justice, Prime Minister, Ministers, MPs, Commissioner of Police etc.”

… email from a Barbados Free Press reader

BFP answers

We don’t know where to find the information you seek for Barbados. In the U.K. such information is available online – including specific payments to individual politicians. Here’s the UK Parliamentary website: Pay and Allowances for MPs.

Perhaps some of our readers can offer more information? Is there anywhere that Bajan citizens can view this information online?


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