What is our road tax being spent on? Certainly not de-bushing roads!

These are photographs of the public road between Fisher Pond, St. Thomas and Sugar Hill, St. Joseph. It shows the aftermath of the 5th fire for the year in this area which occurred on February 17th. ( the first occurring on January 1st ) . Check with Arch Hall Fire Station.

Note the ruler at bottom of two of the photographs. This measures three ( 3 ) feet, ten ( 10 ) inches, so just under four feet. It is obvious how far the bush has been ‘allowed ‘ to encroach into the road way. Two cars cannot pass. Many calls have been made to the relevant government departments about this stretch of road. Further along is The Rusher ( mistakenly called Russia ) gulley. Approximately three weeks ago a crew cleared ‘ some ‘ of the bush ONLY at the south entrance. It is still there and now has the wild cane growing up on top of it, making the entrance smaller than it was before the bush was cut. Interesting isn’t it?

What is our Road Tax money being spent on?

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3 responses to “What is our road tax being spent on? Certainly not de-bushing roads!

  1. http://bajanreporter.com/?p=7911

    “…side walks here in St. George so over grown with grass that it is difficult for us to not walk in the road. This is the dry season and you would have thought that they would use this time to CLEAN ALL DRAINS AND CUT ALL GRASS…”

  2. Johnny Postle

    What is our road tax being spent on?

    Lavish living by politicians and high government officials who continue to steal tax payers dollars at will. If you doubt me ask Leo, he might tell you who also benefitted from his company.

  3. Shirley Biscuit

    I heard Barbados drivers license are on sale at $1000. Just ask Douggie