Three arrested in murder of retired police officer William Phillips – highlights unsolved Kenrick Hutson murder

Three men are charged with the murder of retired senior police officer William Frederick Phillips in his home last November. Phillips, 95 years old, was found tied up under his bed.

Wendy Stephen Charlemagne, Kelvin Leon Connell and Andre Omar Troy Lashley are also charged with breaking into Sawh’s Shop last December and stealing alcohol, cigarettes, internet cards and scratch tickets. (Photo courtesy of Nation newspaper)

No word on how they were caught for the murder or the shop break but if they were fool enough to take internet cards and scratch tickets, maybe they were fool enough to use them or sell them. As to the murder, a good guess is that like in the movies the first thing the police do is to separate the accused and then one suspect always says “If I tell you something will you let me go?”

So these arrests and charges might have flowed from some good work by the Royal Barbados Police Force and maybe some luck. I guess we’ll find out eventually because there will be great interest in the trial.

What happened to the Murder Investigation of Kenrick Hutson?

Over two years ago in December 2007 retired Chief Immigration Officer Kenrick Hutson, aged 74, was murdered at the front of his home on a Friday evening as his wife and daughter were inside.

There has been little in the press since that time and to our knowledge there has never been any statement from the police about their investigations. Not that we blame the police for not revealing whatever they know. We understand that they can’t share what they know or suspect.

Every country has unsolved murders and sometimes the answers come years later, but the arrests in the murder of one retired police officer are a good time to once again mention the strange murder (or assassination) of Kenrick Hutson – even if the regular Bajan news media is content to let the Hutson murder fade into the mists of time.

“…six months without an arrest and without a further mention of Mr. Hutson in the Barbados news media.

It is as if he never existed at all.”

… from the Barbados Free Press June 29, 2008 article: Six Months Since Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson Was Assassinated

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6 responses to “Three arrested in murder of retired police officer William Phillips – highlights unsolved Kenrick Hutson murder

  1. reality check

    Its hard to conceive of how three young people could rob, beat up and kill a 95 year old retired policeman?

    So much for the golden years

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  3. John

    There have three murders where people have bound, both hands & feet, one where the house was set on fire. Anyone looking closer???

    Also what’s happened to the trial date for the guy who killed the Canadian tourist ( amongst other crimes??????) – supposed to be on 17th Feb 2010 – all gone very quiet!!!!!!!

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  5. bill nicholson

    Any word on Violet Humphrey’s murder?
    There was talk it might be related to William

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