Community Video Makers to be trained at Future Centre workshop. Could this be something new for you?

Barbados Grassroots Community projects to be funded through Video Workshop

Twelve persons from local communities throughout Barbados will be given the opportunity to participate in an educational workshop focused on amateur video production and project planning to be held in February 2010. The aim of the project is to teach new skills to assist communities in the application of various funding opportunities with a focus on the Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grant’s Programme (GEF SGP) implemented locally in Barbados and the OECS by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

Thanks to consultative work carried out by the UNDP under the auspice of the GEF SGP, it is recognised that communities need to be given alternatives in the process of applying for international funds, specifically under this programme which has a focus of environmentally related projects. Project Coordinator, Ms Nicole Garofano, and Administrator with the Future Centre Trust highlights “funding application procedures can act as a hindrance to the protection and conservation of our environments. It is for this reason that there is a clear need to modify funding application procedures in order to increase accessibility of funds to a larger range of groups”. The Future Centre Trust (FCT) has received funds from the GEF SGP to provide this workshop to further expand the SGP’s ability to assist local communities.

The FCT is inviting persons active within an existing registered community group to participate in the workshop. Content of the course includes learning the basics of participatory video techniques and applications; working with this knowledge within community groups; basic editing; final production; assisting in the development of a training manual; and to assist in the transformation of the GEF SGP grant application process to include video as an authorised medium.

At the completion of the course, these trained individuals will then become resource persons within their community group/s to assist in formulating applications and to also provide a digital avenue for advocacy.

“This workshop has been designed to assist community groups to have access to funds which can improve a community’s self-sustainability”, says Ms Garofano. “As past recipients of GEF SGP grants, The Future Centre Trust is aware of the process that must be undertaken. We feel this workshop will address some of the issues new grantees experience. Ultimately, we would like to see a virtual centre of resource persons who can actively contribute to successful project implementation to increase the capacity of community groups.” she added.

Applications are now being accepted for the twelve day course commencing February 8, 2010. Training sessions will run from 10am through 4pm each day and are limited to twelve persons. Participation is on a voluntary basis, with refreshments provided. Participants can be of any age group, however must recognise that at the conclusion of the training, they will be assisting their community and others in the development of project ideas.

All interested persons are asked to contact The Future Centre Trust and its Grassroots Community Video Production workshop as soon as possibly by email at for more information.


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3 responses to “Community Video Makers to be trained at Future Centre workshop. Could this be something new for you?

  1. Kammie

    Keep the good work up Nic and FCT.

  2. reality check

    Its about time that this kind of project was funded in Barbados and I am delighted that the FCT is leading the charge!

    BFP maybe you could help promote the best short videos that come out of this effort or help host them?

  3. Future Centre Trust

    Thank you and we will be sure to share the outcomes! Look for a website and a link on our new FCT site to be up and running within days. Thanks Kammie