Kammie challenges Barbadians: “Speak out!”

The more I think the more I realise why Corruption is hidden and why Transparency an Accountability in Barbados is elusive. Everybody is Everybody Friend or Somebody is Somebody Child`s Godfather.The Fifth Estate is complicit and encourages this bad behaviour. I have written some articles on some Non Partisan issues such as the Need for Disclosure of Political contributions. The newspapers aint publish it, and its not shit!

People our Democracy is for sale to the Political Party which has the most spend at elections. I have never yet considered not voting until recently. It makes me sick to the stomach at the level of dumbness and ignorance displayed by persons who benefit from free Education to the tune US$250 Million yearly. What a waste of money.

Yardfowls of the DLP and BLP saying I criticising them. Deceitfulness and untruths was never part of my genetic makeup. Our leaders need honest and sincere feedback/criticism. I will never betray the character of the late agricultural worker Beryl Malonely who toiled at Cliff Plantation to pay for my education.

Haiti did not get the way it is overnight. The poor and the society at large always pays for shady procurement deals and cost overruns.

I challenged more Barbadians to speak out regardless of their political affiliations. Our Country will be made worse by your silence.

(The above was apparently sent to BFP by Kammie Holder who asked us to publish it. Kammie, if it wasn’t you – we’re sure you’ll let us know!



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  1. Vs

    “I will never betray the character of the late agricultural worker Beryl Malonely who toiled at Cliff Plantation to pay for my education”.

    Found this interesting because some of those who might be involved in corruption which tends to affect the poor the most in the long run, are the sons and daughters of poor persons who thought education would have made their children better persons.

    Ironic, isn’t it?


    Whether it’s Kammie or not – s/he spoke a mouthful. BDS is as pretentious a society as the USA and all the others, combined. Here we profess to be ‘christians’ – we prove it by going to church every Sunday (a dress parade) … and going along as if we’re each at the top of our game — wearing sexy clothes, driving big car, a bottle of water in the ‘fridge, a package of biscuits in the larder, and the bailiff knocking on the door….

  3. reality check

    Aside from untendered incestuous contracts and no audited statements, the greatest abuse comes from special land rezonings that the public knows nothing about and where public issues are never discussed because its all about short term grab and run.

    The Town and Planning process was hijacked many years ago as a retirement fund for the few.

    Aside from the Sunbury issue did anyone notice a call for a Chancery Lane rezoning and were there any handouts discussing all the issues or just a mere notice of a meeting?

    The public has the right to know all the details of a development not just notices of so called public meetings but with full disclosure of the nature of a developments and its impact on the neighborhood in the local newspapers.

    Can someone follow up on this meeting because you are guaranteed the developer doesn’t want you
    to know all the issues.

  4. Environmental Planner

    Go Kammie, I will help you light the way:)

  5. Kammie

    I did write the article and must say I must thank the owners of this blog for publishing my comments. We can all collectively make a difference. Some members of government are not interested in knowing what the people are thinking. Guess the reason why they don’t read the newspapers or read the blogs as the PM said people usually print blogs comments and show him. Thus all hope is not loss. Let send them our thoughts by writing on the blogs. We must demand declaration of assets,declaration of political donations,appointment of a contractor general and the inclusion of recall of parliamentarians. If we cannot get these things let’s all chase them from our permises when they come begging for votes. It cannot be business as usual. Oh by the way I am a male born on February 21st. We are slipping fast, people our leaders need our support and truthful NON PARTISAN advice. Hiding the truth behind deceit is a serious cancer afflicting Barbados.


    Just a foot note… I have stopped writing letters to the Nation for publication because of late they don’t publish them. And it’s not because they are libelous or anything like that– it’s simply because I express an opinion that’s ‘different’ – and it seems they feel they have to ‘protect’ ??? the public from another point of view… ???

    But this outlook seems to be widespread…. take a look in the local ‘bookshops’ and see the fare that’s offered. Is it because Bajans dont want to read something other than Mills & Boone? NO IT IS NOT. So why the narrow selection? I have thought about this for a long time … and conclude it’s the same mind-set the Nation seems to have.

    By the way — what about the cock-fight between Hilary Backles and the guy. ? the guy is right … the quality of ‘students’ at Cave Hill is trashy. DO YOU KNOW YOU DON’T HAVE SUCH A THING AS A “FAILED STUDENT” AT THAT INSTIUTION? No less a person than a physican told me long ago “in the beginning a degree from UWI was reasonably well recognized world-wide, but now-a-days their ‘certificate’ is just a piece of paper…”

    All I can say is (a) thanks for the blogs… I just hope a lot of people read them, and (b) thanks for places like Amazon where you can find all the reading material you want….

    “wide acceptance of an idea is not proof of its validity.” ….

  7. Johnny Postle

    Kammie Kammie, there are many here who share your strong conviction for the prevalence of jurisprudence in our society. But bajans are gaged by fear of reprisal. Right now how save is it to write on the blog, when any of the ISP providers could easily pass your IP address on a vengeful politician. I am one who wants to see the practice of transparent politics. It hurts like hell when I think that politicians are prospering without driving a stroke or raising a sweat. I am not so sure if the blog is that effective against them, after all, most here are forced to write under anonymity as the big boys can be quite nefarious in their silencing of certain matters. But Gaw Blimah lets go for it. Start the ball rolling ma bruddah

  8. Crusoe

    Is it JUST Barbados.

    Go to the cnn website and read the alleged suicide note by the suicide crash pilot. Powerful.

    If genuine, it mirrors complaints here in many ways, even if on a larger scale.

    May his soul travel onwards in tranquility.

  9. Hope Springs Eternal

    Kammie, the only way there will ever be REAL change in Barbados is if a viable third party comes forward. In my opinion, the PDC is not that viable third party as they are too far to the left to be accepted by most Bajans. Bajans have to get out of this mindset of “either or” with the BLP or DLP. A third party forces the ruling party to stay honest, as much as possible, through oversite and, primarily, by joining forces with the opposition to vote down unacceptable or suspect legislation. Kammie, are you the man to start a viable third party? On the face of it, it is so simple if only someone, who the people have faith in, would step forward and bring more choice into Bajan politics.

  10. Tonite,I took a wrong turn while attending a Board Meeting and was offered a column by the Nation Newspaper. Thus I will write in such a Non Partisan way that every political nincunpoop, yardfowl and operative will understand. What I hope to achieve with all of you is to engage our political leaders in meaningful dialogue for greater governance. We must let our leaders know in no uncertain terms that we did not go to school in August. In the words of former President Bush you are either with me or against me. Who want to take money for their most precious right to vote go ahead.

  11. BFP

    Good for you Kammie. You have lots worthwhile to say and everyone recognizes that.

    Did you say yes to the column? What “restrictions” if any are part of the deal if you’d care to inform your fans.



  12. I have said yes as usual no libelous material. However I will be non partisan in my comments and touch on issues which concerns the average man in the street. You can bet your last dollar I will be fair and a new breath of fresh air. Are you going to protect me from the operatives who will try to silence me and will you add your voice to this movement for Transparency, Accountability and better governace. My first article will be on Political Contribution as it relates to the sale of our Democracy. It will be called Swimming Up Stream! Never knew I had fans.

  13. 46

    Good article, Kammie. Will give you a shout later, my boy.

  14. TheNickster

    Good luck, hope the column lasts.