Barbados Bar Association: Some lawyers in prominent public positions are dishonest

The association [ Barbados Bar Association] also said that it hoped Thompson’s remarks about the legal profession not being the best place for any argument concerning “the integrity, the equanimity and the outlook that is consistent with modern Barbadian society and our quest for social justice” was taken out of context.

“Not only are equanimity and the quest for social justice hallmarks of the profession, but the majority of lawyers in Barbados hold to the highest principles of honesty and integrity and many occupy some of the most prominent positions in public life in Barbados employing those same virtues in the service of Barbadians generally,” the association noted.

… from The Nation February 17, 2010 article Angry Bar

So according to the Barbados Bar Association, the majority of lawyers are honest. How big is the minority and what high offices do they hold?

(… the above sent to BFP by a reader)

Barbados Bar Association upset of Prime Minister’s Remarks

In our recent article Barbados Prime Minister slams retiring Chief Justice David Simmons over the ethics of Simmons’ appointment we praised Prime Minister David Thompson for clearly talking about how morally wrong it was for David Simmons to have accepted the position of Chief Justice. The PM said that Simmons’ performance in the job could not make up for the wrong done at the start.

The Prime Minister also gave a slap in the face to the Barbados Bar Association as several of their members were whining about how Simmons was unfaired when the PM didn’t grant him an extension in the position.

Career politician was no independent judge

Those comments by some members of the Bar Association showed that they haven’t a clue about how important it is to the citizens that the court system and the judges themselves have the appearance of independence and impartiality.

Those comments showed that the Bar Association has lost touch with our society and the word INTEGRITY as it should apply to lawyers, judges and the entire justice system.

Here’s what the PM said that the Bar Association is criticising him for…

“Chief Justices are not appointed to help lawyers. Chief Justices are appointed to dispense justice to citizens, so my choice for a Chief Justice is not going to be based on any cacophony of noise from the legal profession. Someone has to be chosen who has the integrity, the equanimity and the outlook that is consistent with modern Barbadian society and our quest for social justice… I am not sure that the legal profession is the best place for that argument,”

… Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson

We firmly support the Prime Minister in his determination that our next Chief Justice should not be a political hack and that the lawyer class will not dictate the candidates.

Our Prime Minister knows that the position of Chief Justice is far too important to leave to the members of an agenda-driven legal profession who never had the courage and the conviction to oppose David Simmons’ original appointment when they had the chance.

Well done, Mr. Prime Minister, and may the Lord guide you and your government as you consider who is the right choice for our next Chief Justice.


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6 responses to “Barbados Bar Association: Some lawyers in prominent public positions are dishonest

  1. BadBob

    Please furnish list of crooked lawyers. I am in urgent need of legal assistance.
    Will gladly split half of take, payable to overseas account.

  2. Ruby

    I back Mr.’T” 100%. The P.M. is right to refuse Sir David’s request for an extension. Mr. Simmons is long on talk and very short on action

    While the legal and judicial system greatly benefit the lawywers, countless of poor Barbadians are being denied justice and for exceeding lengthly periods. Comments made by the Caribbean Court of Justice some time last year or the year before are not complimentary of Sir David’s leadership.

    My concern now centres on who will be our next Chief Justice. Not Sandra Mason, I hope.

  3. Johnny Postle

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Cannot take it anymore….I need to f….king curse real bad…..Some body call Scotland Yard, the FBI, Barbados needs a deep cleansing from these F…king Lawyer lieing pimps who are posing as representers of the people but really are reprensenting and feeding their nasty habits. I r…..sole cannot take it anymore.

  4. 130

    good day everyone, i have 1 question,i was in an zr accident last year and i received injuries to my neck shoulder and back,the insurance company accepted liability yet i am having problems receiving further treatment from my physiotherapist,because the secretary of my lawyer said i have to pay for it and then be reimbursed from the insurance,i am in pain and can hardly work as i am self employed and i feel as if i am getting no help from my lawyer,also the lawyer for the insurance company took some money from an interim payment and said it was taken for nis, which was never paid in, i need to know what i can do and if i can fire my lawyer and represent myself.

  5. 130

    any help is appreciated

  6. sheblee

    wow….didnt realise BFP was partisan. Good to know.