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Curtis Joel Foster sentencing UPDATE. Killer was supposed to appear February 18th

Canadian tourist Terry Schwarzfeld murdered during Long Beach robbery

Curtis Joel Foster 25, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in Barbados High Court on Wednesday, January 20, 2010. At that time the news media stated that Foster would be sentenced on February 17th next.

February 17, 2010 came and went without a single mention of Foster’s sentencing in the Barbados news media. Barbados Free Press had two inquiries from the Canadian news media and we were unable to assist the reporters because we haven’t heard a thing and neither the Barbados electronic nor print media thought to inform the public.

Then on the morning of Thursday February 18th, we heard that “some time ago” the court appearance had been moved to February 18th, but no one bothered to inform the news media or the public. This attitude also extends to the family of the victim who heard about the January 20th guilty plea after the fact and through the news media. It seems that no one from the police or the prosecutor’s office bothered to contact the Schwarzfeld family beforehand.

Unfortunately so typical.

According to a February 18th article in the Nation, the court hearing today (Thursday 18th) was supposed to have been a reading of the psychiatric and pre-sentencing reports.

We haven’t heard what happened in court and so far none of the island news outlets mentioned it, including the evening CBC news.

Can any of our readers assist? Does anyone know what happened to the Foster sentencing? Was he sentenced on the 18th? Is there a new date?

Does anyone have any current information?

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