Barbados Environmental Protection Department slams Long Beach development proposal

The Abed family is heavily involved with DLP politics and election campaign financing. How much will that count for the Abed family's Long Beach development application? (Prime Minister David Thompson and almost-elected DLP candidate Taan Abed.)

Will Barbados develop the last dune wetlands on the South Coast?

From: Director
Barbados Environmental Protection Department

To: Chief Town Planner

July 28, 2008

Subject: Re: Environmental Impact Study for application #2656/08/2006E- Outline Proposal for an Environmental Estate to include Residential, Commercial, (Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Office), Long Beach, Christ Church

In response to the above-captioned requested dated 2008-05-13, please be advised that the proposed development must be carefully considered as it will be impact on on the only remaining dune system on the south coast. This coastal ecosystem has significant wetlands along with historical importance and as such, significant deliberation must be undertaken to determine the potential impact of the development on the landscape, flora and fauna through the structural development and also through the introduction of the proposed breakwater and artificial wetlands. Due to the sensitivity of this area and its uniqueness as an aquatic habitat, development with such a large footprint and the potential for significant disturbance is discouraged…

… excerpts from an official letter posted at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Long Beach Resources.

Bajans can now read the Environmental Impact Assessment Report – No thanks to the Government

The folks at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary have posted online scans of portions of the Environmental Impact Assessment report for the proposed Long Beach hotel, residential and commercial development.

The scans have been appearing piece-meal on the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary website, which indicates to us that they are not being obtained in a – how you say? – “official” manner.

A huge question is: Why should Barbados citizens  be denied access to the environmental studies about the proposed Long Beach development? Why should we have to get the truth and official documents from an unofficial source?

‘An don’t give me no garbage that there are a couple of paper copies at the library and a school!

This doesn’t pass the smell test. This stinks like Auntie Moses’ suck-well in August. (Sorry Auntie, but it’s the truth!)  🙂

Something stinks about the relationship between the developers and the David Thompson DLP Government.

If it doesn’t stink, why doesn’t the government post all the documents online?

My friends: you have a duty to yourselves and to your children…

Read what the Barbados Environmental Protection Department says about the Long Beach development. They are highly critical of the plan and of the ability of the developers to maintain environmental standards in the long term.

Next in this series: Citizens mobilize – the movement to stop the destruction of the Chancery Lane Wetlands.


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16 responses to “Barbados Environmental Protection Department slams Long Beach development proposal

  1. “Foreigner Good, West Indian Bad – What Mirror Image is depicted by Barbados’ Prime Minister for Regional Integration?”

  2. Kammie

    In the fullness of time a very strong movement will emerge from our Advocacy and Non partisan Representation of the masses. It better to be called to than to beg to serve. The building process for a third political party has begun I don’t think many persons have realised it as yet.

  3. BFP

    Kammie says “The building process for a third political party has begun I don’t think many persons have realised it as yet.”

    It’s time, Kammie!

    Perhaps an informal coalition of independent candidates is immediately achievable – with each signing an integrity and transparency statement? Or do you have something more formal in mind (like a brand new fully organised political party)?

    How about this as a goal: half a dozen candidates under a new party to run in the next election. Have to start now!

  4. half a dozen?

    Try thirty independents and you will get a majority.

    People are fed up!!!

  5. BFP

    I agree H.A.Doz, but where can we get such numbers of independents? To run under BLP or DLP is one thing. To run as a serious independent is to invite your relatives to be fired or to have your friend’s supply contract with the government get canceled or maybe your car burned at night. Think about how bad it could be H.A.Dozen. I have no illusions about how it could be.

    If the odd “odd” person occasionally runs as an independent and gathers 7 votes, that is some sport and amusement and is tolerated.

    If six or ten well-spoken people jointly announced that both parties are the same and Bajans have a chance to express their outrage by secretly voting for an independent, it could be a very rough ride indeed!

    I’m not saying it wouldn’t be worth it or effective, but I think I’m telling the truth about how tough it would be on the candidates and their family members and friends. The BLP and DLP would get extremely vicious and quickly!


  6. Hants

    “maybe your car burned at night”

    fuh true? fuh real?

  7. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    Last election we had human feces smeared on a DLP candidate’s business and shots “accidentally” fired at a candidates home. Then there is the whole Adrian Loveridge situation where there were threats of arson to his business, followed with two fires and break-in at his business and threats to rape his wife – over politics. The police were given the information in writing that would have allowed them to make arrests, but the police refused to investigate the incidents after it was learnt that one of the computers used to make some of the threats came from the lounge at Parliament.

    When the police did nothing Mr. Loveridge wrote directly to Commissioner Dottin and spoke to him personally. Dottin smiled and said reassuring words but nothing was done because Loveridge is not a protected person. In effect the Royal Barbados Police Force delivered the final warning to Adrian Loveridge that he had better behave himself and not become too involved in island affairs because neither the police nor the government will protect him, his wife or his business.

    In the context of all the above I do not doubt that the creation of a serious 3rd political party would be strongly resisted by the current political elites. I do not doubt that sanctions would be quietly implemented against the candidates, their family members and known friends.

    Tell me if you think we’re wrong.

  8. no half measures

    Politics are dirty in Barbados but the stronger the opposition to both corrupt parties, the less likely these parties will get away with this behaviour on the international scene. A concerted full court press is what is needed by every right minded citizen that believes in The Rule of Law and basic democratic principles of the right of free speech and a free press.

  9. Kammie

    We cannot run from the smear campaigns and fear of victimisation. Slavery took longer to be abolished because of fear of death by hanging. Our greatest fear should be in doing nothing rather than a few lawless functional illiterate yardfowls who don`t know that all politicians are friends. The theatrics in Parliament is only to retain popularity and votes. I personally don`t think any Barbadian Politician is involved in any nefarious act.

    Thirty knowlegeable and articulate Independent Candidates would cut votes and send a strong message to the BLP and DLP it cannot be business as usual. The key would be to empower the population through knowledge, declaration of Assets and the signing an Integrity and Transparency statement.
    Sorry, to disappoint you all I am not interested in active politics. I am more into advocacy and the empowering of my brothers and sisters through the sharing of my knowledge.

  10. ninemikemike

    BFP – is that why the catastrophically useless, and idle Dottin is kept on as C.O.P – to protect the guilty?

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  12. yatinkiteasy

    Am I ignorant, or is there not already a “third party”…PEP?

  13. They got 21 votes or so, as I recall, in 2008 – no deposits were regained… Surprised? Not moi!

  14. Concern Citizen

    To all concern people of this lovely island that we call Barbados:
    Let it be known that MR. TAAN ABED is in NO way involved with the Long Beach Project. He carries the “ABED” name only and therefore all those who put him with this project should do their homework before linking him with this. Mr. Taan Abed has no business connection with the Abed Family.

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  16. John Neil Allen

    What is happening to the west coast beaches.Since the Bridgetown port has been dredging sand to create the deep water moorings we have been loosing our beaches.If you dig a hole in the sand mother nature will fill it back in again,the only place she can find sand is from the beaches on the west coast.In Fitts Village outside our house we have lost approxamatly 6 feet of sand.Up until 6-7 years ago we lost maybe a couple of feet but within a couple of weeks it was back,Not any more..What can be done???