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Cross-Atlantic rowers “coming under sustained heavy attacks from kamikazi flying fish” as Sara G nears Barbados

“News just in is that after several nights of sustained heavy attacks from flying fish, they have officially declared war on Sara G.

Commenting on the matter, second-in-command Peter Williams was quoted as saying “Flying fish: I just don’t trust them.”

His comments have possibly escalated the matter. Last night was the worst night so far as the Kamikazi fish entered the stern cabin. Several fish have also landed on deck in an attempt to gain control of the oars…”

… from a podcast War with Flying Fish by Mike Jones aboard Sara-G – rowing from Africa to Barbados

Sara-G’s crew either in good humour or going crazy after 43 days at sea

We’ve been following the progress of the Sara G as the mixed crew rows its way from Africa to Barbados. (BFP’s earlier article Sara G about half way across Atlantic – Heading for Barbados)

Blogger Mike Jones is Irish and the rest of the crew hail from England, Portugal and Canada. They had a horrible start and were forced back into harbour for a few days by bad weather. Then they lost a couple of oars in heavy waves – but continue to tough it out as they head for Bridgetown. At one point they were over 300 miles south of their intended (and the shortest) route.

From the trackmap on the Sara G’s website it looks like they have about 500 miles left before they are able to raise a Banks Beer.

All we can say to Mike and the crew of Sara G is that the Bajan flying fish aren’t attacking. Barbados Free Press sent them out and they’re trying to assist by pushing the Sara G a little faster towards B’town.


You can track the Sara G’s progress at their website: Atlantic 5000.com


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