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Dementia: New revelations are old hat to Colin L. Beadon

Dementia, and very old Hat.

by Colin L. Beadon

When you’ve lived a little too many years, you hear things that keep cropping up again, and again, as though they had been newly discovered.

And so some bright sparks in England have now, re-discovered that Dementia can be curtailed by keeping really fit, eating and drinking the right things, praying to the right Gods, staying slim enough, and not beating your old grandmother or grandfather, or your dogs, or your wife, so that you don’t unduly raise your blood pressure. ( We put in that last one, the wife part, as a means of self preservation ).

Anyhow, over fifty years ago, when we were a young seaman, we read copious books on the benefits of learning all there was to know about the various virtues and dimensions of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga, deals with the Body and the science of Breath. Ghani Yoga, deals with the Mind and the Overself, and Raja Yoga deals with what knowledge can be gleaned of Uncommon Wisdom, and what can be known of the Absolute Principle, which is the best term for God we know. Hatha Yoga explained, perfectly, what you needed to do to retain the balance of your body. Ghani Yoga explained, perfectly, what you needed to do with preserving the balance of your mind. Raja Yoga takes a lot more explaining, so further explanation will be short-circuited, due to the inability of this writer to find words adequate to express anything worthwhile or worthy, in dealing with the Inexpressible.

To cut a long story, all that has been recently said on the BBC concerning Dementia, has been copiously and adequately covered by those writers who had discovered the teaching of Yoga from writings going back more than two thousand years.

So now you can understand our fret at the repetition, and our vexation at those who tout ‘New Discovery’, when what they have discovered is actually just re-discovered, and really nothing more than re-disclosure of truly pertinent yet 2000-year Old Hat.

The problem is that people just don’t read much these days.

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