Rawdon “Rawdi” Adams: The question he was never asked…

Ian Bourne interviews Rawdi Adams – the son of Barbados’ second Prime Minister: Tom Adams

Our old friend Ian Bourne cornered Rawdon Adams the other night for an exclusive interview and asked him a few questions that the oldstream Barbados media wouldn’t dare.

The grandson of nation-builder Grantley Adams (With Rawdi in the above photo… look at the eyes! the chin, the nose, the smile!) and the son of our second Prime Minister Tom Adams had much to say about Barbados and Bajan politics. I was, frankly, quite surprised by Rawdi’s candor – but not by Ian’s probing and opinions.

Barbados Journalist Ian Bourne

Ian Bourne is pretty good, you know. It’s a damned shame and to our nation’s loss that Ian is not financially independent enough to be the pit bull that he is capable of being. Not that we think he doesn’t do the best that can be done, you understand. It’s just that we’d just love to see Ian with about US$five million in an American bank and not having to be careful. Ian Bourne + US$5 million in the bank = nuclear bomb dropped on Bajan politics!

Okay… what did Ian ask Rawdon Adams the other night? Well… you’ll have to visit Ian’s Bajan Reporter to find out.

What didn’t Ian ask Rawdi Adams?

A simple question…

“Mr. Adams. Who’s in charge of the Barbados Labour Party at the moment: Mia Mottley or Owen Arthur?”  🙂

Check out Ian’s story: Bajan Reporter – Tom’s son knocks Thompson

You can also check out Rawdi Adams’ blog too! Capital Chronicle even though Adams was dead wrong about shorting Apple stock!

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23 responses to “Rawdon “Rawdi” Adams: The question he was never asked…

  1. Hants

    Rawdon Adams could be the BLP’s great right hope.

    He has the Adams legacy on which to build a political career in Barbados.
    Like father like son?

    I bet he would have the support of Owen in the silent quest for anybody but Mottley as leader.

  2. I got news for you, I think Mia is looking to cultivate him that way, read my article, Hants.

  3. Johnny Postle

    With such a fresh face in the BLP and one coming from the loins of Tom Adams, watch out DLP.

  4. Something(s) Happening

    Johnny Postle

    March 14, 2010 at 12:55 am

    With such a fresh face in the BLP and one coming from the loins of Tom Adams, watch out DLP.
    Johnny postle,

    You are joking.

    Tom Adams, his sons and BLP colleagues are all washed up humbugs !

    The DEMS are the true champions of the People’s cause.

  5. Neutral

    I think to bring in Rawdon would be a waste of time; even the former Prime Minister knew it.

    Lest we have forgotten; it was Mr. Arthur, who a few years ago tried to revive and invoke the Adams Legacy by mooting Rawdon. However, cold water was thrown on the very idea, by the elders and stakeholders of the BLP.

    Rawdon is the son of an astute politician; he is certainly no fool. Despite his public utterances of “not being a political animal”; he knows full well that he doesn’t stand a chance in this modern era of politics.

  6. Watchie

    I like what ah see.

  7. Miss Guyana World

    Sir Rawdon is very handsome, indeed! Oh my, is he married, and if not, would he like a Guyanese wife, direct from Guyana? He nice bad! I say Rawdi for Prime Minister.

  8. Miss Guyana World

    On second thought I would not like to be married to Rawdon. I saw his picture at the Nation online article and he does nothing for me. I will stick with Richard Sealey.

  9. I feel Ms Guyana World is throwing sprats – do not answer, your reply is supposed to ‘brand’ you.

    It’s like when I was at Grand Salle that night, it was felt as I was there and my father did the campaign which helped Tom win in ’76 that I, too, am a Bee.

    Having been at CBC and then at SSA, I have seen both sides and they are not pretty.

    I disagree with Rawdon – I do feel Barbados needs a VIABLE third party with distinctly different options offered by both sides, but to create such an entity in the midst of enclave manipulated by political entities growing more and more tribal like Jamaica? It is a hard road to pave, far less walk.

