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Rihanna Who? Has Barbados let the girl down?

Is it us? Is it Rihanna? What is happening to our relationship?

OWN WON NOW (Three letters juxtaposed differently giving characteristically dissimilar meanings.)

by Khaidji

We have heard all the talk of promoting local talent, buying Bajan and all the promises by politicians to support indigenous talent, even celebrating the accomplishments of our own Loyal Sons and Daughters, with ambassadorships.

I watched the parades of joy on Bajan faces as our young daughter won her first Grammy Award then I saw how we turned our face to her second accomplishment, not even a notice in the media that she had been nominated for a Grammy this year. Then, it took a caller on one of the radio stations I’m often “Turned On” to, to announce and shout out her achievement, bringing it to the apparent attention of the radio host for the first time. It was followed by a deafening silence, and then the host continued without any endorsement.

Later that same day, there was finally some acknowledgement on television. I had previously checked the validity of the radio caller and found him to be right. In fact, on YouTube I saw that there was the entire run up to her Award, the nominees and she was amongst the eventual awardees. I saw her acceptance speech too. But, we were never told that she won two Grammy in this the 52nd award to now give her a total of 3 awards.

“Run this Town” received two Grammy awards
, one for Best Rap Song and one for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration’, both of which now adds to here collection. I was very moved by her accomplishment and by the very professional way she appears on stage and on interviews. But our local television was unimpressive in their portrayal of this remarkable achievement. Here, this gracious daughter of the soil, who rose from a year of the darkest of publicity, with a blinding spotlight in her face, managed to get herself together, to practice and collaborate in the song “Run This Town” that was nominated and finally given the Grammy Award for Best Rap Song and also another Grammy for “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. But what had our television presenter to say? If only I could quote the script,  I was too stricken then to remember the exact words now, however, Rihanna was announced to have received another Grammy “but”, yes, he said a big screaming “but” and went on to tell us about Beyonce and her six and even featured her!

What ever happened to promoting our own? Why is it that Barbados still can’t get a television team or even a camera person at the Awards to return with proper footage of these historic moments? Why are we so brutal at preserving our own people? We bellow the importance of supporting local talent, but are we restricting talent to the portrayal of our heritage? My

“Views on the News” is not unique, it is the spirit and voices of many compiled to immortalized the things that we may forget to pass on to the younger generation. I offer opinions in Acrostic Poetry to draw attention to the things that are of concern to all of us. And today, I stray from my so quiet art form to speak more blaringly about this social injustice that is perpetrated by those in society who ought to know and do better, our leaders.

It has become apparent that we are closing our eyes to Rihanna because of the negativity that followed in the wake of the very stardom that earned her our initial respect and the many gifts we bestowed on her. We already knew the dangers of fame; we already knew that few ever emerge unscathed from all its glamour life. It should be our focus to publish as many positive things that we can find about her and that we continue to be supportive, not with the accolades of physical gifts like a piece of the rock, Jewelry and a motor vehicle, any of which she can easily afford to purchase. Not with the name of ambassador and then leaving her to fend for herself in the ocean of sharks and the airs of vultures that await her either. No, we must be supportive in the recognition of our own, in identifying with her and making her home a place she will always love to come back to. We don’t hold on to our sons and daughter of the soil by attaching virtual chains to their legs and thereby stiffening their will but rather we must condition their spirits and minds to know that there is no greater love than family, the island is her family and I feel even closer to my celebrity sibling because we share the same Alma Mater, Combermere School, a place I hold dearly, which I immortalized many of its characters in my book.

At her first Grammy we heard “Barbados, I love you, we got one!” I never heard Barbados in my brief listening of the YouTube clip on the second Grammy. There was no Barbados, we got three anywhere. Is this a telltale sign that we have managed to alienate ourselves from this young lady who is out there shooting down her Goliaths. Are we now too far away to be seen because our OWN WON NOW and is “A Robyn Flying High!”

Barbados, this is three, or is it? Has our OWN Rihanna WON three Grammy awards NOW?

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