St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister shows the world what corruption is all about.

St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister Douglas knows nothing about US$95,000 cheque.

There is a story brewing in St. Kitts and Nevis that is just one more example of what happens when those in government use their insider positions, knowledge, authority and influence to put money in their own pockets – or in the pockets of their close family members. It’s really all the same, you know.

It turns out that Kate Woodley, the mother of the children of recently re-elected Prime Minister Denzil Douglas, has a “consulting business” that received funds from the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party. It gets worse: she is a Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee at the St. Kitts and Nevis Consulate in Manhattan, New York.

That’s really all you need to know. Sure, we’ll tell you how those funds were directed and cleaned and processed to end up in the Douglas family bank account – but it really doesn’t matter.

All you need to know is right here… “Money donated to the Saint Kitts and Nevis Labour Party by voters and businesses ended up in the personal bank accounts of family members of Prime Minister Denzil Douglas.”

It gets worse…

During the recent election campaign the opposition People’s Action Movement had distributed copies of documents that appeared to show large sums of money passing through Lex’s accounts over the years, as well as copies of cheques including one for US$95,000 dated December 30th made out to Dr. Denzil Douglas.

Wednesday, Dr. Douglas acknowledged that his son, also Denzil Llewellyn Douglas, lived at the same address as the home-based company, but dismissed any knowledge of a cheque from Lex made out to him, the Prime Minister.

“I don’t know what cheque you’re speaking about,” the Prime Minister said.

… from the Winn FM article No Conflict Of Interest With Lex Says PM

It gets much worse…

Prime Minister Douglas is using the old “Nothing to see here, folks. Move along” defense…

“Several Government employees have private businesses, so that is nothing new.  There is no conflict of interest there,” Dr. Douglas said.

Public records indicate that Lex Consulting (LLC) is managed by Kate Alex Woodley, the mother of the Prime Ministers two children.  WINN FM understands that Ms. Woodley is an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, assigned to the St. Kitts and Nevis New York-based Consulate Office in Manhattan.

Speaking at a press conference in the Parliamentary Lounge a Government Headquarters, the Prime Minister reiterated previous statements that Lex had provided consulting services to a number of companies including the St. Kitts and Nevis Labour Party.

… from the Winn FM article No Conflict Of Interest With Lex Says PM

Did any of Lex Consulting’s clients obtain government contracts at any time?

This gets worse because here is the way it happens… A government official will issue a government contract to a company we’ll call “Company A”. Company “A” then hires a “consulting” firm that just happens to be owned and run by the wife or lover of the same government official who issued the government contract to Company “A”.

Very slick.

The “consulting” done by the government official’s wife or lover is never on the project for which the contract was issued. It’s always some nebulous job like “office automation consulting” or “marketing consulting” – and the money is often deposited overseas.

For instance, into the New York bank account of the consulting company run by the Prime Minister’s ex-squeeze.

Slick. Very slick.

Probably No Rules Broken because like Barbados, St. Kitts and Nevis doesn’t have Integrity Legislation

For over forty years Barbados politicians of both major parties have promised to introduce Integrity Legislation and conflicts of interest standards. The current DLP Thompson government is no exception. Thompson said he would implement a Ministerial Code of Conduct “immediately” upon forming a government, and would introduce Integrity Legislation and Freedom of Information laws within the first 100 days.

That was over two years ago – but the DLP have become very slick indeed at managing the political fallout from failing to keep their promises.

The latest ploy by the Democratic Labour Party and Prime Minister David Thompson was to suddenly announce that their proposed integrity legislation will include the private sector as well.

That just about guarantees failure for passing the legislation and the PM knows that. That’s why he included the private sector!

DLP Stage Managing to ensure failure of Integrity Legislation

So here’s the drill… The DLP will introduce something in late 2010 that will eventually die in process. Given just a little more time and the next election campaign will be approaching. The DLP will pull out a couple of old BLP scandals that they have been hoarding for the event. Thompson will wave around another couple of cheques at a rally similar to 2007 when he showed everyone the “campaign donation” cheque that then-Prime Minister Owen Arthur put into his personal bank account.

Thompson will claim that the BLP is blocking the legislation etc etc etc and that he needs a mandate from the people… and off we’ll go into the next election.

And Thompson and the DLP will have had four solid years of operating without Integrity Legislation or Freedom of Information laws.

That’s the way it is near Grape Hall on a Wednesday morning.