  10. Miss Guyana


    My comment was purely based on an innocent obseravtion of Rawdon is a handsome man. I was not making a political statement or was it my intention to create a rukkus here. The picture you have here of Rawdon shows a handsome and deboniar man mingling with guests at the Tom Adams Centre, however, the picture used by the Nation online shows a sad and gaunt looking Rawdon discussing his Dad’s death at Illaro Court and how people took out their frustrations on him because he was the son of Tom Adams.

    I think Richard Sealy is handsome too, but that is where it ends for me, as I am not a DLP supporter. I might also add that I was big suppporter of PM Arthur’s on the blogs during the last elections and I am big supporter or Mia Mottley. Now Ian let me ask you this which Guyanese would support the DLP? Anyway, my comment was not meant as a political statement, but an observation.

  11. Something(s) Happening

    Miss guyana…..I am sure Jagdeo needs you back in Guyana to pick rice in a padi field !

    There is a new Sherriff in Bridgetown now….. the short tieff from St. Peter has been sent into retirement !.

  12. Miss Guyana World

    Something, Please tell Jagdeo for me that he should take some of that remittance that I send home monthly and buy a rice combine or two to “pick” the rice and also take some lessons on how to drive a rice combine so that he can “pick” the rice himself, instead of asking nice citizens like myself to “pick” rice. You can also remind him that I am a better commodity abroad than at home, for it seems like he is suffering from diementia.

  13. Something(s) Happening

    Alright Miss Guyana…..I would pass on your wishes when I visit GT later this month !

    By the way, is Jagdeo a homo ?

  14. Miss Guyana

    eh eh, Something, like you seeking excitment whilst in GT that you asking me about the man’s business, I am not an Obeah woman!

  15. Something(s) Happening

    Hi Miss Guyana,

    Your evasive response…confirms the truth !

  16. Miss Guyana

    Oh my Goodness, Something you are Something, well just because the man is unmarried does not mean he is like that, for there are many men prancing around with wife and children but behind closed doors they seek pleasure with other men.

    Now according to the doctor on Oprah’s show one of men’s top fantasy is having sex with another man, so I don’t know. Another scenario is that he is so busy as leader of Guyana that he has no time to seek female companionship, the man tired after working 16 hours a day, and as you know Guyana is not an easy country to govern, it is always something, so the man busy, plus he could be a late bloomer, you never know, for after he demits office he may pluck from a church pew one of Guyana’s tropical blossoms. or better yet he could come to Barbados and hook up with a high powered lady there.

  17. @BFP: “It’s just that we’d just love to see Ian with about US$five million in an American bank and not having to be careful.

    Just for the record…

    You don’t need $5M USD in the bank to not be careful.

    Some can do it because they believe it is (morally) the right thing to do.

  18. Miss Guyana

    Hi Something, It would not bother me if it is true, for I believe the liberation of women is tied to the right of gay men to love other gay men. Explaination, I think a lot of the abuse suffered by women are at the hands of gay men, they take out this frustration women that they are forced to be in relationship with when they would rather be with another man.

  19. Breaking in for Genuine Discourse now… For those who are curious? Did a sequel where I emailed Rawdi some questions and he answered very carefully – PLUS – did a scathing sarcastic bit on US Census… Are you a Klingon or Negro?

  20. Miss Guyana

    Ian, I recently saw the form distributed by the US census and one of the categories is are you African American or Negro. I was a bit surprised. I would love to read what Rawdi thinks of the form used by the US Census. Please post his scathing remarks on the US Census. Rawdi, in case you do read here I would like to say I am an admirer of your family, and I was in shock when I heard the news regarding your dear and late Dad.

  21. The Census story and Rawdi on a 3rd Party are separate entities, and considering he lives in Europe – the US Census matter may not be his cup of tea…

  22. Miss Guyana

    Thanks Ian, well what is his spin on the 3rd party issue. I tend to agree with Rawdi that a third party is not needed based on what I have seen in Guyana, but then again considering this is Barbados it may be a whole different story. Please fill us in as to why he thinks there should not be a third Barbadian politcal party. I think a third party would complicate things even more, and nothing would get done.

  23. @C. Halsall: You’re right and wrong – US $5 mil is more than sufficient, but it would be nice to have since then you can flip from island to island and still do your do… As for morally inspired? Malcolm X and MLK Jr were so motivated, and look where it got them?