Bajan in Hollywood: Sean Michael Field continues to land movie roles

Actor Sean Field - Doing well in Hollywood. Making Bajans proud!

We reported on Bajan-in-Hollywood Sean Field in August of 2009 when he landed a major commercial spot with KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken as The Grill Sergeant. (That KFC story was originally broken by our friend Ian Bourne at his old Bajan Reporter blog. Check it out here.)

Prior to that in July of 2009 Sean stopped by Barbados Free Press and disagreed with our criticism of Rihanna. At the time, he wrote…

“And yes, Rihanna is a superstar. Living here in LA all I have to do is mention Barbados and every person says “Rihanna”. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Does it mean that she is a role model for children in the country? NO. That is what parents are for. And in Barbados we have plenty of those to go around, along with aunties and uncles. So at the end of the day does it matter that she has a mohawk? NO. Does it matter that someone at BFP doesn’t like it? NO. That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.”

Bajan in Hollywood Sean M. Field in the BFP article Hollywood Actor Sean Michael Field on Barbados Free Press, Rihanna’s Mohawk & Segway Polo Championship

We were looking at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) the other day and plugged in Sean’s name and were pleased to see that he continues to land acting roles in film productions.

If you head over to Sean’s website you can sample some of his work that isn’t even mentioned on IMDB.

Good luck, Sean… Keep on hitting!


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8 responses to “Bajan in Hollywood: Sean Michael Field continues to land movie roles

  1. With all due respect, it was on my old blog when I broke the info?

    Then BFP ran with it…

    Giving credit where due is important, not only to me – but yourselves, like when Bryan Walker used your small snake story on the Nation without mentioning you?

    Here’s an example of when credit was not given and the consequences –

  2. BFP, why you do me so bad?

  3. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    I don’t understand. ???? !

    email us please.

    What did we do or not do?


  4. BFP

    Hi Ian,

    Cliverton here.

    George woke me up about your comments.

    With all respect, our story “Sean M. Field Lands Major KFC Commercial” linked to you and acknowledged your breaking of the story. In our new story, we referred to our KFC story for the readers and that would again have taken them to your old blog.

    But okay, I’ll revise the content of this story to credit you for breaking the original KFC story.

    Is the old story on your new website? If so please post the URL as a comment here and we’ll incorporate it in the story.

    Jeez Ian, I don’t usually get up until noon on Sunday!

  5. How lucky you can wake at that hour, Clive… I have a screaming toddler who does not let me stay in bed longer than 6:30!

    The Sean Field link is here

    Dickey credit ref is here

    I am sorry if it seems picky, yet I agree with you when Mainstream Media can steal from you, me or Net and not credit as Blogs are allegedly No Man’s Land, viz. my ref. to the Small Snake fracas with the Nation…

  6. Clive, the response is in Limbo for you to retrieve…

  7. Checked his CV, he left out his part in the Laura-Lin Hutchinson cine-feature, “Holding On” with Varia Williams and Rosemary Phillips, plus he did do an HIV condom ad here as well… If he can list “Hit For Six” he should be comprehensive?