Queen Elizabeth Hospital full-page advertisement a poor use of our tax dollars

Is this full-page advertisement a reward for paper’s editorial support of DLP government?

Dear Barbados Free Press

Last Sunday, February 21, 2010, a full page advertisement for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital was printed in the Barbados Advocate newspaper. (editor’s note: click on small photo above for larger version)

This self-congratulatory AREN’T WE WONDERFUL advertisement has some positive statements by two patients in the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department who were treated soon after their arrival, an assurance by the Board of Directors that more staff is being hired and some positive statements about how wonderful the nurses and doctors are.

This advertisement is not a proper use of the tax dollars and other public funds that go to health care and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. How much did the full page ad cost? Wouldn’t spending the money directly on health care have been a better use? Who decided to place this advertisement? Is it part of a larger campaign?

I noticed that the Barbados Advocate recently published a series of positive news articles about the QEH. Is this full page advertisement payment for those positive stories? Is is a way of directing government revenues to a newspaper that is generally supportive of the current government? Is the advertisement “quid pro quo” on a couple of levels?

I don’t expect any answers to my questions from the QEH board, the newspaper or the government.

Thank you to Barbados Free Press for the opportunity to vent.


(name removed by BFP editor)


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4 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Hospital full-page advertisement a poor use of our tax dollars

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    take away the government advertising and stories about government announcements and the advocate would be one thin piece of paper.

  2. Kammie

    Tell the IMF we gine find unique Barbadian solutions for Barbados economic problems. They should tell America that they are owned by the Chinese due to their debt profile. Where is the economic justice for a Third World country.

  3. reality check

    economic justice starts at home with giving the taxpayers full value for their money including complete ITAL

    It does not involve stealing from the government coffers through untendered non transparent contracts or taking a pay check for doing nothing.

    Once we have our own financial house in order we will be in much better position to go after others starting with the world wide credit crunch and failure to regulate US banking institutions and their debt instruments.

    This was a made in the US problem that had disastrous results in every country. Then again Barbados permitted Clico to continue in business undercapitalized for a number of years with completely phoney asset valuations.

  4. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Well written. Unfortunately some statutory boards and government departments can’t seem to understand what being prudent with scarce resources in a recession is all about. It’s like there is nobody in these organisations who can say This is inappropriate. Nobody to say come back.