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Remembering Joan Benjamin (1915-1994): The pen was her sword, her conscience and her voice.

To Barbados Free Press

Dear Editor,

On a recent trip to Barbados, I visited the Nidhe Israel Museum and its graveyard. I noticed a gravestone for Joan Benjamin (Born 24th  1915  Died 31st Jan 1994) with its epitaph: THE PEN WAS HER SWORD, HER CONSCIENCE AND HER VOICE

When I tried to find info on the net I was led to a series of letters on your blog site. They were from September 2008 and centered on crooked lawyers. Joan Benjamin’s name was mentioned a number of times.  Can anyone tell me who Joan Benjamin was and what made so many people remember her???

thank you,
Barbara Boyden

BFP Editor replies:

Thanks for your letter. We’ll let our readers reply and you’ll see that no matter how folks received what Joan Benjamin wrote – agree or disagree – Joan made people think.

For our readers, here is the article that Barbara Boyden is talking about, and the comments where various readers including Prime Minister Thompson’s mum remember Joan Benjamin: Crooked Barbados Lawyers Being Charged With Theft Mostly By Foreigners: Bajan Global Report.


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