PM Thompson Says His Use Of CLICO's Business Jet Is None Of Your Business

As to transparency and conflicts of interest, one of David Thompson’s first official acts as a newly-elected Prime Minister was to borrow the corporate jet of a company that does business with the Barbados government – and to refuse to release any details of the costs and arrangements.


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33 responses to “St. Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister shows the world what corruption is all about.

  1. Love

    And to imagine Dr. Denzil Douglas got another 5 years in office !

    Caribbean people…..except BFP…….seems to love this tieffery !!

  2. Fish Pot

    Anything new?

  3. Hants


    Caribbean people…..except BFP…….seems to love this tieffery.

    Tieffery is not limited to Caribbean politicians.

    USA, Canada, Europe also have tieffery.

    This is a pro”Canadian” blog so I have to be careful but I suggest you google corruption in North America.

    Hypocrisy by omission?

  4. reality check

    absolutely correct Hants but corruption is systemic in Barbados and unless you expose it you can never fix it.

    There should be no complacency when hard working and law abiding taxpayers are being victimized and abused.

    Complacency and finger pointing also equals permission.

    Is that your message?

  5. Hants

    @reality check

    My message is that we must have ITAL and FOI and hopefully the politicians in the Caribbean will embrace it.

    I also think it is unfair to suggest that tieffery is a caribbean people ting.

  6. It's time

    Modus operandi courtesy of Dr. Don Blackman?

  7. BFP

    Hi Hants,

    We concentrate on Bajan and Caribbean issues for the same reason that everyone else does: one naturally centers attention around home. If we lived in Iceland we’d be talking about corruption in Iceland.

    To say that there is corruption is other countries is true. To say it as some kind of defense “Look at dem what they do” is more of the same sorry “can’t do anything” attitude that has held our country and our region back for two hundred years.

    I see that even the DLP diehards at BU and other places are becoming very defensive but are being forced to talk about the whole ITAL FOI debacle.

    I find it hilarious that the BLP is and has been totally silent about ITAL, FOI etc. They find it a most inconvenient subject even more than the DLP! LOL

  8. Thanks for the tip off on Winn FM, wanted another perspective other than the Gov’t releases I get from Basseterre, you’d be surprised how many I ditched as they were outright election ploys

  9. Boring

    This is the best you all have? Where is the video with LINDSEY GRANT and the 1.7 million dollars he took a bribe for?


  10. Sir Linden Pindling thought so too (NASSAU), so did Duvaliers Sr & Jr

  11. “I don’t know what cheque you’re speaking about,” the Prime Minister said.

    There is only one catch to t is statement, and the catch is that it cannot be true. One glance at the checque in question clearly shows “Dr. Denzil L.Douglas” as the recipient, and not his student son who does not have a doctorate yet !
    A good quality scan of this checque it available fron various sites for download. The evidence is there, we only need a conviction now.

  12. LAWD

    Surprising how some fools would condone corruption because “dem party” do it! What a @boring jack***.

  13. Donald Duck, Esq

    What happen to the jet our PM used to use???

  14. Skn yute

    @BFP why are speaking on stuff you dont know nothing about…Please comment on bajans issues only! Why dont you talk about Pam stealing persons money and Lindsey grant on a video tape taking bribe. So pls stick to commenting on bajans issues and not ours!

  15. Skn yute

    @BFP why are you speaking on stuff? You dont know nothing about…Please comment on bajans issues only! Why dont you talk about Pam stealing persons money and Lindsey grant on a video tape taking bribe. So pls stick to commenting on bajans issues and not ours!

  16. ST KITTS’ Labour dogs go “bark bark bark”

    allegations of corruption! bark bark bark
    mismanagement of public funds! bark bark bark
    victimization of Opposition members! bark bark bark
    unconstitutional electoral reform, A.G. found in contempt of court! bark bark bark
    national debt of 3 billion! bark bark bark
    26 murders in 2009 in a pop of 40,000! bark bark bark
    – 8% economic growth, 2nd to last in Caricom! bark bark bark

    See “Boring” and “SKN yute” above.
    the DOGS are barking while the HOGS are getting fat! $76 million U.S. dollars! the story reach all around the world mind you, not only Barbados. DR. DOUGLAS is laughing all the way to the Bank. it would be funny, if it wasn’t so serious.

    what is up with KITTITIANS?

