Afra Raymond TV interview – “Continued silence on the ongoing debacle of the CL Financial bailout”

Excellent interview. Well worth your time to watch the video.

Further stories on the CL Financial and CLICO mess at


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6 responses to “Afra Raymond TV interview – “Continued silence on the ongoing debacle of the CL Financial bailout”

  1. Donald Duck, Esq

    Why is it that news on clico’s activities has gone cold now that it is just over a year that news of the proposed bail out of the T&T operations was announced.

    We have heard that there were buyers in Barbados for clico general and clico mortgage. however despite efforts to sell clico life nothing has been heard of these efforts.

    Are policyholders receiving payments on their policies in a timely fashion?

    Remember in September last year, CBC reported on their web site that “Reports reaching the CBC are that the Chairman of CLICO Holdings will be retiring from that organisation at year end.” If this did in fact happen how come mr parris appeared to have signed the 2008 balance sheet of clico life that was published only in the Advocate on jan 28. His signature indicated that he was one of the directors who approved the balance sheet as at jan 27, 2010.

  2. crisis of civilization

    What an inspirational discussion of the code of silence
    by responsible people and professionals that every Barbadian should watch!

    Whie the tendency in Barbados is to protect persons who should really be going to jail or fear of financial instability, the essence of what Afra Raymond is saying is that we should all be concerned about the enforcement of minimum standards such as the delivery of “audited statements” on time, the placement of only qualified and experienced professionals with integrity on Government and corporate Boards etc

    What he is essentially saying is that the ITAL and FOI tht BFP has been harping on for years must be in place in order to have a “civilized” society.

    So far to date, no political party in Barbados has been willing to embrace these concepts with disastrous consequences to every citizen.

  3. Straight talk

    “Once an untouchable is touched, that is the beginning of a shift” ………. to first world standards and accountability.

    Who do they think they are, these people who, against the law, decree what we are allowed to know?

  4. moslem

    what is this moslem doing conducting an interview? this may be his clever way to get a forum to preach.

  5. 74

    I have said once before we can talk talk and do more talk, but with the justice system control, manipulated and influence by high flyers with money, there will never be any accountability or justice against high-foluted crime…End of story

  6. Don't you hate racist idiots


    don’t be a racist jackass….that’s Fazeer Mohammed, our well known Cricket Commentator from Trinidad.

    I went to school with him and he is a solid decent person of Indo-Trini stock……oh yes…and a muslim.

    Does race, religion or both cloud your pathetic judgement?