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Since 1845: How many jockey & horse injuries & deaths at The Garrison?

Patrick Husbands says Jockeys afraid to ride at The Garrison – Barbados

During a recently called media conference Superstar Bajan jockey Patrick Husbands stated his opinion that the track at The Garrison is “too small”. Husbands stated that the track is dangerous and some jockeys refuse to ride there because of this.

Now folks, Mr. Husbands is probably one of the best jockeys that Barbados has produced in the past 150 years or so – so we should listen carefully when he speaks.

But we should also be aware that Mr. Husbands might not have come forward with this statement on his own and that there might be other agendas afoot from the same bunch of elites that were just given $19 million in public funds by the Thompson DLP government.

Our questions for Mr. Husbands & the Barbados Turf Club:

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths have happened at the Garrison since racing began there in 1845?

-How many jockey and horse injuries and deaths in the last ten years? Five years?

-How many are attributable to the “small” track as opposed to the nature of horse racing itself?

-How does the rate of horse & jockey injuries at The Garrison compare with other tracks worldwide?

We look forward to hearing from Patrick Husbands and the Barbados Turf Club on this point.

And even if the track is as dangerous as Mr. Husbands indicates, our position on giving more public money to the Barbados Turf Club is this…

Not one more dollar of public money until the Barbados Turf Club is fully accountable for its operations and finances. You want public money for your race horse operations? Then open the books for public scrutiny and we mean the lottery operations too.

Further Reading…

The winner of the Canadian Triple Crown Award in 2003 and winner of Canada’s Sovereign Award for Outstanding Jockey seven times also said that in the last 13 years he had been trying to encourage some of the world’s greatest jockeys to ride in Barbados, “and I cannot get it [to] happen.”

According to Husbands, most of these jockeys said they felt the Garrison track was “too dangerous”.

He suggested it was purely the influence of Sandy Lane Hotel owner and major racehorse owner Derrick Smith that saw Irish jockey John Murtagh – “one of the world’s greatest” in Husbands’ view – ride in Saturday’s Sandy Lane Gold Cup…

… from The Nation article Husbands calls for new racetrack


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Bajan Juxtaposition

Barbados Government MP Stephen Lashley + BlackBerry + BMWs

jux·ta·pose    (jŭk’stə-pōz’)
tr.v.   jux·ta·posed, jux·ta·pos·ing, jux·ta·pos·es
To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

… photo from the Nation article First-timer with a wealth of ideas


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How many Barbados hotels lost or gained over the last 15 years?

UPDATED: October 14, 2011

With the confirmed closing of the Lighthouse Resort two days ago, we’re bringing this item to the top for a day to update the list.

Original article published March 11, 2010…

Our old friend Adrian Loveridge sent us this list when one of our readers asked how many hotels have closed in the last 15 years.

Is the list complete? Can our readers think of any others? (Right away I think of Time Out at the Gap – not because they closed, but because they closed off an entire dilapidated wing when it went beyond repair. That loss of hotel rooms is the same as a smaller hotel entirely closing – Marcus)

The other side of this list is… how many new hotels (even small boutique hotels) opened in the same 15 years?

And what is the end result? How many rooms are we up or down from 15 years ago? How many rooms does the government currently own? How many dollars per room gross income is the government making per year and how many tax dollars in subsidies are supporting the “gross income”? (chuckle)

Comments are open, folks!

Here’s Adrian’s list…

Lost Barbados Hotels over the last 15 years

1. Tropicana Beach Continue reading


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