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Barbados Property List offers free real estate listings

We’ve noticed that Barbados Property List is testing a new free listings feature. The free listings are text only and expire after a few months – but it’s a great way to test the waters if you’re thinking of selling your home or property.

Of course, if you’re selling a place like Lot 14 Ocean Drive, at Royal Westmoreland for US$1.5 million (land only), you will probably want to put up a paid listing with a nice photo of the shack the folks at Royal Westmoreland could build for you on your lot.

(Some shack! I love that home in the photo. Wonder what it costs? Sigh… Now back to reality…)

Check out Barbados Property List website and their free listing information page.


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Barbados Environmental Protection Department slams Long Beach development proposal

The Abed family is heavily involved with DLP politics and election campaign financing. How much will that count for the Abed family's Long Beach development application? (Prime Minister David Thompson and almost-elected DLP candidate Taan Abed.)

Will Barbados develop the last dune wetlands on the South Coast?

From: Director
Barbados Environmental Protection Department

To: Chief Town Planner

July 28, 2008

Subject: Re: Environmental Impact Study for application #2656/08/2006E- Outline Proposal for an Environmental Estate to include Residential, Commercial, (Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Office), Long Beach, Christ Church

In response to the above-captioned requested dated 2008-05-13, please be advised that the proposed development must be carefully considered as it will be impact on on the only remaining dune system on the south coast. This coastal ecosystem has significant wetlands along with historical importance and as such, significant deliberation must be undertaken to determine the potential impact of the development on the landscape, flora and fauna through the structural development and also through the introduction of the proposed breakwater and artificial wetlands. Due to the sensitivity of this area and its uniqueness as an aquatic habitat, development with such a large footprint and the potential for significant disturbance is discouraged…

… excerpts from an official letter posted at Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary – Long Beach Resources.

Bajans can now read the Environmental Impact Assessment Report – No thanks to the Government

The folks at the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary have posted online scans of portions of the Environmental Impact Assessment report for the proposed Long Beach hotel, residential and commercial development.

The scans have been appearing piece-meal on the Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary website, which indicates to us that they are not being obtained in a – how you say? – “official” manner.

A huge question is: Why should Barbados citizens  be denied access to the environmental studies about the proposed Long Beach development? Why should we have to get the truth and official documents from an unofficial source?

‘An don’t give me no garbage that there are a couple of paper copies at the library and a school!

This doesn’t pass the smell test. This stinks like Auntie Moses’ suck-well in August. (Sorry Auntie, but it’s the truth!)  🙂

Something stinks about the relationship between the developers and the David Thompson DLP Government.

If it doesn’t stink, why doesn’t the government post all the documents online?

My friends: you have a duty to yourselves and to your children…

Read what the Barbados Environmental Protection Department says about the Long Beach development. They are highly critical of the plan and of the ability of the developers to maintain environmental standards in the long term.

Next in this series: Citizens mobilize – the movement to stop the destruction of the Chancery Lane Wetlands.


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Bajan in Hollywood: Sean Michael Field continues to land movie roles

Actor Sean Field - Doing well in Hollywood. Making Bajans proud!

We reported on Bajan-in-Hollywood Sean Field in August of 2009 when he landed a major commercial spot with KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken as The Grill Sergeant. (That KFC story was originally broken by our friend Ian Bourne at his old Bajan Reporter blog. Check it out here.)

Prior to that in July of 2009 Sean stopped by Barbados Free Press and disagreed with our criticism of Rihanna. At the time, he wrote…

“And yes, Rihanna is a superstar. Living here in LA all I have to do is mention Barbados and every person says “Rihanna”. That wasn’t the case a few years ago.

Does it mean that she is a role model for children in the country? NO. That is what parents are for. And in Barbados we have plenty of those to go around, along with aunties and uncles. So at the end of the day does it matter that she has a mohawk? NO. Does it matter that someone at BFP doesn’t like it? NO. That’s their opinion and they’re entitled to it.”

Bajan in Hollywood Sean M. Field in the BFP article Hollywood Actor Sean Michael Field on Barbados Free Press, Rihanna’s Mohawk & Segway Polo Championship

We were looking at the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) the other day and plugged in Sean’s name and were pleased to see that he continues to land acting roles in film productions.

If you head over to Sean’s website you can sample some of his work that isn’t even mentioned on IMDB.

Good luck, Sean… Keep on hitting!


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