Barbados Ambassador to USA and wife highlight China’s repression of Falun Dafa Religion

Ambassador’s wife urges more people to fight religious oppression in China

In a surprising but welcome interview on January 20, 2010, Barbados’ Ambassador to the United States and his wife both made statements acknowledging the repression of religion by the government of Communist China.

In the context of China, the Ambassador’s wife went much further and urged more people to become involved in fighting for human rights and religious freedom.

Ambassador John Beale and Mrs. Beale attended the Wednesday night performance of Shen Yun – a New York based Chinese performing arts troop that uses dance and music to tell the story of the persecution of Falon Gong members by the Government of China. (Shen Yun Performing Arts website here)

After viewing the performance with its message of religious repression in China, Ambassador Beale told an Epoch Times reporter “I think the message is clear, but at the same time it comes across in … a very relaxed method as opposed to being offensive. I think it’s a very good message that they have, and I think it’s extremely well done.”

Mrs. Beale left no doubt where her sympathies are. Here’s part of what was reported in the Epoch Times article Ambassador from Barbados: ‘It’s a magnificent show’

“…I also like the strong messages of the persecution of those who fight for the right to have a religion and to pray to whatever god they want to pray to or for. And that for me came as a very powerful message,” Mrs. Beale said.

(The Barbados Ambassador’s wife) was referring to the dances which featured the plight of Falun Dafa practitioners, currently undergoing brutal repression by the Chinese Communist Party for their beliefs.

 Mrs. Beale said human rights is an issue worth getting involved in:

“The more we can get people involved, I think, the more we can do, to not finish with the problem (because I think we’ll never be finished), but at least to have more people fighting for that, or joining in the forces.”

Mrs. Beale also cited her daughter’s involvement in international affairs and human rights issues and said she would be seeing the Shen Yun performance a second time with her daughter.

FBI Investigates Chinese Consulate for trying to prevent Shun Yen show in Arkansas

Meanwhile, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into Chinese efforts to block the Shun Yen troop from performing in Arkansas. A news story details how the Chinese Consulate in Houston sent an anonymous letter to an Arkansas theatre where the troop is scheduled to perform again.

Our Support for Ambassador Beale and Mrs. Beale

We at Barbados Free Press have no doubt that the Communist Chinese Ambassador to Barbados will soon voice his government’s displeasure that our Ambassador to the USA and Mrs. Beale even attended the Shen Yun performance let alone made the statements that they did.

We hope that Prime Minister Thompson backs the Beales one hundred percent.

If the Chinese ambassador is so upset that his country is seen to be brutal in repressing human rights, then perhaps he should advise his government not to beat people to death for their religious beliefs.

And while Prime Minister Thompson is talking with the Chinese Ambassador, he might want to ask him why it is that China still runs the world’s largest slave camp system.

Well Done, Ambassador and Mrs. Beale!


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8 responses to “Barbados Ambassador to USA and wife highlight China’s repression of Falun Dafa Religion

  1. reality check

    Never mind the outrage from the Chinese consulate. Thats a given.

    Ambassador Beale and his wife will no doubt get some pressure from Washington that they actually expressed an opinion publically and God forbid that a wife would not only express an opinion but have one.

    Don’t they know their place? Its to facilitate business around the world without conscience or moral integrity.

    China has made tremendous economic strides thanks to Deng Xiao Peng and the technocrats over the past thirty years for the betterment of each and every chinese citizen but it is up to the rest of the world to keep pressing each and every opportunity for basic human rights including religious freedom and dignity.

    For a country that gave the world Confucius
    (” His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity.” ) China needs to return to its roots and become a leader in responsible democratization

    Don’t expect anything from Barbados. For a country where politicians have promised a Ministerial code of conduct and full ITAL for a number of years now, silence would be the best policy.

  2. Many strange choices of words for allegedly factual news reports these days– but not so strange, when one considers the misleading character of western reporting overall on foreign affairs….. A continuation of lies serving power, and you’ve got the main ingredients for an acceptable news story (otherwise known as propaganda) for Western consumption. It seems that truth has only a very limited value to those especially in the US mainstream media who seek the complete expulsion and isolation of it.

  3. The US exploits tribalism, sectarianism and (skin) colour to feed war, which leads to backwardness and western intervention in a number of countries. Here they are slaughtering middle-eastern folk unjustly and they have the nerve to talk of human rights. Well whoever is payed to sing their songs by the Caribbean rivers of babylon will sing them…..

  4. reality check


    No better example of exploiting tribalism, sectarianism and skin color is there than right here in Barbados. Look no further.

    Clearly the US must look at itself from within but to suggest that it has no moral right to to look at Chinese flagrant abuse of basic human rights means that no one should have an opinion of human right abuses in any other country. This is preposterous, unless we should all stick our head in the sand

    Its not okay in the US, its not okay in the middle east and its not okay in China

  5. 45

    America has been speaking out against China of late. Whether it is on this issue or on the Google debacle.

    It seems there is more in the mortar than just the pestle on this one. 🙂

  6. China have some problems yes, but no one is without a problem. We cannot live a life bringing up problems all day to disturb most of the people’s quiet life. Compared with Iraq, Afghanistan etc, China’s Tibet etc, is much, much better. The Chinese people are being exploited for their cheap labor and American capitalists are benefiting. -Americans and Europeans are hypocritical to worry about China’s repression when the US, in particular, is busy slaughtering far more people than China is.

  7. Most of the kind of of extreme poverty has been lifted from most of the rest of the world, but Africa remains the epicentre of the true human disaster right now. There are probably about 3 hundred million sleeping sites in malaria-ridden Africa. Mosquito nets for all places for 5 yrs cost 1 billion.—The US is spending one billion per day on its military. Where’s the human rights?

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