    Is it Country Above Self or DOUGLAS above self?
    Answer = BARK BARK BARK

  17. oh my god i’m so embarrassed. can’t you guys find anything else to say? don’t you have any response to the ACTUAL CONTENT of the post? did the words “DENZIL DOUGLAS”, “LEX CONSULTING LLC”, “$U.S.95,000.00 CHEQUE” go in one ear and out the next? where does lindsay grant fit into this picture? this post isn’t about the politics between PAM or LABOUR. it is about CORRUPTION plain and simple. the EVIDENCE is there. why are you guys calling people fools for stating facts? u guys are unbelievable

  18. Anguillan ShyGuy

    St Kitts and Kittitians are seen as backward all over the Eastern Caribbean. Even tho I thank God everyday that Anguilla was able to break way from that Union, I don’t think its fair to paint all Kittitians with one brush. Some of them I know personally are very intelligent and astute but for whatever reason they are fearful of speaking up and out against injustice. And so they all suffer together. And now to hear that not only does St. Kitts-Nevis have one have of the highest national debt – income ratios in the world but they bust a DEAD LAST (more or less) in Caricom economic growth!! It is incredible that Kittitians with all their faults re-elected that “stranger to the truth” (CLASSIC!) I heard of all sorts of election fraud that went on in St. Kitts before and up to elections last month. With all the money that this Douglas character has, IT’S NO WONDER!!!

  19. Kcrip

    Anguillan ShyGuy Shut da f**k that is all. Thank u! God I hate you outsiders especially u other caribbean islands…

  20. Kcrip

    Anguillan ShyGuy Shut da f**k up that is all. Thank u! God I hate you outsiders especially u other caribbean islands…Grrrr u mofos already gettin mi cross.

  21. To Kcrip: I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Are you purposely trying to prove me right? LOL You hate all outsiders especially you’re own CARIBBEAN brothers and sisters!!!!!! (imagine how we feel about you) Don’t take your sufferation out on me because you can’t face the facts my dear. No need to get cross ok I will be praying for you and your country. (you need it) Tip: Respect yourself before can respect others. ONE Love ONE Caribbean

  22. Love,116914.html


    A glance at the story above….clearly indicates that something dastardly questionable is occuring in T & T with the PNM gov’t/ PM Manning & Calder Hart.

    And may I remind you guys….this a country that has an ITAL Act in place….albeit that the ITAL Commission has not been in place for the past few months.

    PM Thompson is on the right track to take his time and get this ITAL legislation…..RIGHT !

    We refused to be rushed !

  23. cq8

    Love says Thompson refuses to be rushed. I guess that’s why he lied about “immediately” introducing a Ministerial Code that would prohibit government employees from issuing government contracts to their own companies. No new law was required, Thompson could have issued a policy the first day in office as he promised to do. Except he was lying.

  24. Yash

    Kcrip, even Robert Gates Secretary of Defense of USA Government saying that St. Kitts is corrupt.

  25. "Work for what I want"

    The things we find to talk about, govt will be govt expect that all are thieves all try to pocket money and make themselves well off @ Anguillan ShyGuy one love one carribbean. dont think that the world thinks that only skb ppl backward, they think they Carribbean/Anguillans backward. Justice u kno what tree to bark bark bark up u need to go and check the records to see why PAM loose in the first place(the same Hogs pockets were getting too fat). Yash tell me a place that is not corrupt let me move there!

  26. King


  27. Anonymous

    R U guys stupid or what corruption is corruption. Period!

  28. wow

    everyone in every government corrupt.i don’t care if it is PAM or Labour Republican or Democrat. Any and All countries. The whole world.The devil makes sure he got his servants up there in high places to help him do his job and gather followers. This is why i don’t vote or defend anyone. y’all up here defending lindsey and dougie go tru wid it. y’all up here cussing away y’all think it look good. I’m 21 years old. I hope the ones who cussing not older than that. You can express your opinion about something but it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Poor ting dem

  29. fuck you too anguillian shyguy noone cares about your irrelevant opinion go suck the queens ass

  30. 80

    Dr. Denzil Douglas Led St. Kitts Caribbean Corrupt Government Exposed –

  31. 90

    In a democracy, people get the government they deserve. You elected this government so you have no one to blame but yourselves. Enjoy the next 5 years and quit your dam whining!

  32. Hey would you mind stating which blog platform you’re working with? I’m going to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time selecting between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking
    for something unique. P.S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask!

  33. SKNLP See Six

    This crap is such dated, irresponsible peddling of character slander . Get a life! 3 years after this rubbish was used to bring down government, St . Kitts is a high income country, stable, safe and secure. Even if the opposition tries a armed coup as it did in 1967, it will fail again. The opposition needs to try providing development alternatives to win. Hate only won’t get it into government