Local artist Annalee Davis holds sale in support of Haiti

Renowned local artist, author, filmmaker and feisty letter writer Annalee Davis is offering discounts on her personal art and the Manipura brand with the proceeds from the sale going to help Haiti.

Her Manipura brand works are on show daily at the Flower Forest Botanical Gardens gift shop or… would you like a private showing in your home or at her studio? No problem. Give her a call and she’ll be happy to oblige.

You should also check out Annalee’s blog for updates about Caricom’s role on the ground in Haiti.

Here are some of the links for Annalee…

Manipura Art Website

Special Sale

Personal website: Annalee Davis.com

Blog: On the Map

BFP article by Annalee Davis: Film Maker Annalee Davis Publishes Letter To Barbardos Advocate Editor – And She Does It Here At BFP

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  1. BFP

    A side note to Annalee. We’d like to include your website in our rotation of banners at the top of the blog but we’re not sure about our capability of making an attractive banner.

    If you’d like to do up a banner that is 500 x 200 pixels or so, we’d be happy to include you in our rotation. The 500 pixel width is our standard, but you can have the depth up to 300 pixels or so – not too much more than that please.

    We’ll try our hand at creating a banner for you, but hey… you’re the artist! 🙂