How many Barbados hotels lost or gained over the last 15 years?

UPDATED: October 14, 2011

With the confirmed closing of the Lighthouse Resort two days ago, we’re bringing this item to the top for a day to update the list.

Original article published March 11, 2010…

Our old friend Adrian Loveridge sent us this list when one of our readers asked how many hotels have closed in the last 15 years.

Is the list complete? Can our readers think of any others? (Right away I think of Time Out at the Gap – not because they closed, but because they closed off an entire dilapidated wing when it went beyond repair. That loss of hotel rooms is the same as a smaller hotel entirely closing – Marcus)

The other side of this list is… how many new hotels (even small boutique hotels) opened in the same 15 years?

And what is the end result? How many rooms are we up or down from 15 years ago? How many rooms does the government currently own? How many dollars per room gross income is the government making per year and how many tax dollars in subsidies are supporting the “gross income”? (chuckle)

Comments are open, folks!

Here’s Adrian’s list…

Lost Barbados Hotels over the last 15 years

1. Tropicana Beach
2. Kings Beach
3. The Regent
4. Glitter Bay
5. Paradise Beach
6. Sierra Beach
7. Apple Experience
8. Oasis
9. St. Lawrence Apartments
10. Eastry House
11. Sam Lords
12. Windsurf Beach
13. Club Rockley
14. Caribbee
15. Inn on the Beach
16. Coconut Creek
17. Little Paradise Hotel
18. Sunshine Beach Hotel
19. Fairholme Apartments
20. Sunhaven Beach Hotel
21. Ginger Beach Hotel
22. Smugglers Cove Hotel
23. Villa Nova
24. Rainbow Beach
25. Ocean View
26. Salt Ash Apartments
27. Long Beach Club
28. Sandridge Beach Hotel
29. Tropical Escape
30. Sandy Bay Beach Hotel


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12 responses to “How many Barbados hotels lost or gained over the last 15 years?

  1. Nostradamus

    Mr. Loveridge, what is the area or name of the condo project that has been left uncompleted near to Chancery Lane / Long Beach?

  2. John

    Nostradamus – the half built monstrosity is called “Sandcastle” half built by Caribbean Lifestyles. Has to be nearly 18mths of inaction. Check out the proposed complex on Long beach – equally monstrous & potentially catastrohic for the environment

  3. Nostradamus

    John, that’s why I asked. The developer cannot even complete “Sandcastle” and another developer is trying to get approval for over 200 more condos in the same area as Long Beach. Total madness.

    Ther are several other 1/2 completed condo projects dotted around the island.

  4. John

    Not to mention Four Seasons

  5. yatinkiteasy

    Sandcastle is a development by Caribbean Lifestyles Ltd , a “sister” company, of Inotech..sounds like its a dead project, as is Kings Gate, and Fairwind Layne, I believe.
    Thats quite an impressive list of failed or closed Hotels.
    Whats the story on Sam Lords Castle..its just falling apart. There is more bat dung than paint on the inside.Thanks Clico and Leroy Parris.A true success story for both of these sad parties.

  6. Bajon

    A few of these hotels are still operational and a few more are in the process of re-opening and a few more were sold because people wanted to cash out their cash out their land value.

    True failures are probably more like 15.

  7. Adrian Loveridge


    Which are ‘still operational’ and which are in ‘the process of re-opening’ ?

  8. Adrian Loveridge

    According to their own website, Silver Sands Resort closes 30 September 2010 and is up for sale.

    Another 130 hotel rooms lost!

    Someone should ask why they are closing.

  9. rasta man

    @AL: Isn’t this happening under your political party’ watch?

  10. true

    That is an impressive amount of hotels that closed down, while all these are closing. Sandy Lane is doing very good! Sandy Lane is looking to invest by build another Sandy Lane hotel in SVG…

  11. rasta man

    @true: Maybe you do not know where the financing for Sandy Lane comes from.

  12. wanna

    Does anybody know how many condo/villa developments are half done or have unsold units or empty units? Vuemont is an example. I heard St. Peters Bay is empty too is that true? They dig up the beach front and head inland mash up the environment then what? What are the stats on these types of accomodation?