Sara G makes it to Barbados after 57 days and 20 hours at sea!

The tired but happy crew of Sara G arrived in Bridgetown in the dark hours Wednesday night. We’ll expect to see an update on their website when they wake up!

Here is one of BFP’s previous stories about their journey: Cross-Atlantic rowers “coming under sustained heavy attacks from kamikazi flying fish” as Sara G nears Barbados


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3 responses to “Sara G makes it to Barbados after 57 days and 20 hours at sea!

  1. Congratulations to the crew of Sara G.

    A little more publicity from the local and international media could have put Barbados in the lime light and attracted attention from possible visitors.

  2. FACTS

    Sarah “who?”

  3. A day late and a dollar short…….

    BTA hails Atlantic rowers

    Published on: 3/17/2010.


    LAST WEDNESDAY NIGHT, when most Barbadians were asleep, members of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA) were welcoming six international rowers to our shores at the beautiful Port St Charles Marina in St Peter.

    The crew of the Sara G had just completed a 5 000-kilometre, 57-day voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, from Morocco to Barbados.

    On hand to offer a warm welcome to the crew were Government Senator and BTA board member Peter Gilkes, BTA deputy chairman Austin Husbands, president of the Barbados Sailing Association Penny McIntyre, and businessman and owner of Port St Charles Sir Charles Williams and his wife, Lady Williams.

    Husbands told members of the media that the BTA was always happy to be associated with events such as rowing which help in a big way to cement the island on the map as a viable sporting destination.

    “Sports tourism is becoming one of our country’s biggest foreign exchange earners and the Government is leaving no stone unturned to embrace these types of events,” he said.

    Sir Charles and his wife had entertained the families of the rowers prior to their arrival and also provided the successful rowers with their first taste of a local beverage along with their first meal on Barbadian soil.

    The following day, the Barbados Sailing Association and the BTA hosted a happy hour and luncheon for the crew and their families at the Barbados Yacht Club on Bay Street.