Barbados prepares for a new political party – Part 1 – How the Integrity, Transparency and Accountability standards changed for DLP supporters

First in the New BFP Series: Preparing for a new political party

When Barbados Free Press burst upon the Bajan political scene back in January of 2006, Democratic Labour Party (DLP) supporters embraced our call for Integrity, Transparency and Accountability (ITAL) in government and legislation to force compliance by the political elites. When we highlighted specific acts of corruption by the then BLP Arthur/Mottley government our DLP friends joined in the call for accountability, criminal charges and generally for heads to roll and effective laws to be implemented.

Domain name “” secured for the DLP!

Many hardcore DLP supporters, including our old (but now estranged) friend Jerome Hinds, were convinced that Barbados Free Press was an arm of their beloved DLP.

I think it was Jerome Hinds himself who advised us during a little têteà-tête in 2006 that the domain name “” had been secured for the DLP so that the BFP team could “go public” after the DLP won the next election.

That was then… when Jerome & the DLP thought BFP’s staff members were DLP first and Bajans second.

But as Jerome and the other DLP diehards soon found out after the January 2008  DLP election victory, Barbados Free Press is the real thing: non-aligned citizens calling for ITAL and a dethroning of the political elites who for too long have treated our country like their own little bank account.

What the DLP & their supporters said before they were elected

Barbados Free Press and its readers continue to attack Prime Minister Thompson’s DLP government for lack of integrity, transparency and accountability. We want answers as to what became of the billions of our tax dollars that disappeared during the BLP government’s 14 years in office. We want answers about VECO’s corrupt activities in Barbados. We want to know who received VECO money when the oil terminal and prison were built. We want answers about GEMS, Hardwood Housing, highway construction, the FBI files, illegal payments to politicians and so much more.

Jerome Hinds and his fellow hardcore DLP friends used to want the same.

What happened to change your mind, Jerome? The DLP winning the election and achieving power?

Ya, that’s what we thought…

From Jerome Hinds’ October 5, 2007 comment on BFP’s article Government Says: Barbados Free Press, Barbados Underground Are Unpatriotic

Jerome Hinds

October 5, 2007 at 7:15 pm

It is amazing how these BLP scoundrels are behaving !

You gave the people education……..but by the same token they must not ask you the government to account for your shady deals !

** Where is the promised audited accounts for GEMS ?

** Where did the proceeds from the sale of Silver Rock & Eastry House go ?

** Now Mr. Prime Minister, about that $750,000 “campaign donation cheque” that you deposited into your personal bank account … ?

** Now Mr. Prime Minister, where is the FBI file you told Barbadians was on your desk ?

Doan mind doh…….the BLOGS gine stay pun yuh case ?

Yuh check how Keith Mitchell in Grenada bawling……bout the POWER of the PRESS…..?

Freedom to BFP & BU……!

Death to the cruel deeds of Owen Arthur’s Administration !


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8 responses to “Barbados prepares for a new political party – Part 1 – How the Integrity, Transparency and Accountability standards changed for DLP supporters

  1. Anasa

    Yah see what a tell you about the pedigree of a yardfowl his or her loyalty is blind and only serves his or her self interest. You need not be surprised very few men today have balls to speak truthfully thats why we as a people are slipping in moral decay. Yardfowls and Pimps for years have be aiding an abetting poor governence. However, we must not give in now as we owe it to our children to fight for preservation of our democracy.

  2. Johnny Postle

    Well I am very surprise by the turn of events in the DLP administration. I was one who fully supported Thompson and his group under the belief that they would be different. But I am starting now to believe that I was very wrong. Now we have the former senator, Peter Millington, telling you the reasons why he left the senate and the party and the reasons he gave does not paint any trusty picture of Thompson and his government. I mean Thompson should have known that if he did not implement ITAL that Barbadians would see him as a liar. He is without excuse relative to that.

    I am starting to wonder if Thompson and his club knows that they might be given one term and because of that knowledge, they are trying to milk the cow in the midst of the drought. I reallly do not know. Makes no sense voting for the BLP because their track record have them labeled as crooks and vagabonds. I doubt very much if the likes of the DLP or BLP will ever see me vote again.

  3. West Side Davie

    I will vote for any independent candidate instead of BLP or DLP. If it breathes it has my vote. Something must be done.

  4. Donald Duck, Esq

    why no comment on the shuffle!!!!

  5. Love

    Hello BFP,

    Your Be – LOVED……Jerome Hinds is still around !

    Only difference is that the world and life in our beloved Barbados has changed tremendously since that posting of 5 th October, 2007.

    We have witnessed the virtual collapse of the global economic system to the extent that our faithful DLP gov’t has spent every waking moment of the past 2 years ensuring that the Barbados economy remains above water.

    We have not given up on ITAL……as a matter of fact a draft document will be taken to Parliament shortly.

    Bear in mind that private citizens and senior public officers , in addition to the political directorate, MUST be part of any ITAL Act.

    It would be interesting to see how Barbadians take to this aspect of the ITAL Act.

  6. Kammie

    What I can say despite what we may think Politicians from both the BLP and DLP reads these blogs, as its the sensible thing to do. Just like Rum Shops and trees provide for the peoples`s parliament so too does the this blog. So critical feedback can be provided some will see it as criticism, but we must give praises when its due and be critical when necessary. Let`s be honest! Do see my article in the Friday Nation my 9 year old son suggested the topic which I shall keep secret.

  7. BFP

    The “we’re too busy looking after the economy” excuse was in play only weeks after the election. As to including the private sector in ITAL, that is the DLP plan for failure. Please show us another jurisdiction where asset declarations for private citizens who wish to do business with the government is in play.

    And the big question: why wasn’t the Ministerial Code and prohibition against government officials awarding contracts to themselves or close family members put in place on the first day as Thompson promised?

    The DLP excuses mean nothing after 2 and a half years. Nothing at all. Just so much shite talk.

  8. as bad as the previous regime, and may get worse

    you/We have a $732 Million deficit and you would like to scare away from ITAL and holding accountable for expenses of our $$$.

    Someone writing about going to see new $200K SUVs. But look! Dem contracting and shuffling while the recession gets worse and worse.

    Cutting next! And still contracting like that? That is our tax money.

    Look a new $200k car.