New “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie being filmed – but not in Barbados

The famous pirate ship Black Pearl sailed from the Bahamas all the way to Hawaii because the next (fourth) installment in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series is being filmed in Oahu. Johnny Depp will continue his role as Jack Sparrow in the film “On Stranger Tides”.

Hawaii is all excited about the millions of dollars that will result from their selection as the location of the next movie.

I can't exactly explain why, but I loved Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Second only to The Godfather series, it's probably my fave movie in the whole world.

I love the Pirates of the Caribbean series almost as much as I loved Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but I would like a straight answer from someone in government… just the truth.

Was Barbados ever in contention as the location for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film?

If not, why not? What can be done by government and business leaders to bring this kind of lucrative film making to Barbados?


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16 responses to “New “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie being filmed – but not in Barbados

  1. dismanhey

    because the boat may have immigrants

  2. Adrian Loveridge

    Will the series now be re-named ‘Pirates of the Hawaiian Islands’?

    Surely, the Governments of the region could have got together with a bodies like the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and/or Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association to ENSURE that the filming (and all the financial benefits it brings) was kept within the Caribbean.

    Just think of all those hotel rooms, restaurants, transport providers etc, etc, that would have been kept busy and full in the EIGHT LONG SUMMER MONTHS.

    It has been proposed to levy yet another TAX to raise tens of millions of Dollars for a Caribbean Marketing Fund.
    With opportunities like this being lost, one has to wonder if there really is sufficient existing co-operation between regional tourism planners to make such a proposed marketing fund really work?

    Its going to be interesting to see over the next year or so after the release of ‘On Stranger Tides’
    what increases in long stay visitors the Hawaiian islands of Oahu and Kauai record.

  3. Hants

    Surely Hawaii is a first choice for Americans.

    Hawaii is an American State.

    Hawaii has produced one U.S. President, Barack Obama.

  4. Duh

    Because any film shot in Barbados would almost certainly have modern structures somewhere in scene.

    It would be a little unconviencing to have the Black perl sailing past Port St. Charles

  5. Davy Jones

    The Caribbean(Barbados mainly) is too developed for this movie to be filmed here.
    Besides , most movies going digital now. They can create any background they want.

  6. BFP

    It seems to me that they can create any environment, anywhere. For instance, the Perfect Storm was for the most part filmed on dry land in Mexico, or so I’ve heard.

    Perhaps the question should be: What major movies have been filmed in Barbados, and what has been done to facilitate and invite such productions in our country?

  7. the first three were filmed in St Vincent werent they? Does Barbados have the coastlines and vegetation to really get in on this action?

  8. reality check

    The bean counters and locations managers will tell you what considerations went into the final decision. If we had any journalists, they would simply phone Disney by skype and ask a few pointed questions for a reasoned understanding of what considerations went into the final decision.

    Clearly a few of the decsions would be the recession in the US, tropical coastline and no borders to cross.

    Barbados does not make it easy for money and people to flow in and out so you can bet this would be a factor where movie companies choose to do business. It all comes down to the ease and cost of shooting a film.

    To be really sure, one of our esteemed journalists simply needs ask someone at Disney.

    Barbados really needs a pro business government. This change alone could bring in capital immediately.

  9. Bad Man Saying Nuttin

    Utter rubbish; why weren’t the first three filmed in Barbados? Why was part filmed in Europe namely Malta?

    A producer/director chooses the locale he likes best and no amount of lobbying or marketing by Barbados would change that.

  10. Barbados does not have a Film Commission, it also offers no tax concessions for movie-making.

    The film is based on Tim Powers’ book of the same name – except the hero is no longer Jack Shandignac but Jack Sparrow, it also focuses on Blackbeard’s obeah traits.

    Tim Powers has a habit of taking historical anecdotes and making them supernatural – he’s connected KGB mole Kim Philby and djinnis in “Declare”; Lord Byron with time-travel and the Beatles in Victorian London in “Anubis Gates” and the Ottoman invasion of Constantinople with King Arthur’s return in “Drawing of The dark” or Thomas Edison as a ghost and US gangster Bugsy Siegel as Fisher King with his Flamingo hotel as a seal against demons in “Last Call”

  11. TheNickster

    Filming in Barbados is almost as expensive as filming in Ney York, not to mention those expenses are compounded by short sighted greedy government officials.

  12. BadBob

    Aaaaargh, matey! Methinks it becuz’ there not be wenches enuf or rum for me crew.

  13. Cindylover1969

    “Perhaps the question should be: What major movies have been filmed in Barbados, and what has been done to facilitate and invite such productions in our country?”

    I don’t know if this counts as “major,” but what the papers thought about Russ Meyer making a movie there would have been interesting. (Or not, with many of his trademarks being absent here – starting with undressed, well-endowed women.)

  14. asdf

    theres going to be a total of 6movies. Im sure theyll get all those locations in so quit complaining, shit.

  15. david

    well first three films were done in st vincent and the grenadines with parts of the last 2 being done in dominica. those 2 islands being the least developed which is what disney was lookg for so you cant expect disney to choose barbados. However it should be noted that pirates of the caribbean is not the first movie being filmed in st vincent. white squal also a disney movie i think was filmed there along with another. why is it that barbados has not attracted the film industry yet st vincent has? My guess is despite being so developed, to be honest Barbados lack an all round caribbean island feel. Its too americanised and unlike the other islands, this island does not have the natural beauty compared. Barbados lacks mountains , waterfalls, hot springs /lakes and nature reserves as the other islands do. But it must be commened that for an island that lack the potential of st vincent and the grenadines in terms of natural beauty, this country is still pretty amazing and will always be the envy of the caribbean. which caribbean country can boast not being a 3rd world anymore? : )

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘Gov. Linda Lingle estimated the production (of On Stranger Tides) will generate US$85 million in spending on Hawaii’

    ‘The Hawaii Tourism Authority said visitor spending increased by US$194.8 million in January 2011’

    ‘Hawaii hosted 597,487 visitors during the month (January 2011) up 12.2 per cent over January 2010’.